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Sunday, 22 April 2012

50+1 day.

It is now the morning after the birthday before and so I am now 50+1 days old ;0) and I still do not feel any different.

So how was my day yesterday?

Well it was a lovely but quiet day, as you will have seen if you read yesterday's posting, it all ended with Keith taking me out for dinner last night at Hannah Indian Restaurant.


Keith had book a table for 6pm, so we left the boat just before 5.30pm to do the 20 minute walk, just as we left the boat the rain began to fall harder and harder, but we just kept going. I was so pleased we had decided to wear our coats, because by the time we arrived at the restaurant, we were rather damp. before heading in we took off our coats and shook as much of the rain off them as we could, I was pretty sure the owners would not want us dripping all over their carpet.


We were shown to our table and you know when you look at someone and have a feeling you have seen them before, but you cannot remember where, well that was the feel I got when we were shown to our table by the owner of the family run restaurant. I knew her face but could not think from where, I was to find out later on. There was us and a couple of lads who arrived just before us.


I chose a bottle of Australian White Wine to go with our buffet meal. We were then left to choose from the buffet what we wanted to eat.


Keith and I thoroughly enjoyed the meal, the food was exquisite.


After our meal we got chatting to the owner, and it was then we discovered that it was her and her husband who had appeared at the Stone Food & Drink Festival. I was the official photographer at the event. Wow what a small world we live in! No wonder the meal was excellent, when we were at the Stone and Food festival we enjoyed what they cooked at the festival, and were very impressed then. So we will most definitely be coming back again. By the time we left the restaurant it was getting busy.

Having enjoyed a wonderful evening, it was time to walk back to the boat, thankfully the rain had gone away and we were treated to a lovely sunset.


We could see the sun setting on the side of St. Alkmunds. The walk back to the boat was very pleasant, as we watched the sun set.


From the bridge on the Whitchurch Arm.


From the end of the arm, absolutely stunning. It was the perfect end to my birthday.

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