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Thursday, 19 April 2012

Grindley Brook walkabout.

With lunch done and dusted, we headed out after a heavy hailstone shower to see the delights of Grindley Brook.


On the notice board I spotted this code of conduct for dog owners. I think this should be rolled out across the country. I know Market Harborough is now looking to clamp down on the small number of irresponsible dog owners. I applaud anyone who actually takes a stand and does something about this problem.


The old lock keepers cottage at the top lock is looking splendid, when we were here in 2006, it was empty. The cottage was designed by Thomas Telford and is now a loved home again for someone.


Behind us the weather was closing in and we could hear rumbles of thunder in the distance. At the bottom of the locks we called into a small shop to look at books and cards, but there was nothing of interest to us, so we began walking back up the locks and walked over to Three Bridges cottage, which sells books and gifts and crafts. On entering the driveway we were met by the lady of the house Valerie reade, who is very passionate about the Shropshire Union Fly Boat Saturn. Saturn will be carrying the Olympic torch. All money raised in her little shop goes into keeping Saturn running. We had a very interesting chat with Valerie about people we both know and about the canals in general, she is a lovely lady with a great knowledge. On leaving Valerie we walked back up the locks, where there was a roving chicken.


I guess this is truly a free range chicken.


At the top lock, there is a store, which a small cafe and provisions should you need them.


We came out of the store with a couple of jars of chutney £3 each and two Mint Magnums our favourite, also some information on where to eat in Whitchuch for my birthday. Yes my birthday is fast approaching. Gary was still on lock duty with Ken, so we had another chat to him and also found out some useful information on where to eat in Whitchurch, we also discuss all things related to the canal and how lovely the moorings on the Llangollen are. It is wonderful to be made so welcome.

We are now back on the boat, I have lit the saloon stove to warm it and the bathroom up before our showers later. I have fetched in a scuttle full of coal for the back cabin. Dinner is cooking in the back cabin stove and I made us a coffee. There are still plenty of boats on the move towards and away from the locks, but none of them seem to be mooring here, there is only us and one hire boat here at the moment, which does surprise me a bit as when we were here before the moorings were full, but that was more into the season, so possibly it is a little early. I hope th moorings at Whitchurch are as empty because we are heading there tomorrow.

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