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Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Mist and chopping.


This morning we had a glorious start to the day with mist rising and the sun coming up it allowed me to take some lovely photographs.


Paddy and I enjoyed our morning stroll and I collected sticks as we went, when we got back to the boat, I went out with my bucket to pick up even more sticks, the bucket is now full.

After breakfast and a cuppa, it was wood sawing day.


I got into the hold and threw out the logs which needed sawing up, whilst Keith connected our electric chainsaw up to the generator. With the work bench up, I held the logs in place whilst Keith sawed them into chunks. I then got the axe out and chopped the wood into fire size pieces, in all the wood filled nine empty coal sacks, which were stowed away in the hold. By the time we had finished sawing and chopping it was time for some much needed lunch and a sit down.

After lunch Keith fitted a fan to our fridge freezer, to help with the cooling and so far it has cut down the time the compressor is on, so that is a result. We have been playing with the settings on the fridge freezer and freezer to try and get them both to the right temperature, so far we seem to be heading in the right direction. 


Having worked hard throughout the morning, I took the afternoon off and went out with my camera. The local airfield was busy with planes taking gliders up. I can imagine the view was stunning today with such a clear view and blue sky.


The bird feeders I put out have had plenty of visitors, this Great Tit seems to be the boss, he is always shoving others off the feeders. Marmite has found it all very entertaining, as she sits on the worktop watching then through the galley window. You can see other photographs I have taken at Canalside Flora and Fauna. The afternoon is now heading towards the evening and I have a Chicken curry to cook, so I will bid you farewell for today.


  1. Hi Jo,
    Fabulous photos especially the sunrise. Its a shame I cant get anything like that at Langley, To many concrete buildings in the way and yet another being built. (McDonalds) I had a look at your fauna and flora pictures. They are really excellent but I did notice that from August through to September all your photos had gone! Another blogger glitch maybe? Enjoy your trip south and here's hoping the weather stays kind.
    Love to you both

  2. some really lovely photos the sunrises and sunsets are what im most looking forward too

  3. Hi Irene and Ian. Thank you for you comments on my photographs. Unfortunately my album was full for the blogger, so I had to delete some of my photographs, which was a real shame. I will see if I can get some back on now I have emptied the album a bit LOL. xxxxxxxxxx


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