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Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Wild weather.


The photograph above was taken yesterday, when the wind was beginning to get up. Over night it was very wild in the lower basin. We had waves lapping against the boat. I think between us, Keith and I saw at least every hour. One or other of us was awake due to the wind and everything creaking and clattering in the back cabin. After dozing on and off, Keith was up and dressed at 5am out checking the bow rope, because the bow is not in a ring, but on a Rond Anchor, which should be fine, but he just wanted to check and to insert another Rond Anchor just to be on the safe side. Back in bed, neither of us was going to get back to sleep, so I got up and made us a both a cuppa, which we sat in bed drinking, listening to the wind and watching a bit of TV.

8am I was up to take Paddy out for his walk, which was a little breezy to say the least. Winter had returned it seemed, especially as some parts of the country have snow. Having got the back cabin stove going, Chicken in Honey and Mustard sauce was put in the oven to cook. Keith then turned on the maritime radio and heard that there was a convoy of narrowboats coming along the Manchester Ship Canal, so we donned our coats and hats, grabbed our cameras and went off to see the boats come in.


First to arrive was Stamford along side Parfield.


Second to arrive was Psalm alongside Iris Abbott, in conditions which were not ideal, because the wind was blowing a gale. At times we struggled to stand up straight.


They all moored up and waited for the lock to become available and for the swing bridge to open.


Whilst we waited for more boats to arrive, Bregen was being moved by tugs to unload her cargo.


With the wind being so cold, Keith and I then decided to head back to the boat for some lunch, which was Sausage and Bacon rolls, all washed down with a coffee. On the marine radio it came across that more boats were coming in convoy to Ellesmere Port along the ship canal, Keith also saw on facebook that Kerry and Liam were also on the ship canal with Ariel and Joe and were heading our way, so we legged it back down to the ship canal to wait for them to arrive.


They really did very well in the conditions to make it to the port.


Kerry was wearing some very nice bunny ears.


There had been a problem with getting the bigger boats into the wide lock, because the swing bridge would not swing open properly, but eventually after a long wait for those on the boats waiting, they managed to open the bridge and the boats could begin to move.


It is really wonderful to see so many different boats arriving for the weekend.






Humber owned by Tim Woods.

I really enjoyed watching the boats arrive for the weekend even if the weather was cold and windy. I am looking forward to seeing more over the next couple of days.

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