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Thursday, 12 January 2012

Junk mail and dentist.

Having spent a night on the slant, this morning we were back on the level again and the boat has actually come into the bank, but I am not tightening the ropes in case we need to move back out again.

With a fairly decent nights sleep, I was up making a cuppa at 7am, this meant that we were awake to Marmite, so she could start complaining she had no food in her dish. Paddy was content just to rummage in his bed. Back under the duvet, we decided on the order for things to be done for the day. Mine always begins with taking Paddy for his first walk of the day, followed by making the fires up, followed by breakfast, of course not necessarily in that order everyday. This morning one big difference was Keith got the empty gas bottle out of the locker and went off to Brandon Hire Company to get a new bottle. We always go there when in Market Harborough, because they are the cheapest around £22.05 for a 13kg bottle. Everywhere else we have seen them at £25. Whilst Keith struggled with the gas bottle I got the trolley out, Keith was soon on his way to pick up a new bottle, so whilst he did that, I went into the hire boat office to collect my parcel from my dear friend. 


Inside wrapped in Christmas Paper was a lovely purse and this handmade bag with my favourite flowers on it. I am so in love with my new bag and purse.

Keith arrived back with the gas bottle, so I helped him put it back into the locker, whilst being a little wary about my wrist which is still sore. The rest of the morning flew by as we did very little, I caught up on e-mails, contacting all the firms who keep sending us junk mail in our post box, which cannot take it as it is only small. I get really cross that the postman puts this rubbish in our box and I dare say you feel the same way? By the time I had done all of that it was soon lunch time, so I made us some soup and rolls. I also put half a chicken in the back stove to cook slowly. Lunch over with, we set off down the town to do a few more things, before Keith had to go to the dentist. I wanted some more bird food, as I am running low and even though it is not cold, the birds still need feeding. 2.10pm we were at the dentist and Keith was seen, he has to go back next Wednesday to begin the process for a crown. Having parted with £204, which is another huge expense we could do without, but that is the way things go, we left the dentist and walked back to the boat. The chicken is cooked and smells mmmmmm. We have already decided that we are heading off tomorrow for a few days to the middle of nowhere, so I will post tomorrow on where we are.

Chat soon xx

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