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Sunday, 10 July 2011

Sunday, Sunday......

Sunday morning and it was a lovely start to the day.

I got up and made a cup of tea, which we enjoyed in bed. I then cooked us mushrooms on toast, Keith also had some black pudding, which I do not like, having given it a try the other day. As I was cooking breakfast hotel boats Snipe and Taurus with Corinne and Neil onboard went past heading for Sharpness. They are looked lovely breasted up. If you fancy a holiday on water then way not look at their website.
After we charge the batteries and I had done a load of washing, we set off on a walk to the River Severn where you can see the Seven Bore, when it is taking place. Unfortunately we will miss it at the end of July. Just as we were leaving the boat Working boats Aquarius and Ilford came past with Azalea in front on their way to Sharpness.
The River Severn was looking absolutely beautiful. The tide was on its way out as we walked through a meadow along the river bank. With the Summer sun shining crickets could be heard in the grass, butterflies were flitting here and there and bees were buzzing. Part of our walk took in the Glevum Way, which is a 27 mile circular walk. We had no intention of doing the whole 27 miles, not today anyway.
We could hear sheep and when I turned around to ask Keith something there was a ewe staring at Keith. She clearly wondered what he was doing there.
We sat by the river for a while just enjoying the peace and quiet. Next time I will take a picnic.
It was lovely to watch the bees and butterflies. A Chiff Chaff was singing away in a Willow tree and all was well with my world.
I think we must have walked a 4 mile round trip, which meant we had walked off our cooked breakfast and were ready for lunch when we got back to the boat. We settled down to watch the British F1 GP and to eat lunch. Unfortunately it was not a good day for the Brits, with only Hamilton finishing in the points with a 4th place.
Paddy is laying out on the back counter enjoying the afternoon sunshine and Marmite is on her lead laying on the grass outside the galley window. Marmite has already seen one dog off this afternoon. Any dog thinking of taking her one, should look out she takes no prisoners.
With the lovely weather today, it has been great to be able to hang my washing out on a line on the back counter, the rest of it is hanging in the engine room.

Well it is time to go, so have a lovely day. Chat soon xx


  1. Hi Jo,
    Been doing some research on the G&S, I've gone backwards to here, shame your picture links no longer work as your writing about it conjures up lovely images like the 3rd paragraph above. The views sound lovely.
    Cheers any ways.

  2. Hi Ade.
    Sorry my photographs are not working, they are no longer on the system, due to I had to many in my storage, so had to delete a who load. We re however doing the G&S next year, so look out for more posts then.


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