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Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Worcester to Lower Lode Inn.

After an early dinner, we took Paddy for his walk up across Worcester racecourse, which looked lovely in the evening sunshine. I have only ever been to one other racecourse and that was Ascot. No I did not go to watch the horses, I went to a quilt show with my friend Yvonne and if I recall it rained all day. Worcester has evening racing happening this evening from 6pm, sadly we will miss it this time. Both Keith and I would love to go to meeting though. Once back onboard, we had a coffee and then retired to the back cabin to watch "Somethings gotta give" starring Jack Nicholson and Diane Keaton. We were sat in bed with Bombay Mix and a good movie, what more could we have wanted?

This morning we got woken up by a drip, drip, drip and heavy rain. It was lashing down outside and coming in under the back hatch. Keith got up and put a bowl under the drip, but that made an even worse noise, so he laid a tea towel in the bowl to soften the dripping. Eventually I went back to sleep and then woke up at 7am. We were up and ready to leave our Worcester racecourse mooring at 8.55am to head for pastures new.
Our first lock of the day was Diglis Lock, where you have the choice of two locks, so we waited for the green light to show which one the lockie wanted us to use.
There was some stunning views of the Malvern Hills, lite up by the morning sunshine.
The red sandstone cliff is very impressive.
All the way along this stretch there is something lovely to see, including the cream house which is built like a castle. Along the route I made us coffee, which we had with chocolate biscuits mmm, this would have to sustain us until we found a place to stop.
We had thought we would moor at Upton-on-Severn, but there was no room for a 70ft boat. Keith tried to get Hadar up the inside of the pontoon moorings with no luck. Unfortunately as soon as we arrived the rain began to fall, but we had no choice but to carry on, so it was goodbye Upton, maybe we will stop there on the return trip. Along with the rain it then began to thunder and lightening, this did not bode well with the wind getting up.
Between Upton-on-Severn we passed Chub working for Cemex on its way to Ryall House Farm Quarry, near Upton. Chub was carrying gravel from Ripple Quarry, near the M50 Bridge at Tewkesbury. We then saw Pike taking on gravel at the Ripple Quarry, which was pretty impressive.
We turned up the junction to the Avon in hope that there would be a place to moor, but we were out of luck, because the moorings are for the lock before 5.30pm, so we were out of luck. If you arrive at 5.30pm you can moor on the pontoons until 9am the next morning. Having winded we headed back out on to the Severn and said hello and goodbye to Tewksbury, that will have to wait for another day.
We entered Upper Lode Lock which was built in 1858. The lock was designed to allow the simultaneous working through of a tug and its train of barges, which would explain the strange shape of the chamber, it is designed like a bottle with a long neck. We were the only boat in the lock, so had plenty of room. Keith got some information from the lockie about going down to Gloucester, this was bought down to the boat in a bucket, which was on rope. A very handy way to get things up and down to boaters.We left the lock and waved to the lockie, who had told us there should be room to moor at Lower Lode.
We found a mooring at Lower Lode, at the bottom of the Lower Lode Inn. NB James Arthur very kindly moved along so we could get our boat onto the pontoon, followed by the ferry boat.
Squatters Corner where we sat and enjoyed a pint each of Doom Bar real ale.
The bar area from the Squatters Corner.
Above the door of the Inn is a lovely painted stain glass window.
Having enjoyed the real ale it was back to the boat to decide on dinner and to feed mog and dog. The waves on the river are lapping against the boat, so Keith has secured the rudder, otherwise that will be banging all night.
I am now off to find something to eat.

Chat soon xx

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