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Sunday, 20 January 2013

Walkies and snow play.

Well hello blog readers. I hope your keeping warm and more importantly safe?
Yesterday I took myself off for a walk, whilst Keith monitored our batteries each and every hour. I stepped off the boat, with an icy wind biting at my cheeks, it was like little needles pricking at my skin, but it was so beautiful I just felt the need to be out. I tend to get cabin fever when we are sat still for so long, and so the joy of getting off out into the countryside for a walk is a must. 
Rather than heading along the towpath, I walked up through the pocket park and into Welford Village. The pond in the park was frozen and I do hope no one tries walking on it.
Postman Pat and his cat still looked happy in the snow.
The locals were out clearing pavements and driveways. 
St Mary the Virgin Church looked stunning.
Just shows how cold it was, with icicles forming from the roofs. I saw several like this brrrrrrrr. As I walked up and down the village the locals were all very friendly say "Good Morning" and isn't this lovely, not sure they actually meant the lovely bit, but I was very enthusiastic about how lovely it was. 
When I got back to the boat, Paddy had that excited look in his eyes and kept running up and down the boat, so when I mentioned ball, he was on his marks and raring to go.
Paddy revelled in jumping into the snow to find his ball, which looked more like a snowball most of the time and Paddy did manage to lose it a couple of times.
After half an hour he had had enough and began walking back to the boat with his ball, which meant it was time to go and get warm. Paddy spent the rest of the afternoon washing the snow off himself. Whilst we were out playing Marmite was sat on the worktop looking out of the galley door, she had the sense to stay in the warm. 
Having enjoyed playtime, I felt the urge to do some baking so made some Lemon Drizzle Muffin cakes, which will be devoured in a couple of days no doubt, especially with us sitting around on the boat. The rest of the day was spent stoking up the fires and watching movies.

This morning (Sunday) began at 6am and a cup of tea in bed. I stuck my head out for the back cabin doors and it had begun to snow again. The forecast for us from the BBC Weather page is as follows.

Dull and cold with occasional light snow flurries this morning, falling as sleet around the coast. Snow turning heavier and more persistent through the afternoon, particularly across Lincolnshire with significant accumulations likely. Easterly winds making it feel bitter in exposure.

Snow continuing into the evening but is expected to clear north of most parts overnight. However, snow may persist over Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire.

So we will not be venturing far, in fact the only place I will be going today is The Wharf Inn for my Sunday lunch. Keith is treating me to a roast dinner and who am I to say no. So we will venture to the pub for dinner and a pint. At the moment the fires are stoked, we have all been fed, the generator has been run and monitored.

I hope you have a wonderful day, remember to stay safe out there. 

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