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Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Winter walking and Redwings.


The overnight temperature got down to –5.4c at least and there for it was very crisp under foot when I went out with Paddy for his walk. I am always very aware of my footing, because I have no wish to break a hip, leg, ankle or wrist.

Back at the boat it was time to get the fires stoked, breakfast eaten and to decide what to do with my day. Having done the usual morning chores, I got on with some hand washing, I have yet to use the washing machine since it came back from being looked at. The reason for this is we are still having battery issues, so until that is sorted I have resulted to hand washing, which is no big deal, I used to do all my washing by hand before we had the washing machine, it does however mean we have wet washing hanging about, but that cannot be avoided. Washing done, I went off out with my camera and left Keith e-mailing our battery supplier with all the information he has been gaining over this past few days whilst running the generator.

Winter walking is bracing, especially with the cold breeze hitting my face and my toes were tingling in my walking boots. The early sunshine had developed into heavy cloud and grey skies, but it is always nice to be out walking. At this time of the year you get to see the countryside in the raw.


Something had been venturing cross the ice.


With the snow on the ice, it really does look amazing. The towpath has had a lot of footfall, so I was careful to walk in the snow and not on the icy bits. The trees were full of birdsong as birds foraged for food.


On the way back to the boat, a couple of Redwings were digging in the snow trying to find food, now normally no sooner you get near Redwings they fly off, but these two just went about their business and did not care I was standing right next to them, you can see more photographs of them on my flora and fauna BLOG. It was wonderful to see this stunning little birds close up.

Lunchtime came and went with me pottering about on the boat. I am not one for sitting around for hours on end, so I did a bit of sewing then pottered some more.


The weather at 2.50pm was closing in and the fog was coming in, it looked like it may be a pea souper. Glyn the enforcement officer came around checking licences, so we had a good old chat about the weather and put the world to right whilst we were at it. Glyn knows we will be on our way no sooner the ice is a little thinner. The afternoon is heading towards evening and it is set to be another very cold night tonight, but according to the forecast it is supposed to warm up towards the weekend, so who knows we maybe on our way.

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