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Friday, 15 July 2011

A day out at the Wetland Trust.

The Slimbridge Wetland Trust is a fantastic place and if you have never been you really should make the effort to see it. I would recommend you allow a whole day for the experience. We set off from the boat at 10am and did not return back to the boat until after 5pm. Good walking shoes are called for, because there is a lot of walking, but you can break it up because there are plenty of benches to sit on should you feel the need.
After we had paid the entrance fee, we headed off up the Sloane Tower to get our bearings and to see if we could see the Spoonbill which has been at Slimbridge for 22 days. We did see it with the binoculars, but when we went down to where it had been seen, we could not find it, so we think it had gone into hiding.
We walked around the site enjoying all the waterfowl and the views, really happy that we had made the effort to come.
Lunch was eaten in the Water’s Edge Restaurant, which was not to bad, maybe a little pricey, but it did save me carrying a packed lunch around all morning. We had a lovely view of the Caribbean Flamingos as we tucked into our lunch.
The Flamingo's were a huge draw for both Keith and I with their fantastic plummage and behaviour. There are plenty to see at the wetland trust.
This was a cute pose when a baby Flamingo was asking its parent for something to eat.
One of my favourites of the day was the Otters. This is Mo and Flo who are sisters. The Wetland Trust has four American Otters, but only two were out on display today because there have been fights with the other two Minnie and Ha Ha.
Keith and I went to hear the Otter chat at 3.30pm, which was also when the Otters got fed. It was wonderful to see them at play, because when we have seen Otters in other zoo's they have always been asleep.
After seeing everything there was to see, we walked back to the boat, with tired feet but a happy heart, because it had been an incredible day for both of us.

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