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Friday, 20 January 2012

Gallows Hill to Foxton.

Map image

Gallows Hill to Foxton 2.35 miles, travelled in 1 hour.

Last night having settled down to watch the TV, there was a clattering noise on the roof of the boat, it sounded like hundreds of fairies tap dancing on the roof, but it was actually hailstones. However the fairy bit would have been much nicer. The hailstones were coming down heavily for a few moments, followed by rain and strong gusts of winds, which the aerial did not like, so the TV picture kept going off. Eventually the wind went away and the TV picture settled enough for us to watch "The One Show" and other delights. By the time we went to bed, I was beginning to wish I had lit the back cabin stove, because the temperature had dropped, but it was to late for that, so we just had to snuggle down beneath the duvet.

Having enjoyed a good nights sleep, we were awake early as usual, so Keith got up and made us our morning cup of tea, and I made us some toast, which was of course followed by watching old game shows on Challenge. I am sure they must pick the thickest people to go on to these shows. On "Family Fortunes" name something associated with Superman, so this gentleman says "His black hair" duhhhhhhh. Of course that was incorrect. Still it does make me giggle at seeing the fashion and hair styles.

Paddy had a rather damp walk, because it was raining when we stepped off of the boat. I stepped off, Paddy had to be dragged of kicking and moaning because he does not enjoy getting wet. So he did what he had to do and then legged it back to the boat, where I stoked up the saloon stove and relit the back cabin stove. Having fed Mog and Dog, I watched as the rain continued to fall steadily, the decision was then move or not move, we decided to move rain or no rain, it really does not bother either of us what weather we cruise in.


This was Keith a couple of years ago when we cruised in the snow, so a little rain is nothing.

Having got our boat ready for the off, we set off for Foxton in light rain. When we got to Foxton Village I  had a problem getting the swing bridge to register that it was shut to release the gates, once Keith had got Hadar through, so I had to do it a couple of times to get it to work, it eventually clicked into place and we carried on to Foxton locks. We moored up at our usual spot before the swing footbridge, just as the rain was getting heavier, did we care NO bring it on I say, as we need lots of rain!

We are going to be here until at least Monday, after that we will see. I am looking forward to a nice relaxing weekend.

Chat soon xxx

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