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Sunday, 29 January 2012

Sunday Happenings.


It was a calm evening last night, so I got a lovely photo of the pool at Foxton last night, with the Foxton Locks Inn all lit up and Bridge 61 Inn. All was still and quiet.

This morning we had a cold start, after a heavy over night frost, there was even some ice in the middle of the pool. The chill was soon taken off the back cabin, once I got the fire opened up. After I got back from walking Paddy, Keith had a lovely cooked breakfast on the go, this morning it was poached eggs on toast, with bacon and hash browns mmmm and very yummy it was too.

Having made sure both fires were st0ked up, I prepared pork chops on the back cabin stove for dinner, they were to spend all day simmering in the oven. I then set off up the towpath with my litter grabber and empty coal sack to collect yet more rubbish. I had already got half a coal sack full and was not more than half way along the moorings, when a gentleman called Jim got chatting to me about the state of the litter lying in the hedgerows. Jim I was to find out owns NB Moonshadow, which he has had for almost 3 years. Jim and I must have spent over half an hour nattering about all things boatie, whilst also putting the world to right. He picked my brains on things, which of course I was only to happy to help him with. If if you ever meet up with Jim on his boat, give him a hearty wave and if you have time have a chat with him, he is a lovely guy. With my rubbish bag full again, I set off to the bins, Keith put his head out of the engine room door and ask "Would you like a coffee". I of course said yes please.

After lunch the rest of our afternoon was spent chatting to passers-by and boaters moored at Foxton. Hire boats came down the flight ready to return to Market Harborough. Foxton Locks was very popular with walkers and cyclists and a few lads fishing. I got on with making butterfly cakes and keeping the fires burning. The temperature has now begun to drop 15.44pm and people are beginning to go home after a nice day out. We are now back inside the boat, with a coffee and "Carry On Dick" on Film4.

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