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Thursday, 28 July 2011

Day One in Stourport-on-Severn


Hi Folks.

It was an early wake up call this morning by the Seagulls. If I had been dreaming, I would have sworn someone was screaming, but no it was the local Seagulls looking for breakfast, this was all very well, but it was 5.30am and I was hoping for a lie in. Hey ho the lie in did not happen, so the only thing for it was to put the kettle on. Me getting out of bed disturbed Marmite who was sleeping at the bottom of the bed, she had spent most of the night behind my pillow where it was nice and warm. I think because we had the fly screen in the galley window all night, she found her bed in the saloon a little chilly, so she came and slept with us. Cup of tea made, we sat in bed discussing our options for the day.

Should we move off or stay put for another day?

We were thinking of moving off to find a country mooring for the rest of the week and weekend, but then we heard a boat on the move and discovered it was NB Meander, who was moored close to where we moored last time we were here, so the thought then was maybe we will move away from the sanitary station and over to there. Having had enough of sitting in bed, which always gives me a numb rear, I was up and walking Paddy by 7.45am after some breakfast. I happened to meet up with Graham and so I asked if we could move to the empty place, which was fine by him.

So we moved to the next mooring down from this one in the photo above this morning, where we moored on our journey down through Stourport. I want to do a lot of washing in the washing machine, so it was convenient to move here and use the shoreline for a while, as we have some units left on our card. Also it stops our bow being clobbered by boats entering and leaving the sanitary station. Happy Days!

Update: We have been here for just over three hours and I have already done two washes, we have put the anchor away and done a lot of contemplating about the jobs we could do whilst here. The sun is shining, so we are in for another fantastic day.

I hope your day is a good one. Chat soon xx

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