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Sunday, 13 January 2013

Welford Walk.

Before I start todays post. I am feeling sad today having heard the news that Alice Pyne has lost her battle with Cancer. Alice began her blog on the 6th June 2011, her first posting was titled Hello and no sooner I began reading it, I felt like Alice was an incredible young woman, who would be an inspiration to many. Alice called her blog Alice’s Bucket List, because she had so many things she still wanted to do with her life, even though the Cancer was gaining on her. She got on with living and achieved so much in the time she had left. I for one feel honoured to have known her through her blog and so my thoughts and prayers go to her family and friends. Alice’s smile lit up the world. xxxxxxxxx

This morning we woke up to a very heavy frost and a dusting of snow on the roof of the boat. The sun was out making for what would be a glorious day. Paddy and I took a walk through the pocket park, where the pond was frozen over.


With the sun out, it would not take long for it to thaw though.

Keith cooked us breakfast, but this did not go without a hitch, because like with most electrical things on our boat another one gave up, this time it was our toaster, so Keith had to use the grill for toast. He did try fixing it after breakfast, but like with most modern appliances there was no way to actually get into the darn thing, so it has been throw into the bin and another one will have to be bought at some point.

After such a wonderful breakfast, I made the fires up and then suggested we make the most of the Winter sunshine, by going for a walk. Having donned our coats, gloves etc, we locked the boat up and headed off along the towpath, which is full of pot hole.


We made our way around the marina and on to the towpath, where we walked to the lock.


Once over the footbridge, we then doubled back on ourselves and walked across the fields, the one good thing being because the ground was frozen we did not find ourselves up to our knees in mud.


The Welford Walk takes you up being Welford Marina and on to the main road near the pocket park.


We came out by Postman Pat and his cat.

Back on the boat, I decided to take on water, because the weather is supposed to close in later on and snow if forecast. So we did not have to move the boat, I pulled the bow over to the other side of the wharf, connected the hose up and waited for the water tank to fill.


Once the tank was full, I then pulled the boat back to our mooring. It was just as well I did it when I did, because as I type this posting a boat has come in beside us. All moored up, it was time for lunch and then a joint of Lamb all wrapped up in foil was placed in the back cabin stove to slow cook for the afternoon.

The sun is shining and the solar panel is topping up our batteries, which means we will not have to run the generator for so long tonight.

With it being a Sunday, I am now going to switch off the computer and put my feet up for a bit. I may even watch a film or two. So have a great day :0).

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