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Saturday, 28 January 2012

Great day.

Yesterday afternoon I went out with the camera to see if there was anything out and about that I could photograph.


There were plenty of Rabbits and all's I could think was Rabbit stew mmmmm.


Then Squirrel stew.

The wildlife as a bit thin on the ground in the cold wind.

This morning (Saturday), we woke to bright sunshine, but a cool breeze. Paddy loved running along the towpath off his lead, conce we were past the moored boats. I do not allow him off his lead until we are past moored boats, because I do not want him to wee on boaters ropes, or up the side of their boat, which has happened to us before now. I also know that he is under control, should a dog jump out of a boat at him which has also happened before now, on the past two occasion, Paddy has been duffed up through no fault of his own. So past the moored boats he sped off along the towpath like a puppy. On the way back he was not in such a hurry.

Back on the boat, Keith had prepared breakfast, which was enjoyed after I had fed both mog and dog. I then had both the fires to sort out. With jobs done, I took my litter grabber and a coal sack and started picking up the rubbish in the bushes along side the boat. Just in the length of our boat I collected to coal bags full of rubbish.


The rubbish was not just the general publics rubbish it was also boaters rubbish, which is now in the bin where it should be. I collected a further bag full walking up to the swing bridge in front of the Foxton Locks Inn. Tomorrow I will head in the other direction, where I know there is plenty to collect. I find it appalling that in such a beautiful and historic place that people do not pick up their litter. Whilst out picking up the litter a gentleman on a hire boat asked me about using the locks and if someone was their to help, because he and his partner were terrified of doing the flight on their own, so I offered to help them up the flight and to show them what to do, this offer was gratefully accepted, so I told him to come and knock on the boat when he was ready to leave.

Litter picking done for the day, Keith made me a coffee, Keith and I then donned our windlasses to help Dave and Carla up through the Foxton Flight. Carla steered the boat and Keith showed Dave what to do. Once Carla got the hang on the boat she was a natural. On getting to the top, we wished them well for the rest of their holiday and they thanked us for our help. Whilst on the flight I met up with Rob and his partner who were heading to their NB Novae Vitae. As we were walking back down the flight having seen Dave and Carla off Rob was coming up the flight. We called in to see Gary at the Top Lock Cafe to collect some new stock for the Summer selling and then headed back to the boat, where it was now time to enjoy some soup for lunch. As I was about to do the back cabin stove I opened the back cabin door to see NB Quo Vardis coming through the Rainbow Bridge 'ole, so I stepped off the boat to chat with Ian and Liz, who moored in front of us. They were off to Bridge 61 for a Bacon Roll and a coffee, so Keith and I joined them for a coffee and a huge catchup on all their news and gossip. I do so love catching up with people we know and yet see occasionally. The clock was ticking and Ian and Liz had to get off back to Debdale marina, so we parted company, knowing we would see them again sometime.

I am now back on the boat, fires stoked up, mog and dog chilling out and the TV on with an old cowboy film screening. I have just made a batch of fairy cakes which I will finish for tomorrow when we are expecting a friend to call. It has been a stunning day at the locks with the sun out.


In the sunshine it has felt almost like Spring.

Chat soon xx

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