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Saturday, 30 July 2011

Day Three at Stourport-on-Severn.

After a wet and dull start yesterday this morning was a bright and sunny beginning to our Saturday.

Plans, what plans we had none. I was not even going to start the painting jobs, because I was unsure what the weather was going to do, I need not have worried though because it has been lovely all day.


The engine exhaust chimney stack has been stripped of all its cracked and peeling paint, alls I have to do now is repaint it and keep my fingers crossed that the paint does not crack again. But first we are going to run with it like this for a trip to make sure all the old paint comes off properly. I rather like it like it is, but of course it does not look very traditional.

So the day began with breakfast and walking Paddy around the block, we then ventured into the town to pick up some bread and bits from the Co-op, as we will be leaving tomorrow. Whilst out we popped into a the Pot Luck shop and I found some more food storage clips.


I always seem to have run out when I need one, so with this new pack I think I have pretty much everything covered. They are so very useful and make great hair clips if needed in a hurry (Just a small tip). At 99p for the pack they were so worth it. I use them for the freezer, fridge and food cupboard, plus hair and anything else that needs sealing. A must have on a boat I think.

I also spotted a 12 volt kettle.


Now there was I thinking I had come up with a brilliant idea, seen as our other 24o volt kettle had gone belly up after just a few weeks. We got the kettle back to the boat, Keith made a few alterations to the electric and set the kettle in motion. We waited and waited and waited some more, this waiting went on for at least half an hour and even though the kettle finally began to boil it would not turn off as it should. Now I do not know about you, but when I put a kettle on for a cuppa, I want it within a few minutes not half an hour later. Because it was not work properly I dried it and put it back in the box and took it back to the shop, where I got my money back.

My advice is if you want a cuppa in a hurry, do not buy a 12 volt kettle, you could die waiting for it to boil.

After the kettle fiasco, Keith bought us both an ice cream which went down a treat after lunch and we settled down to a quiet afternoon, I then had a brain wave (yep another one) that I would go and stock up on a few items from the Factory Shop, which was doing mouthwash and cotton buds dead cheap, so I went back into town which was heaving with people. I got my purchases and stood in a queue a mile long (us brits love queuing). I could have left the store and my goodies, but wanted them so stood in line like the good shopper I am, along with all the other good shoppers. Back at the boat, Keith was sitting outside doing his crossword and Marmite was lounging on the roof of the boat.


I think she was crossing her paws for more sunshine tomorrow. She certainly knows how to chillout.

So that has been my day, I have done the usual boat chores, which I will not bore you with and now I am going check on my Facebook page and Farm Town, then it will be time to watch a movie before going to my bed.

I hope your day has been a nice one. Chat soon xx

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