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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Wet Wednesday, onward to Marbury.


Yesterday we had lots of heavy April showers and sunshine, which gave way to beautiful rainbows behind our boat.

Travelled 2.7 miles, worked 2 lift bridges, in a time of 1 hour.

They say "Be careful what you ask for" and I expect there are some who are wishing they had not asked for rain, I am not one of them because it is what is needed for all those drought areas, which are suffering due to a lack of the wet stuff.

I woke this morning to the sound of rain lashing down on the roof of the back cabin and the wind blowing, so this was going to be a day to stay put I thought, after all neither Keith or I are in any hurry. Keith suggested it should be a day to stay in bed, but I know one dog who would never agree with that idea, especially as crossing his legs for a whole day would not be a great idea and not forgetting Marmite, who would certainly complain if I did not get up to feed her, so with that in mind at 8am after watching some of  "Daybreak" on ITV1, I was up and ready to venture out into the rain. I really do not mind what the weather throws at me, but Paddy is always less impressed about getting wet. He only went a short way, did what he had to do and legged it back to the boat. Keith had the generator fired up and the toaster on for breakfast. The back cabin fire was in over drive, I knew this because the top of the stove was glowing red and the kettle was blowing its top. There was a sound of a boat engine, so I opened to the back cabin door to see a boat cruising past, the steerer was holding on to an umbrella in a vain hope of keeping dry. I have a feeling they would be wasting their time. As I am always told by Keith " Our bodies are water proof, its our clothes that are not". I always feel once your wet that's it, you cannot get any wetter, the only thing I do hate is then getting chilled on top, because I then get chilled to the core, which is not very nice. But if it is warm and I am wet, then that's fine, after all it is just water.

Because we had not planned to move I went on Facebook to catch up with friends and family, to find out why it was raining, it was tears for the sad death of Ken Maynard, he and Chris own and live on NB Blackbird. This morning sadly Ken lost his battle against Cancer. Our thoughts go out to Chris and the family at this dreadful time. By 10am the rain had subsided, so Keith suggested we move along the canal, as our internet signal was intermittent, so at 10.25am, we left our mooring.


The sky looked full of rain behind us. I walked to the first lift bridge and wound it up.


Keith cruised on through to the next one at Wrenbury Mill and I walked on behind having let the bridge down.


The Wrenbury lift bridge is a worked with a BW key so easy peasy to operate. There was a third lift bridge but it was already open.


We are now moored up below Marbury Lock.


Not sure what we will do for the rest of the day, if the rain stays away we may walk into Marbury to have a look around.

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