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Sunday, 1 April 2012

A lovely weekend.

Who watched "Million Pound Drop" with Alan Carr and Melanie Sykes?

Didn't they do well?

Gok Wan was supposed to be partnering Alan, but he is in hospital recovering from back surgery. I thought it was a great program and so pleased for Alan and Melanie.

I lay in bed Friday night and I was struck by how silent it was outside, there was not a sound. It was as though someone had turned all the noise off. I drifted off to sleep and did not wake up until 7.30am Saturday morning, which was a real treat. With there being no need to get up to early, Keith made us a cup of tea, which was enjoyed in bed whilst watching "Good night sweetheart", some great classic TV. The joys of laying in bed at the weekend were short lived though, Paddy wanted to go out and Marmite was beginning to stir from the corner of the bed, where she had slept again all night. I always know she is there because I can either hear her purring, or feel her with my feet.

Up and about, I was off down the towpath with Paddy. The amount of rubbish along this stretch of the towpath is horrendous, people should be disgusted with themselves for leaving their rubbish everywhere, so after breakfast Keith and I went out with our litter pickers and bags to pick some of the litter up along the length of the moorings. In the space of 200 yards we filled two black bags. Having spent an hour litter picking, we then turned our attention to doing some jobs on the boat. I relit the back cabin stove, so I could cook tonight's dinner in the oven. We then got on with making up our new sales boards for our place mates, coaster and key rings. With the new boards made and placed on the roof of the boat, it was time to turn my attention to lunch and a coffee.

Later in the afternoon, there was a knock on the boat, so I stuck my head out of the engine room door to see Mike and Jane Byrne standing by the back cabin with their dog Eve. Mike is a facebook friend and they were out for a walk, so thought they would come and say "hello". I made us a coffee and we stood outside having a good old natter, about anything and everything, which also included our love for photography. Mike takes some amazing photographs. After what must have been well over an hour, we said our "goodbyes" as they needed to get home and Paddy was due his evening walk. We hope to see them again at the Easter weekend do at Ellesmere Port.

This morning (Sunday) was a very chilly start to the day because we had been treated to a very heavy frost. The back cabin stove was lit and whilst I walked Paddy, Keith cooked us breakfast, as he always does on a Sunday. With the sun out and not a breath of wind, the reflections on the water were stunning.


The only sound was the birds singing.


Breakfast enjoyed, I pottered about the boat getting jobs done and before I knew it, I was making us some lunch, after lunch I suggested to Keith we should take a walk. So we headed off up the towpath.


An Airbus (Guppy) flew over.


Ducklings are now very much in evidence as Spring continues to bloom.

As we walked down the towpath and past a lot of offside at Top Farm we could hear scramble bikes, so decided to go and investigate, it turned out to be young lads whizzing around a farmers field, which makes a nice change from them speeding up and down the towpath. In the field next door were some sheep and Alpacas


It is amazing what you find when your not even looking. We followed the road up into the small village of Wervin.


It is only a small village and civil parish in the unitary authority of Cheshire West and Chester, it is in between Chester and Ellesmere Port. With it heating up and Keith looking like he was about to melt, we did an about turn and wandered back to the boat.

chiff chaff

In amongst the bird song, there was one bird that shouted the loudest and that was the Chiff Chaff. There seems to be a lot of them along this stretch of the canal. I have always found them an elusive little bird until today, when they could not wait to be photographed.

Along this stretch of the canal, there have been lots of walkers, cyclists, joggers and fishermen, but only a couple of moving boats, it has been so quiet. I now have to think of something for dinner tonight and I really should get on with some sewing, but it is Sunday, so I may just sit and do nothing for the rest of the day.

Chat soon.

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