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Friday, 27 January 2012

Debdale on to the bottom of Foxton Locks.

Map image

Debdale to Foxton 1.3 miles travelled in 50 minutes.

It has been so quiet where we have been moored, that I have slept really well, not only that we have not seen another moving boat, walker or cyclist, it has been heaven.

Yesterday (Thursday) was a day of sunshine and cloud with a brisk cold wind, but this did not stop Keith and I walking the 1.5 miles from the canal to the Kibworth Shooting Ground down a track then a road and then along a main road, which was busy with traffic speeding along. I am not a lover of speeding cars along a road that has no pavement, thankfully the verge was wide enough to walk along. Keith has had an air rifle for the past few years, but has not been able to use it because he did not have a proper sight for it, so we walked to the shooting ground so that he could purchase a telescopic sight for his air rifle, which we of course took with us. The intention of having the rifle on the boat is to shoot game, to eat, but of course when he shoots game he wants to make sure he kills and not wounds. When we arrived at the shooting grounds, shotguns were going off and clays were being broken, this bought back memories of when my eldest son used to do clay pigeon shooting, he got so good that he could have shot for Hampshire. Richard Faulds also used to shoot at the same place, Richard went on to win the men's double trap at the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney. The shop was a bit busy with shooters signing in, and getting gas cartridges recharged, but as we were in no hurry and getting our breath back from the walk we waited until we could be seen.

Keith was  recommended a Hawke Sport-HD IR (3-9x50 AO Mil Dot model) which according to the Hawke website normally retails at £94.95, but we got it for £50, a bargain, and it was fitted to his rifle. The shop being located at the shooting ground was ideal as he could test out and adjust the sight whilst there. Keith was given a target, which he could used on the air rifle range. Despite trying to set the sight up he was struggling, but with a bit of friendly assistance from some shooters already at the range, he soon got the sight approximately zeroed to start with, now it just needs practice which he can do in his own time and on a warmer day, because I was sat freezing my fingers and toes off. I am looking forward to our first kill, which I can put into the cooking pot. Keith is hoping it will save us a fair bit in food costs with meat being expensive. I am just looking forward to the cooking side. So watch this space for exotic recipes. Having packed the rifle away we made our way back the way we came, by this time the wind had strengthened and it had got decidedly colder, just as well the walking kept us warm. Back on the boat it was time for some much needed lunch and a coffee to thaw me out. I had some Sausage stew left over which I made into a soup. The rest of yesterday was spent on the boat watching a film. Both of us were ready for bed by 9.30pm.


This morning we set the generator going at 8.30 to charge the batteries, I took Paddy for his walk and Keith went online to check emails. He had a message from a friends saying he would be coming to Foxton over the weekend, so would like to catch up with us, so Keith suggested we move to Foxton today in order to get a mooring, because we know it gets busy at weekends, so at 9.35am we set off for from our lovely quiet mooring to head for Foxton locks.


We passed by Debdale Wharf which was quiet, we will be back there in a few days for diesel. When we arrived at Foxton, Keith tried to moor the boat on the 14 day moorings just before Rainbow Bridge, but they are too shallow for us to get into, and we didn’t want to risk getting stuck with the water situation at present in this area. I suggest there needs to be a bit of dredging doing on, especially as this is a designated mooring. With the other places further forward not big enough for us to get into, we were fortunate though to get into our favourite mooring place through Rainbow Bridge, at the junction. Having moored up and checked the fires we popped into Bridge 61 for a coffee and a chat with Annie, who was on duty today. We are now looking forward to our weekend visitor and anyone else who cares to come and say hello.

Just before lunch, I took a bag of rubbish to the bins and on the way back met up with Dan who owns NB Jenor and his lovely new dog Alfie. I was sad to learn that not only had his other dog been killed by a train, he is yet another boater leaving the water after just a couple of years. Work commitments and personal reasons are taking him off of the water and back on to the land. It is always sad when you see people you know leave the water, but we all have our reasons for doing what we do. After a lengthy chat with him, I wished him well  in case we did not see each other again.

So that is my Friday posting. I hope you have a wonderful weekend xx.

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