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Monday, 28 January 2013

Bridge 33 to Crick.

Map picture

Travelled 6.2 miles in a time of 2 hours 30 minutes.


Having enjoyed a quiet night at bridge 33, we woke this morning to a heavy frost as the temperature had dropped to –1.5c. More alarming was the fact that we were listing more than we had been when we went to bed, so the water level had either dropped below normal or we were just sitting on the mud.

Having walked Paddy, eaten breakfast and made up the fires, we were ready to set off, but before we could leave we had to reverse off the mud and back into the centre of the canal, so we moved our mud weights onto the port side and I stood on the port side gunwale whilst Keith reversed off the mud, mission achieved we were underway at 8.30am.


To begin with the sun was out warming a cold start to our cruising.


It was not long before we started hitting ice, you could see the channel Mark on Callisto had pushed through yesterday, but it had frozen over again over night.


I find cruising through the ice exhilarating, yes I know I am a strange creature, but the sound of the ice breaking is something rather special. Yes I know it does not do much for the blacking, but we are in for blacking in March and with it already missing we were not going to make it any worse. Fore those who do not like to see boats moving through the ice in case it damages other boats, we always take great care when passing other boats and in the case of plastic boats, we are even more aware, so much so that a couple of years ago, before passing the plastic boats at North Kilworth boat yard, we actually rang the boat yard to enquire as to whether there was still ice there, because if there had been we would have waited for it to go, as it was the ice had all gone.


The sight of Cracks Hill announced that we were not far from Crick, where we encountered yet more ice. It has to be said the ice was patchy, but where we did come across it, it was about an inch think, so nothing to bad. 11am we arrived in Crick and moored up opposite Crick Marina, which is where we will be for a couple of days.

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