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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Day One at Crick.

Phew oh Phew what a hot night was had.

Ok now stop having dirty thoughts, it was nothing that fun, we were sweltering with the heat from two stoves which were working overtime due to the wind. Even with them both shut down the boat was sweltering, so doors and winds were opened and the fires were let out over night, so we could sleep.

Keith for what ever reason was awake at 3.30am, he seems to be waking up earlier and earlier, it must be his age, but 4.30am I was also awake with him climbing over me. Having got back to sleep, I was then awake again at 7am, so got up and made us a cup of tea, before getting up and walking Paddy. The Crick towpath is a rat run for dog walkers who allow their dogs to run free, so Paddy felt somewhat nervous at having to run the gauntlet on his lead. Thankfully both he and I arrived back at the boat none the worse for our walk and he managed to get through it without being pounced on by other dogs.


As we stepped back on the boat, this craft came past us, but did not appear to be doing anything. It is a craft which cuts reeds and weed, but there is none where we are and the only thing it seemed to be achieving was stirring up the mud. In all it came past us six times, so I wonder what it is up too.

With heavy rain forecast, I relit the back cabin stove so I could finish drying Keith’s donkey jacket, which I washed by hand a couple of days ago, that was fun and a half as it weighed a tonne once wet, but it was well and truly dirty, after washing it I hung it to drip dry in the shower and then hung it in the back cabin to dry in front of the stove. Thankfully it is almost dry, so he can wear it again without it feeling like a tonne weight. Stove lit and sweet and sour chicken put in the oven to cook slowly, I got on with giving the inside of the boat a general clean. With us and the dog traipsing cross the laminate floors all day, they do get filthy, so floors were swept and then mopped. I am not someone who cleans everyday, it is impossible on our boat with us in and out with muddy boots, especially when doing coal deliveries, but at least once or twice a week I give the floors a good clean. I know some will think why don’t you take your boots off, well when someone wants coal, it is a pain in the rear to keep putting boots on then taking them off again, so we choose to keep ours on and just mop the floors. Floors done, I turned my attention to the sealant around the galley sink, which needed replacing, so I pulled out all the old sealant cleaned the surround up and then resealed the sink. having sorted the galley out, I then gave the bathroom a bit of spit and polish, by the time I had done all of that it was time for lunch and a sit down, which my sciatica screamed for. For some reason it is giving me a bit of jip again, but I know in a few days it will have gone away again, so I will smile through it and just keep going.

Having sorted out our battery problem, Keith rang Kuranda to ask about our battery monitor which has been doing some strange things. Keith had e-mailed Kuranda, and had not received a reply, but having spoken to Darren, it seems he has now e-mailed us and has in fact sent us a new monitor and shunt, as he agrees ours is playing up. The new monitor and shunt is being sent to Crick Marina, so we walked over to the marina to let them know a package would be arriving for us and hopefully we will pick it up tomorrow. So another job done. Back on the boat it was time to make a coffee and sit down with a shortbread biscuit. Dinner smells devine in the back cabin, Marmite is lounging on the side bed and Paddy is on the bed in the back cabin, they both know where the warmth is.

Another day drawing to a close, so here’s to tomorrow and all it has to offer.


  1. Jo,
    You should tell Keith that at his age he should not be climbing all over you in bed! Maybe it's something to do with the donkey jacket?
    BTW I'm older than Keith and I'm waking later and later...... :-)


  2. LOL Tom. Welcome on board. Keith has no option because it is the only way he can get to the smallest room on the boat LOL. If only Keith could wake later that would be good, because I am also awake with him grrrrrrr. Jo


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