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Monday, 9 April 2012

Easter Sunday.

I trust that you all enjoyed your Easter Sunday, I can honestly say I had a wonderful day, despite the weather trying to put a dampener on it at Ellesmere Port.

When I woke up and opened the back cabin doors, I was greeted by driving drizzle and the wind lowing across the basin, so this made my mind up that there would be no trading for the day. The plus side to this was I got to spend all day looking  round and chatting to people. Anyone who knows me well, knows I like a good old natter.

Having enjoyed a breakfast cooked by Keith, we closed the boat up and headed up to the site to see who if anyone was about. As the day wore on my throat began closing up due to all the talking I was doing, but hey we do not get to see many of these people very often, so I was not going to let a dodgy throat bother me.


I stood and watched the boaters games and knew I would never throw the rope far enough so no point in trying. In the end one of the volunteers won it with a huge throw, he had clearly been practicing for the event. We headed back to the boat for some lunch.


Later in the afternoon there was a tug of war, so we left the boat to go and watch that and met up with Mike and Jane, Mike had come to clean my camera for me, but that happened after the tug of war. The tug of war was definitely not on the same par with Rickmansworth as no narrow boats look part and on the two boats in the photo had a go. The weather although cold and breezy did stay in the main dry. Having watched that, we went back to the boat with Mike and Jane for a coffee and a natter whilst Mike very kindly cleaned the much out of my camera. I can now see what I am photographing. We spent a couple of hours chatting about their plans for their new boat when Steve and Chris who are having NB AmyJo built came and joined us. We introduced them to Mike and Jane before lots of laughter and chatting later it was time for everyone to go on their way, and whilst leaving the boat it was discovered that Mike and Jane and Steve and Chris may end up being neighbours at the Marina they have both chosen, so what a small world?

After dinner, we set off up to the Rolt Centre for another evening of chit chat and a couple of pints. It is unheard of for us to drink beer three nights running and neither of us have had any ill affects. For some it was going to be their last evening, because they would be heading off in the morning, we on the other hand are staying for a couple of extra days to help out. They say time flies when your having fun and it clearly did, because we did not leave the centre until almost midnight.

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