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Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Goodbye Droitwich, Hello Worcester.

Hi Folks.

It was time to say goodbye to Droitwich and head off for the River Severn again. But before we could leave we wanted to take on water. There was a queue for the water tap, and we were third in that queue, which was fine because we were not in any hurry. NB Neston and NB Fragil went before us, we then followed them. Also leaving was Historic working boat Spey and NB Best O Mates and they were all going our way, so we would have plenty of company.
We pulled alongside Atlas and Malis to take on water, as I was pretty sure our tank was getting low, as the last time we filled up was in Stourport.
Whilst taking on water, we got chatting to Alan who lives in the cottage on the Droitwich Restoration site. He is sadly having to be re-homed because the site is being knocked down and new apartments are probably going to be built there. He is hoping the council will find him a bungalow. Alan very kindly gave us some broad beans from his lovely garden which is looked after by his carer.
We said cheerio to Alan and wished him well when he moves. The sky began to look rather ominous and no sooner we arrived at lock one Ladywood Lock behind NB Déjà vu who very kindly waited for us, the heavens decided to dump some of the wet stuff on us. I really found this rather refreshing after the heat of the past few days, so was quite happy to continue working the locks without a jacket. I did eventually put a jacket on though, because I did not want to get chilly.
At Porters Mill Lock, we had to negotiate the locked and padlocked gates to get to the lock. The padlocks are supposed to be BW ones, but it seems someone has changed them for ordinary ones and a BW key does not open them, this meant we had to walk up the road to access the lock. I think this is a situation that BW will have to sort out, otherwise it could cause problems for those single handing.
Towards the end of the Barge Canal we were plagued by Duck Weed, which actually looked like pea soup. It was really quite bad and piled up behind the lock gates, meaning I could not open the gates properly.
Having left the last lock on the Barge Canal with NB Déjà vu, the rain stopped. We were both heading for Worcester, so stayed with each other as we approached Bevere Lock where we shared with and Grey Seal a plastic sailing bothem at.
Not long after we moored up NB Déjà vu sped past, they are heading on to the River Avon. We waved them goodbye and hope to see them again sometime.
After an hour on the river we winded the boat so we are pointing up river and moored up at the Worcester Racecourse for the night. The sun is now back out and Paddy is lying out on the back counter soaking up the last of the days sunshine. Marmite is moaning because she wants to go out of the side door and I am not letting her. If she wants to go out she has to join Paddy on the back counter.
I am now off to do some dinner.

Chat soon xx

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