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Friday, 8 July 2011

Being a tourist.

Hi Folks.

I never knew Sea Gulls could be so noisy, but there I was awake at 2.30am with a headache ( not due to drink or the gulls). I got up and made us both a cup of tea and eventually I settled back down to sleep until around 7am.
Up and about, I took Paddy off for a walk. He is so used to grass and no traffic, so he is finding being in a city a little strange. He is definitely not street wise, because he would quite happily step off of the curb into the traffic, just as well he was on a lead at all times.
After some breakfast, Keith and I went off in search of the British Waterways office, we had hoped to see someone we know there, but could we find the office???
No is the answer and no one we spoke to seemed to know where it was. Maybe it is a figment of our imagination.
Boats of all shapes and sizes use the docks.
Having given up on the search, we went to purchase a royalty plate Keith and I saw yesterday in the antique centre, we then had a stroll around the docks.
One of the docks empty, showing how vast it is.
The Abe Lenstra is in dry dock for a hull survey as she has just got new owners, who are going to transform her into a floating home. The Abe Lenstra is 125 foot long, so she is all boat. When she is eventually transformed the couple hope to take her back to Holland to travel on their canals.
Keith went and had a chat to the lock keeper, to find out about moorings at Sharpness and when we would need to leave the docks.
It was locking down time on to the River Severn.
Before we went into the museum we saw Corinne and Neil on hotel boats Snipe and Taurus coming under the lift bridge into Gloucester docks after they had been down to Sharpness, which is out next port of call.
Before doing the tourist bit around the museum, we had a full English breakfast in the café and a coffee, which would set us up for the day.
We paid our £4.75 each and entered into the world of the boater as seen by the tourists. Of course most of what we read and saw we already knew about, but there was still some interesting things to look at.
One of the exhibits, you can even see into the back cabin, that is a little bit like taking coals to Newcastle for me, not only that it was very sparse. I could of hung the lace better as well.
Another of the exhibits in the museum.
From a window in the museum I saw Snipe and Taurus moored up outside the museum.
Keith playing with one of the exhibits. He often tells people he is still living his first childhood ;0).
The museum is well worth doing, we really enjoyed our visit.
Inside the Mariners Chapel. A lovely little church which has dedicated itself to the spiritual needs of sailors over the years.
On the way back to the boat, we stopped by and spoke to Corinne and Neil on the hotel boats. I had been in touch with Corinne on Twitter, so knew they were due in today. it was lovely to see them and hear their news, we also quizzed them on moorings down in Sharpness, which was useful.
When we got back to the boat, we noticed that NB Best O Mates was moored a few pontoons away from us, they had been down to Sharpness. We are now expecting Roger, Teresa and the gang on NB's Azalea, Ilford and Aquarius, they should be here later today.

I am now going to make a coffee, so chat later xx

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