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Saturday, 21 April 2012

Whitchurch Pootle.

With no TV signal, it was an evening of watching DVD's, so we watched "Gladiator" first and then the new "Robin Hood" afterwards, I was then ready for my bed.

With today being my umpteenth birthday, it was to be a day of doing very little, but the usual jobs had to be done, such as walking the dog, getting in coal etc, after all that was done, we went for a pootle back into Whitchurch to find some more delights.


We came across the old Grammar School, this is a reconstruction of the old building, this building dates from 1848, whereas the original building was founded in 1550 by School, founded by Canon John Talbot, Rector of Whitchurch.


Next door to the school is the old school house and Almshouses. We then walked back up the hill to St. Alkmunds Church.


The church itself sits on a bit of a hill and is very grand from the outside. It is a grade 1 listed building and the date of the foundation of the church, named for Alcmund of Derby, is 912 although the earliest record of a church on the site is 1089. The church is built in red sandstone, with some details in grey sandstone  and it has a slate roof.


On the wall outside the front door is a plague to John Talbot. His embalmed heart was buried under the porch and his bones lie under his effigy in the Lady Chapel.


The inside of the church is truly stunning and has a cathedral feel.

You like me may not have heard of the Patron Saint "Alkmund", it is a Saxon name and means "Temple Protector". He was one of the sons of King Alhred of Northumbria.


The stain glassed windows are so vibrant, but were only installed during the rein of Queen Victoria, before that the windows had all been of plain glass.


This church really does have the wow factor.


I can imagine when the lights are on inside and it is dark outside, the windows must be amazing.


Rain began to gently fall as we walked down the high street, so we popped into Walkers the Bakers for a coffee and sat upstairs.


It is a Grade II listed half-timbered building, originally a hall, now used as a shop and café, dating in part from the late 15th century. Apparently the attic contains coops for the rearing of birds for cock fighting, not that this happens these days. The café upstairs is quirky because the floor slopes as do the walls and the beams. But it is a very friendly and warm place for a coffee.


After our coffee, we walked up to the heritage centre which passes the Old Town Hall Vaults, earlier it was known as Back Street Vaults and Cornmarket Inn. On the wall outside is a granite wall plaque inscribed: Sir Edward German, the famous composer, was born here 17th February 1862. The composer, knighted in 1928, died in 1936.


Next door built in 1846 was a Savings Bank in a neo-classical style. The frieze at first floor level has been painted over but reads: Instituted AD 1818 Bank for Savings Erected AD 1846. Some of the buildings in this pretty little town are history shaping and lovely to look at. Whitchurch itself is like every town across the country, it is suffering with the economic situation and there are shops empty looking for new owners. But on the whole the town is a busy little place and I really liked it. Before heading back to the boat, we went into Argos and bought an electric chainsaw. No it was not my birthday present, but something we wanted. I bought myself some chocolate for my birthday (last of the big spenders), oh I also bought a new mascara.  The weather is typically April weather with sunshine and showers, but on the way back to the boat we managed to dodge them, taking it in turns to carry the chainsaw.

I am going to enjoy the rest of my birthday, so may write more tomorrow.

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