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Sunday, 15 January 2012


Before I get on with today's posting, yesterday ended up being a very quiet day after all. The only excitement was Mark on Callisto coming past us during the early part of the afternoon, on his way into Market Harborough, to supply boaters with diesel and coal. On the one hand I really miss selling coal, because I loved the job and the customers, but on the other hand what with the prices increases, low water levels etc, I think we made the right decision to stop selling coal during the summer. Of course we are still selling all our other items which can be found on our products blog. I am always of the opinion, that as one door closes another one opens and we already have new ideas for the coming selling season. As the afternoon wore into the evening, we seemed to be stuck in our chairs watching TV films, which included "Jurassic Park. The Lost World". The final watch of the day was "The Million Pound Drop", before we headed off to bed.

We woke this morning to another very hard frost, the temperature had dropped to -4c over night.


The boat was surrounded by ice, because the canal was frozen. We sat in bed drinking our first brew of the day, I also stoked the back cabin stove up a little, to take the chill off of the cabin, it must have been chilly because Marmite crept into bed with us, she only ever does that if it is cold. After watching a couple of episodes of "Takeshi's Castle" it was time to get up, because Paddy was on the wander, which meant he wanted to go out. Now I am not one of those people who just opens the cabin door and chucks the dog out to do what it has to do, I believe a dog should be supervised at all times when off the boat, so make sure he goes out on the lead so I can pick up after him.


Up, dressed and bed put away, I went off along the towpath with Paddy whilst Keith got on with cooking our Sunday breakfast of Poached Eggs on Toast with grilled Bacon, Keith also had some Black Pudding, which I personally cannot stand, ewwwww all that dried blood. Breakfast was very good as always. I then bought a bag of wood in out of the hold for the saloon fire and emptied the ash pan.

With it being so chilly outside it was a good day to stay in and clean out a few boxes and get a couple of requests on the local radio station HFM. I asked for Olly Murs "Dance with me tonight" and Keith asked for The Shadows "Apache". After some lunch, we settled down to watch the Sunday afternoon movies on TV, whilst they were showing, I kept the fires burning and got bubble and squeak ready for tonight's dinner. This is now cooking with the Sausages in the back cabin stove. All in all it has been a very quiet day, just how Sundays should be. The sun has now begun to set giving us a beautiful sunset.


I am now off to check on dinner and to enjoy a relaxing evening with my better half.

Chat soon xx

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