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Friday, 29 July 2011

Day Two at Stourport-on-Severn.

Hi Folks.

Friday morning and it is soggy after some early morning rain. Just as well I got busy with the boat jobs yesterday. Not only did I get the washing done, which is still hanging in the hold. I also hoovered throughout the boat, which is a luxury, no more dog hairs tumbling up and down the boat for five minutes.


I then turned my attention to the engine exhaust chimney stack, which of late has been looking in need of some TLC. The paint has been peeling off big time, making it look very distressed. Our main problem was trying to find some paint which could be used on something that gets very hot. I even tried using the stove blacking.


I got the paint stripper out and painted that all over the chimney, left it for 15 minutes and then scraped off the flaking paint, this took several attempts before I finally got the chimney stripped of the old paint.

I really could not be bothered eating another salad for dinner last night, so I suggested Fish and Chips, which seemed to hit the spot, so after Keith had walked Paddy, we set off into the town to the fish and Chip shop, we had a choice of two, which were next door to each other. In the end we plumed for the Riverside Fish and Chip bar, and instead of walking back to the boat to eat them, we decided to eat in. I have to say they were fantastic Fish and Chips, the Cod was huge and the Chips were very good.

Back on the boat it was time for a coffee and a DVD as we have no TV signal. We settled down to watch "Dances With Wolves" one of my favourite films. By the time it finished it was almost 10pm and I needed to make the bed up as I had washed the sheets and duvet. Bed made it was time to climb into it for some much needed sleep.

So here we are Friday morning, I think I saw every hour from 3am and as I said at the beginning it is a little damp, this is what happens when I mention painting arghhhh. Yep I was going to do some painting today, but that is not put on the back burner again. I do have the chimney exhaust to wash and rub down so if push comes to shove I will get on with that job. I am ever hopeful that the sun will come out, but in the meantime I need to go and buy some bread, so I feel a walk into the town coming on.

Have a lovely day. Chat soon xx

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