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Monday, 2 January 2012

New Year's Day Visitor's

How was your New Year's Day?

Ours was pretty quiet to be honest as I said in yesterdays post. I also mentioned a chest of drawers, which I wanted to makeover.



So with a bee in my bonnet about getting jobs done, we set about tidying all the drawers and getting rid of rubbish. With the chest of drawers empty we then stripped it down. Keith sawed the timber to size and screwed it all back together.



Makeover complete we the new drawer unit under the TV shelf, it now has the printer sitting on top of it and we now have more room in the saloon.


Having completed our tidy up, there came a knock on the boat. Stein and Jacquie off of NB Like Ducks 2 Water paid us a visit, to let us know they would be leaving the following morning. We welcomed them on board, where upon I made us all a cuppa. After a lovely chat, they were on their way back to their boat and we settled in for the evening.

Today Monday 2nd, it has been another day of getting jobs done. First we sorted out the hold by moving all our storage boxes into the saloon, we then moved some of the coal bags further back in the hold to make a barrier for the lose coal, with that done, I emptied all the remaining coal bags into the gap. We then put our storage boxes back in the hold, having given them a Spring clean getting rid of anything we have not used in the past 6 months. By the time we had done all of that it was time for some lunch. After lunch we then tackled the engine room. Keith had bought some more sound proofing board from Midland Chandlers the other day to go around the generator and he wanted to fit it, so we emptied the engine room of any clutter and took the shelf above the generator out. Having cut the sound proofing board to the right size, it slid in to position without any problem at all. The shelf went back in, we have left the other items from the engine room in the hold, because we hope this week to get a new silencer measured up for the generator, so no point putting everything back, because we will have to remove it all again. In all it has been a very good day for getting things done. As the afternoon slides into the evening "Von Ryan's Express" is on the TV, Paddy and Marmite are snoozing and I am looking forward to a nice hot shower later to get rid of the coal dust.

Chat soon xx

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