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Sunday, 31 July 2011

Stourport-on-Severn to Wilden Pool.

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Hi Folks.

A slow, relaxing start to the day, after all it is a Sunday. Marmite came and slept on the bed again, she then made it quite clear that she had no food in her bowls and wanted feeding, so after a morning cuppa, we were both up and dressed.

Keith started a cooked breakfast, whilst I took Paddy out for his walk around the block. It was beautifully warm out, with the sun doing its best to poke through the clouds. After breakfast, I started to prepare the boat for the off, which did not take place until 10.15am, which is a late start for us. Firstly we had to visit the sanitary station, where I emptied the toilet cassette and got rid of rubbish, whilst Keith nattered to a gentleman about our engine. She always gets a lot of attention and always in a nice way. People always want to know what it is and how old. The sound of our National DA2 is a real crowd drawer, because people have never heard anything like her before. If only those who built her back in 1945 could see her now, I wonder what they would think of her being in a working boat?

Whilst Keith waited, I went and worked the lock because there was a boat in front of us already going up. Lock emptied Keith bought the boat in. As I opened the paddles a whole load of lycra clad cyclists pulled alongside the lock to stop at the tearoom, so we had an audience whilst the boat came up in the lock.

Bullocks Lane, Wilden

We only did a short journey this morning, we are now moored between Bullock’s Lane bridge No.9 and Oldington bridge No.10, between Stourport-on-Severn and Kidderminster, it took all of an hour to get here. The sun is out and it is very warm, I can see  so some topping up of the suntan after lunch, because we have no TV signal, so we won’t be watching the Grand Prix :(, Good luck to our boys. Since mooring up, I have had the paint brush out on one of the back cabin doors, which was losing its red paint. I may be tempted into doing some more later, but I will see after all it is Sunday, so it should be a day of rest.

Have a lovely day. Chat soon xx


  1. Hi Jo & Keith,
    Just a quick reminder that it was between these bridges that we got done by the Con man on a scooter Jay (or Jason). The police have contacted us again to do the identity parade but we've not been able to arrange where and when yet.
    The festival has been great but I must say we enjoyed Droitwich more. Must be something to do with the good company around us.
    Hope to get together again soon.
    Irene & Ian

  2. Hi Irene and Ian.

    Thankfully we saw no sign of Jay (or Jason), infact apart from the cyclists it was lovely. I slept like a log last night.
    Wow an identity parade, are you sure your not auditioning for a new police program hahaha. I hope that it goes well and you pick him out.
    We think it very unlikely that we will ever do another IWA festival, to big, to crowded, I enjoyed Droitwich and the company did make it ;0).
    See you soon.... Joxx


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