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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Foxton to Smeeton Aqueduct, near Saddington.

Foxton to Smeeton Aqueduct, 3.9 miles, 1 swing bridge, travelled in 1 hour 35 minutes.

Yesterday (Sunday) was a pleasant day. I got a load of washing done at the laundrette, the load included lots of small towels and flannels, so doing them in a big machine was a bonus, because our machine only takes 3.5 kg. Whilst the washing was doing its thing we went and spoke to Gary and Jenny at the top lock cafe, having enjoyed a nice chat with them both, we walked back down to check my washing and had a coffee in Bridge 61. Washing all done we began walking back to the boat, and as we walked over Rainbow Bridge, I spotted a pair of Foxes out in the field.

So having dropped the washing off at the boat, I took my camera and went and took some photographs. Sadly non of them were that great because the Foxes were to far way for my camera. Back on the boat I hung the washing up in the back cabin and engine room, so it had a good chance of drying with the stove going.

After lunch, with no decent films on the TV, we closed the boat up and walked up to the top of the Foxton Locks to see Caroline and John on NB Vanyar who we have become very good friends with. Caroline welcomed us on board and made us all a coffee. Keith and I spent a lovely couple of hours chatting to both Caroline and John, I think we managed to cover pretty much every topic.

By the time we got back to the boat it was 4.30pm and I needed to think about dinner, which consisted of a homemade pizza, potato and peas. The evening was spent watching "Dancing on Ice". I do love Chico, I reckon he is going to be fantastic if he stays in.

Monday morning began early, with Keith getting up just after 5am. I then was up, so with no prospect of either of us going back to sleep, I made us tea and toast in bed, with of course the TV on.

8am I was up, dressed and off the boat with Paddy in the early morning sunshine. There was not another living soul around, so we enjoyed a quiet stroll along the towpath, with Paddy sniffing down every Rabbit hole he came across. Before we left our weekend mooring, Keith went off with the trolley to empty one out of our toilet cassettes, whilst he was away I prepared the boat for the off and by 8.45am we were ready to set off. Whilst Keith moved the boat, I walked down to the swing bridge to open it. Keith picked me up at Rainbow Bridge, we were then on our way to Smeeton Aqueduct. All the mooring places at the bottom of Foxton Locks are pretty much empty and any boat that is there has either just got there or has a patrol notice on it because it has been there to long. This is quite a surprise because, normally the moorings are clogged up with boaters who over stay. There had been a number of boats on the moorings when we came down the Foxton Locks a couple of weeks ago, and these boats had been there for months. So obviously the enforcement officer had clearly had enough. Some of the boats have now moved to the top of the locks, which in my opinion is not far enough. Others have gone off completely. I do not think I have ever seen Foxton Locks so empty. But it is about time that the enforcement officer did his job.

We really enjoyed out morning cruise, we did not see another moving boat, so winded with ease before Saddington Tunnel. We are now moored up at Smeeton Aqueduct, which is where we will stay for a couple of days. No photographs today because my signal is rubbish.

Chat soon x

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