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Saturday, 14 January 2012

Cold start.


The temperature began to drop off sharply last night, giving us a pretty sunset, this photograph does not do it justice.

Having enjoyed a fantastic nights sleep, we were awake at 7am listening to the birds waking up. I think most of them were on the bird feeders enjoying the opportunity to get some food without having to work to hard to find it. The temperature got down to -4.1c overnight, so we woke to a very heavy frost and a think layer of ice on the canal.

gallows Hill

After a cup of tea in bed and the TV on for the Challenge Channel, it was time to get up and take Paddy out for his walk, which I was looking forward to because I love walking in a heavy frost.


Paddy was off like a rocket along the towpath, a lot of this reaction was to do with the gas guns going off some where in the distance. Gas guns for anyone who does not know what I am talking about, they are used by farmers to protect their crops from birds and animals eating their crop. They are extremely loud and can be a real nuisance.

gas gun

They are not supposed to fire anymore than four times in an hour and they should not go off before sunrise or after sunset according to the NFU. Some not only scare the birds they also scare pets. Paddy hates them, I am sure something like this in his early days scared him so much he really hates them now.


Having enjoyed a lovely morning stroll watching the sun coming up, we headed back to the boat where Keith was making me toast and a coffee. I fed Paddy and Marmite, before sitting down to enjoy my breakfast, I then got on with the job of sorting out the saloon fire. The back stove I had done, whilst we enjoyed our cup of tea in bed, in order to warm the cabin up a little.

I have no idea what I am doing for the rest of the day, but it will include resting my wrist, which seems to be improving.

Chat later xx


  1. What a fantastic final picture - those reflections are amazing!

  2. Hi Adam. It was such a still start to the day and even now at 16.20, it is still very calm out and the temperature is dropping.
    Have a lovely weekend xx

  3. Hi Jo. I love your final picture. As I make my own Christmas cards, could I use your picture for this years xmas. I would only send them to friends so no fear of it going public.
    We are hoping to leave Trent lock at the end of January and head off to Milton Keynes. If your still around Foxton/Harborough area it would be lovely if we could meet up.
    Love to you and Keith. Irene, Xx

  4. Hi Irene. It is really beautiful here at Gallows Hill and we do not mind being frozen in here at all. The ice is not to thick, so we will be able to move Wednesday back to Market Harborough for the dentist.
    Of course you can use that last photograph, I really do not mind at all.
    Keith has the dentist for a crown so will be around for the next couple of weeks. He has the making of the crown this Wednesday then a week or so after that he will have it fitted, so around for at least two weeks I think, we will be backwards and forwards between Foxton and MH, so if you want to meet up let me know what day and we can make sure we are in one of the places.
    Love to you both Jo x


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