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Saturday, 9 July 2011

Gloucester Dock to Rea Bridge.

Hi Folks.

Yesterday was a lovely day, what with doing the museum etc, the day ended with NB Azalea and Working boats Aquarius and Ilford arriving with the Fuller clan and Glyn and his daughter Sarah. It was nice to see everyone and to watch them moving the boats out of the lock. The found a mooring where they could breast up.
Because we had no TV signal, we sat in bed and watched "Kingdom of Heaven" starring Orlando Bloom, before going to sleep. I enjoyed a wonderful nights sleep. I think I was so tired that nothing not even the sea gulls were going to wake me up. Originally we were going to stay in Gloucester dock until Sunday morning, but we had a change of mind and decided to move off. After all we do not want to over stay our welcome, as we would like to stay another 48 hours when we return.

We were up and raring to go, but before we set off I took Paddy for a walk over to the nature reserve, which is a place we will visit on our return. On setting off, we waved goodbye to the Fuller clan as we headed for the lift bridge.

Having moved out of Gloucester docks, we stopped briefly at the sanitary station, to empty the cassette, top up with water and empty the rubbish, we then stopped a bit longer at Sainsbury's for a good shopping session. Sainsbury's is right on the side of the canal, so we were able to moor up right outside. The moor is for 4 hours, which is plenty of time. After picking up supplies, I stowed everything away, we then moved onto Rea Bridge where we have moored for the weekend.
Whilst in Sainsbury's we spotted some Samsung ES75 compact cameras for sale. I had suffered whilst we wandered around Gloucester Thursday, I had ended up with a headache carrying my Canon SLR around my neck for quite a long time, I think it has something to do with my shoulder as well, so we decided to get a Samsung ES75 for when we wander around and don't want to carry the big camera. Full report to follow soon, after the battery has charged and we have tried it out. Maybe when we take a walk down to the river whilst we are moored here. It won't be photos of the Severn Bore though, not at this time anyway, not until the end of this month.
All moored up, I set the TV aerial up and wooo hooo we have a digital signal, so the F1 British Grand Prix qualifying went on whilst we ate lunch. Ok I know have the TV on is not the be all and end all, but we do like to watch the news and interesting programs.
Marmite and Paddy were desperate to get outside. Marmite has been scaring off any dog brave enough to come near her and Paddy is lounging on the back counter enjoying the sunshine.
The sun is still shining here, but it seems Silverstone has rain for the qualifying, this could make for an interesting time. Look forward to the race tomorrow.

Right time to turn off, chat soon xx

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