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Friday, 20 April 2012

Grindley Brook to Whitchurch.

Map image

Travelled 1.5 miles, worked 1 lift bridge in a time of 55 minutes.

We were awake at 6am, which was ridiculous because we had no need to be, but I did not sleep particularly well, it may have been due to the cheese I ate last night (note to self, No eating cheese before bedtime). So there was only one thing for it and that was to make a brew, stoke the back cabin fire to warm the cabin and then to settle down in bed with my cuppa and the TV on.

Once up and about, I walked Paddy and Keith went off to empty the toilet cassette and get rid of rubbish, on his way back he noticed that yet again some dog owner had left behind their dogs faeces.


This was left near the Grindley Brook water points mooring bollards, and we did clean it up for whoever left it there, after taking the photo. Grrrrrrrrr


Just a shame people do not read or follow the notices advice.


We left the over night mooring at 8.30am for the short jaunt to Whitchurch.


We arrived at Whitchurch and I worked the lift bridge, Keith then carried on to the winding hole, winded and then came into the arm.


Because the bend into the warm is so sharp it is recommended that longer boats wind and then come into the arm from the south.


Whilst I waited for Keith and the boat to come back after winding a hire boat from Viking Afloat arrived with mum, dad and two boys. The father wound the lift bridge up and the two boys climbed the railings on the bridge to the top, without any correction from their father on how dangerous it was to do such a thing. If either one of those boys had slipped whilst at the top and fallen, I wonder who the father would have blamed for their accident? I am all for children exploring and trying things, but to me this was dangerous. We have heard of so many accidents on and around the canal system this past year, which have resulted in injury and death and this was another incident which could have ended badly. I could have very well said something, but I am not their parent.

Keith came back towards the arm and we went on our way.


Having made it to the end of the arm, we then winded again and reversed into a mooring.


Having moored up and done a few jobs we then walked into Whitchurch to get our bearings. You can either walk along the road or take the country footpath, which takes you past the new proposed basin. We took the country route into the town, which was very pleasant and only took us about 20 minutes.

st alkmunds church

One of the first notible places you see as you walk into Whitchurch, is St. Alkmunds Church, which is very impressive from the outside, we will go and look inside tomorrow.


Whitchurch was founded by the Romans, who called it Mediolanum around AD 52 or 70. The building in the photograph above is now the Natwest Bank, but was part of the old Angel Inn, which they think partly burnt down in the 18th Century. The facade was constructed in the 1930's.


We found the Friday Market, and enjoyed a mug of coffee for 50 pence each. Outside there was a man selling fish and we both giggled at his sign.


The old public bath house.

Whilst in the town, Keith bought a new pair of working boots as his are beginning to fall apart, we also found a wonderful old pil lamp, which has been converted to electric.


The gentleman wanted £25 for it and I got him down to £20 pounds, which I was really pleased with. I wanted the globe for the back cabin.


The rest of the lamp and other glass globe from the back cabin are now on the cupboard behind my chair.


Keith has wired it in, so we can use it and he has also screwed to down to the cupboard top, so that Marmite cannot knock it off, knowing how destructive she can be. We are very happy with our purchases today.

There are some nice places in Whitchurch and we both enjoyed our visit and will be visiting more over the weekend to see what else we can see or find out.

I am enjoying my very last day in my 40's, because tomorrow I will start celebrating the 50's ;0).

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