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Thursday, 21 July 2011

Saul Junction to Gloucester Docks.

Hi Folks.

As I opened an eye this morning, I could see sunlight shining through the pigeon box portholes, so this I thought bode well. I got up and made us both a cup of tea, which as always we drank in bed whilst Marmite played chase the fly. Marmite loves chasing flies and sometimes she is lucky enough to to catch one, which she usually devours.

After finally getting up, Paddy was ready and waiting to be taken for his morning stroll up the towpath past some moored boats. A Buzzard was calling in the distance and I could hear a Chiff Chaff singing close by.

After breakfast we left our mooring of a couple of days and set off for Gloucester, with the weather not looking quite so promising, by the time we reached Sainsbury's we had seen a few drops of rain. We moored up on the 4 hour moorings and went in to Sainsbury's to do a food shop, Keith also wanted to pick up a memory card for our new Samsung Camera, which I have to say is pretty darn good. The following photographs were taken with it. After loading the shopping on to the boat we cruised into Gloucester Docks and found a mooring in the Barge Arm opposite the Waterways Museum.


This will be home for a couple of days.

Lunch time and I made us some meat and salad wraps and a coffee before we left the boat and walked into Gloucester.


The streets were incredibly quiet we thought.


In some ways with it being so quiet it gave us an opportunity to look at some of the wonderful buildings that Gloucester has.


Keith then felt the need for a coffee. So we sat outside of the Comfy Pew Restaurant near the Cathedral and had Coffee and Pecan cake with Toffee Icing. It was very scrummy as was the coffee. Whilst enjoying our sit down and cake I noticed lots of young people coming out of the cathedral wearing ceremonial robes. I have since found out that they were university students collecting their awards.  On reading their website I found out that Ede and Ravenscroft are still doing the ceremonial robes for such events. I used to work for the company when I worked at Whitchurch Silk Mill in the late 1970's. In those days I used to be part of a team which made the robes to order, I expect these days they are all mass produced, in some factory abroad.


Whilst in the city, I bought a new pair of sandals from Millets, which were in the huge sale they are having at the moment. They had been £34.99, then two weeks ago £17 and today £14 so it was a no brainer I had to buy a pair and put them away for next Summer, when I know my others will be no longer of use.

Having done everything we wanted and seen all we wanted to see, we walked back to the boat, where Paddy and Marmite were waiting for us. They were actually waiting to be let out of the boat, but hey just to see them both waiting at the door was enough to make me smile.

So the close to another lovely day. We will spend the evening with our feet and wooo hoooo this time we have TV in the Docks, because there are no buildings in the way.

I will bid you a good evening and wish you well.

Chat soon xx

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  1. It's funny though the images do show up at bottom of page in you might also like, not that it's all of them I dare say.


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