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Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Chester Zoo.


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Yesterday was Zoo day for us.


The last time we visited Chester Zoo was six years ago, so we were looking forward to seeing any changes and we were not disappointed.


We got there for opening and because we were early we had a coffee in the coffee shop, which also gave us a chance to dry out, after walking to the Zoo in the rain.


They have two new baby Elephants, which are so very cute. When I say new they were born in 2010 and 2011.


I took over 350 photographs, so of course I cannot share them all with you, but wanted to show you some.


The Meerkats of course got a lot of attention, especially as we class Meerkat Harborough as our home town.


The Tiger's and their two cubs were very special, it was fantastic to be so close to them.


The Lions were enjoying a snooze once the sun came out.

We had an absolutely fabulous day. I made us a packed lunch, which we had at one of the many picnic areas. As the day wore on the sun did come out for a little while.


Chester Zoo has the Dinosaur exhibition on at the moment, which is well worth a look. There were some rather scared children as we walked around the exhibits.


This year the zoo celebrates 60 years, which is incredible and it is constantly bringing something new for the public to see. For £16 each it was well worth every penny, we spent the whole day there and only left about 15 minutes before closing time at 5.30pm. By the time we got back to the boat, we were both shattered, but in a happy way after such a wonderful day.


  1. That baby elephant is just to cute for words. Sounds if you had a wondeful day. We never stopped at Chester Zoo just carried on past, but I think this will go on my wish list for another year! It's ages since we went to a zoo (must be at least 30 years when the kiddies were little) and then it was to visit Twycross Zoo in Leicestershire. Sounds if you are having a great cruising season so far. Loads of love to you both. Xxx

  2. Irene. They have two and they are oh so cute. It is such a wonderful place and well worth the money, but you do need a whole day to see it all properly. The butterfly house is incredible, unfortunately my camera lense steamed up, so the photos did not come out grrrrrr.
    We are having fun. I hope all is good with you. Lots of love xxxxxxxxxxx


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