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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Worcester to Stourport-on-Severn.

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It was time to say goodbye to Worcester for this year. At 8.55am we left our mooring and set off for Stourport-on-Severn.


There are some lovely houses along this stretch of the river and some pleasant wooden countryside.


Nice house and boat, if you like that sort of thing.


It is always sad to see boats sunk, but I think I can safely say these have been there for sometime.

We really enjoyed our cruise towards Stourport-on-Severn. There were plenty of boats on the move towards us, so this bought hope that there would be somewhere to moor  once we got to our destination.


At each of the locks we had to wait for boats to come down, but as the river was like a mill pond it was not a problem. Whilst on the move, I put some Hamburgers and Onions in the oven to cook for lunch and the smell was most definitely making me hungry.


Stourport-on-Severn came into vision and it was soon clear that there was no room on the pontoons, so I turned the oven off, otherwise lunch would be over cooked. We had no choice but to go up the locks and into the basin. Keith pulled in alongside a couple of boats moored on the pontoon and I went to check on the locks. There was a boat already going up and one coming down, so we waited out turn. Whilst waiting to enter the first of the staircase locks, Graham from BW asked if we wanted a mooring in the basin, which of course was very nice of him and so it would have been naughty to have said no LOL. He told us there was room near the sanitary station and to moor as far back as possible.

We worked up the locks and I then walked round to the mooring, but there was already a boat moored in the place Graham wanted us to go, so he asked the gentleman if he could move his boat to a small mooring as he was a shorter boat, but the man was not for moving, so Graham told us to moor up in front of him as he would be leaving tomorrow, we could then move back. Now I do not like confrontation, but I did feel that the man was being very rude after he was asked nicely to move to a shorter mooring, which in fact would have been better for him. I guess he was just in that sort of frame of mind and moving for him was not an option. Graham apologised about the situation and I told him it did not matter. We will stay here tonight, but if we should have a problem, we will move off tomorrow.

After our Hamburger lunch, we strolled around the town and picked up a couple of items we needed, no sooner we had returned to the boat and the kettle was on Lesley off of NB Caxton came visiting with Floyd and Fletcher.


Lesley and Joe are having a new boat built at the moment, which is being named Yarwood. It was lovely to hear all Lesley's news and to see how excited she is about their new boat, I remember that feeling only to well from when we had Hadar built. In fact Hadar still excites me, even four years on ;0).

So another lovely day, the only sad part was to be leaving the river, we will be back on to the narrow canals for the time being and of course with it being the school holidays it is bound to be packed with hire boats. Keith and I will be doing early starts from now on I feel.

Chat soon xx

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