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Friday, 27 April 2012

Why write a blog.

why I blog

That is the question indeed.

I began writing blogs back in 2005 and yes blogging was a new experience for me and I am grateful for it, because of my blogs I have met some wonderful people. I began blogging when we had our other boat "Misty Lady". In many respects I wrote the blog as it ment I kept a diary of our trips and the start of the building of Hadar. A new blog was started for Hadar on MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 12, 2005 and followed her build, launch and it continues today with her travels. But why should I want to write a blog of my own, and I have asked myself this question a few times, because at the end of the day it takes up my time to sit and write down my daily doings.

Blogging is not an easy decision, mainly because once you start you feel you must keep it up. For me it is like keeping a paper diary, but in this case it is not secret, it is open for all the world to see.  Some days I must admit I do wonder what on earth I am going to write about, because I would hate to bore anyone, as I am concuss that there are people out there following my every word. I also realise that there are people out there, who are scrutinize my every word, sentence, full stops etc, etc, but to me it is not about how I write, it is what I write about that counts. At the end of the day, if someone does not like the way I write, they need not come back again, although I hope they always do.

People will know that by reading my blog they are having to listen to my arguments and sometimes my drivel, probably more often drivel, because I am not very good at arguments. I try not to get politically involved in any of the heavy stuff, mainly because most of it is way over my head, and that would really turn people away I am sure. I have a lot of opinions, many of which I chose to keep to myself and many I just think will bore people if I wrote about them, not only that I refuse to sound like a "Grumpy Old Woman". By the way I am reading their book at the moment and I have not stopped giggling, because I agree with 99% of what they wrote about, which is scary.

I realised that by Blogging, I have become a bit like public speaker, so I have really put myself out there and expect that some may not like my type of writing, but that is fine, because we cannot all like the same thing, if we did it would be very boring.

When I sat down and committed  to this blog, I like others blogging for the first time had no following and never expected any, because this was just about me writing down my life afloat. But now I know I have followers, I do try and make an effort to make my posts sound interesting and to give an insight into my life. Blogging can be very addictive, but hey there are worse things to be addicted, drugs, alcohol, gambling, sex in public places, catnip (Marmite is addicted to the latter).

So to all my dear readers, please bear with me if a particular subject doesn’t interest you. I will try to make you feel with me. Either pro or against. At times you might shrug and go away…that’s fine too. There is always tomorrow. Thank you for reading today's offering.

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