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Tuesday, 10 April 2012

The day after the long weekend before.

With the Easter weekend all over and done with, many people have left either by boat or left their boat and driven home, so this meant that volunteers to help put tables and chairs away and to move boats were few and far between, so Keith and I offered our services to Martyn off of NB Cherokee. Before all of that though we got ourselves organised and I started to put away all our sale stuff, whilst looking for a book which has gone walkabout. I am sure we have borrowers on the boat, because now we have hair sizzors, Marmite's harness, a folder of photographs and my book missing. I would not mind but we do not have the biggest space to live in, so how the heck can we lose anything?

Keith went off with Martyn to start getting tables moved, whilst I continued to store things away, in their right places and to get the boat back to some sort of order after a busy weekend one way or another. Having done all of that, I joined Martyn, Keith and some other volunteers who were getting all the tables together to go back to the hire company, we then sorted the chairs and put them back in their rightful place. It was then time for a cup of tea and some lunch, Keith and I had pie and chips in the cafe, which most definitely did the trick as we were both hungry. After lunch we helped move a couple of boats back to their moorings, our help was then not needed any further, so whilst Keith ran Hadar's engine for 20 minutes, because it had not been run for a week, I nipped off to the shop to get a few things.

We know we are officially in April because we have had sunshine and showers, but this did not stop me going off out with my very clean camera to take yet more pics.


I love the flowers on Ariel.


Porters Row. There used to be nine houses, now there are just four.


Spacious back gardens.


Washing done.


Time for a nap. I happened to go into the cottage and was invited upstairs by the gentleman in the cottage tidying up. The upstairs is not open to the public yet as it is not finished. So I felt honoured.


The sun was lovely when it was out.


Tomorrow we may leave, we may not. But one thing I am sure of and that is we will be returning to this wonderful place. I have met some wonderful people over the weekend. I have also met up with a lot of people I already knew, which is always a complete pleasure.

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