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Monday, 9 April 2012

Bank Holiday Monday at Ellesmere Port.

All good things must come to an end and today was the last day of the four day rally.

The weather forecasters were right in everything they said about what would happen. The rain was falling when we went to bed and it was still raining when I woke up. No setting up of our sale goodies would happen, so we laid in bed till 9am watching the TV and drinking tea. Boats were beginning to leave the event, some because they had to get back to their moorings due to work and others because of the weather. Becki and Ian on Marcellus who were breasted up to us left just after 9.30am, we had really enjoyed catching up with them and hearing all their news, one of these days we will see them again at Tardibigge.


Starling left towing Saturn as the rain continued to fall.


We went and had a coffee in the cafe, and then said "cheerio" to Alison and Derek on NB Taurus, who we got to know over the weekend and look forward to seeing again in June.


Seaford and Alperton were next to leave, it was wonderful to catch up with Kenton and the family, as the last time we saw them was some 4 years ago.


The weather was showing no sign of improvement as we headed for lunch time, so we headed back to the boat where i made us some rolls and a coffee.

At 1.45pm we walked to the Rolt Centre to watch a short film called "Tall Tales of Porters Row". Porters Row is the row of cottages at the museum. The film was made by one of the volunteers Jasmine Parsons and showed life in the cottages over the years. It was very good, she certainly did herself proud as the room was packed. We were even given popcorn, cake and drinks were on offer, just like going to the cinema. We left the film and were just in time to say cheerio to Phyllis and Henry on NB Perch.


I in particular have really enjoyed my weekend chatting to Phyllis who was born and bought on the boats and is the Niece of Charlie Atkins. As the afternoon wore on we wandered, chatted and took photographs, I was also fortunate, I managed to sell 12 packs of my Union Jack bunting to the museum ready for the Jubilee in June. With the rally now at an end and everyone packing up, it was time for us to come back to the boat and for me to cook us some dinner.

Both Keith and I have really loved every moment of this long weekend, not even the weather could dampen our spirits it has been so good.


We will definitely come again and recommend others also come and join in the fun.

For now it is time to say cheerio, as I am putting my feet up.

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