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Thursday, 19 January 2012

Market Harborough back to Gallows Hill.

Map image

Market Harborough to Gallows Hill, 2.8 miles travelled in 1 hour.

It was moving day today, but not until we had done a few things. After all the usual morning chores, Keith and I went down into the town to change our address with the doctors, dentist, and opticians, so we will get any updates required, I also booked a hair appointment for when we are back in Market Harborough, so it is all neat and tidy for the Summer. Keith contacted Royal Mail about stopping all the junk mail that is put in our tiny postbox. The fact is we have so much junk mail that the postman cannot get our proper mail into the box, so takes it to the hire boat office, which is ridiculous. All junk mail these days is classed as first class mail and the postman is required to put it through our letter boxes or he could face the sack believe it or not. Which I think is complete and utter madness.

With everything done in the town, we had lunch on the boat and then started to organise ourselves so we could move off from our mooring. Whilst waiting for another boat to wind in the basin I got chatting to a lovely lady off of NB Paneke (stupid me forgot to get her name). But I know she and her husband both read our Hadar blog. We got chatting about cotton dishcloths and how I got her via the blog into knitting her own. I am glad to have been of service.


The first thing we did was wind in the basin, before mooring at a spare pontoon to empty our toilet whilst there was still a Canal Boat Club boat at the sanitary station. After nattering to a few people in the basin, the sanitary station was available, so we pulled away from the pontoon and on to the sanitary station mooring, where we took on water and got rid of rubbish.


We then set off in glorious sunshine towards Gallows Hill , where we will spend the night.


With the sun shining, it was giving everything a warm glow.


This rather bare looking tree looked lovely in the late afternoon sunshine.

We arrived back at Gallows Hill and moored up with the sun slowly setting. Mog and Dog were happily snuggled up in the saloon as the fire is going and the kettle was hissing on the stove, so I made us a coffee whilst Keith tuned the TV in. Dinner tonight is a homemade mince beef curry, which we will have with cous cous, which we enjoy instead of rice occasionally. I am now looking forward to a quiet evening in front of the TV.

Chat soon xx

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