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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Smeeton Aqueduct to Debdale Wharf.

Map image

Smeeton Aqueduct to Debdale Wharf. 2 miles travelled in 45 minutes.

Having spent a couple of days at Smeeton Aqueduct, we decided to make a move towards Debdale Wharf, where we will be taking on some diesel.

Yesterday (Tuesday) was a quiet affair because the weather was not very nice for walking, which is what we had planned on doing. It was raining cats and dogs for most of the day, which of course is more than welcome. We had thought of walking up to Saddington Reservoir, but did not see the point in plodding across muddy fields to go and check on the water level, so instead we stayed in all day and did a few things on the boat, including making a Sausage Casserole, which we enjoyed with large Dumplings. With so much sitting around, I was ready for my bed at 9.30pm. I think with Keith snoozing beside me in his chair it made me feel tired.

This morning (Wednesday) the rain has gone and we had a overcast start to our day. Paddy and I went out along the towpath for our walk. On a regular basis we see missing dogs and cat poster, but this morning I spotted this missing person notice.


Stuart Taylor has been missing since the 13th December. I have seen the posters at Foxton and in Market Harborough, but non of them had the heart felt message on them from Stuart's partner Lorraine. I have to say it left a lump in my throat. I sincerely hope Stuart is found safe and well very soon. If your reading this and think you know where he is Please contact one of the numbers on the poster photograph above, or contact your local police. My thoughts at this time are with his partner, family and friends, who must beside themselves with worry.


Having eaten breakfast, stoked up the fires, charged the batteries, had a coffee and tidied up, we left Smeeton Aqueduct at 9.55am and headed towards Debdale Wharf. It seemed as if there was no one else on the move, but then we saw a hire boat coming towards us through a bridge 'ole. The hire boat allowed us through the bridge 'ole first, which was very nice of them.


Over the past few days we have not seen another moving soul, everyone seems to be stuck to their moorings and going no where. Maybe that is why we love Winter cruising so much.

We are now on a one boat mooring place near Debdale Wharf, the bird feeders are up and already the Blue Tits and Great Tits are tucking into an early lunch. The TV aerial will be going up after lunch and I am quite sure I will be finding plenty of things to do job wise, however I am not over doing things because of the wrist, which is slowly getting back to normal, but I am aware of it when lifting the coal bucket and emptying the ash, so I have to be careful, as i do not want to mess it up for the rest of the cruising year.

Chat later maybe x


  1. Hi Jo, I have been following your travels' for the past few months, which i quite enjoy. But regarding your previous blog about the boats moored at Foxton. A couple of weeks ago there were half a dozen boats moored there but as in my case, all of us were under the assumtion that the restrictions imposed at the end of August on movement up and down the locks were still in place. I am signed up to Waterscape for updates via email on restrictions and stopages. The last update I received was on Dec 2. Prior to Christmas I sent an email to BW asking if the restrictions were still in place, the reply came back saying "Yes they are, you cannot move up the locks". 2ft 4 draft restrctions going north. Since then the restriction notice on their web has never been updated and now has been erased. I have a notice on my boat, I have been at Foxton since Aug 22, Would dearly have loved to move long time ago, but lock restictions and also the restrictions going north from Kibworth to Kings Lock meant I cannot. Please dont be too hasty to condem us, when there are restrictions we rely greatly on info from BW, which has not happened.
    I wiil be moving my boat on Saturday, yes up the locks maybe to Welford. But do I have BW permission????
    Stay cool Rob

  2. Hi Rob.
    Thank you for your message. I am not condeming you in particular, because I know you move along the Leicester Line, but having spoken to another boater who was also there since August, they knew they could move, but just could not be bothered. The restrictions for the locks were on for Christmas and until the 2nd January,but after that there was no restriction on Foxton and only a time restriction on the locks down to Leicester. Even if movement through then locks was not permitted, there was no reason why boats could not move up and down between Saddington and Market Harborough. Every winter we see the same boats in the same places, these are the people I am getting at, one particular boat has been moored on the same stretch for over three years. So please do not take my comments personally. We know that there are issues with moving people on, as we have spoken at length to the mooring warden who we know very well. I hope that you manage to get on the move soon. As for us we are on the move after the 7th Feb and are heading North. I am sure if you speak to Bill at Foxton he can tell you exactly what the situation is. Hope to see you at some point, happy cruising.

  3. Hi Jo,
    What have you done to your wrist???? I keep reading that you have hurt it, but must have missed your post telling the tale. We are leaving Trent Lock on Tuesday and are heading in your direction. Hope to see you and Keith soon.

  4. Hi Irene and Ian.
    I am not really sure what I did with my wrist, it just seemed to creep up on me and began to burn and hurt. But having been on anti-inflamatories etc it is getting there slowly. I dare say typing is not helping hahaha.
    We will be on the bottom part of the Leicester Line until the 8th Feb we are then off on to the summit and north. Hope to see you soon xxx

  5. Hi Jo,
    Lets hope we get to you in time!!! I'm glad your wrist is improving. No heavy lifting or carrying. That will be Keiths job! Ha ha ha!!!
    Here's hoping we will catch you up.
    Irene Xx


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