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Monday, 18 July 2011

Oh what a night.

Hi Folks.

I am amazed I am awake enough to be typing this posting after the night we had. It all began as normal with us off to bed after the final of "The Apprentice". Well done to Tom, who I am sure will be great, however I did want Helen to win, but she fell at the last hurdle.
Ok back to our night. It all began at 1.30am when there was a dreadful smell in the back cabin. Keith turned the light on to find that Paddy had crept in under the bed to ask to go out, but we were to late because he had an upset stomach on one of the rag rugs. Keith got up and put the rug outside and sort Paddy out. We all went back to bed for a couple of hours, but I had one ear listening out and one eye open just in case Paddy should need to go out again. 3.30am and I heard him being poorly in the galley, so rushed from my warm bed to find a lovely mess. Whilst I took him outside, Keith began the clear up operation, but the time Paddy and I got back on board, the mess was all but cleaned up, so I got the bleach out and washed the floor over. Keith and I were now wide awake, so I made us both a cup of tea, which we drank waiting for Paddy to need us again, but he went to bed and nothing was heard from him again until it was time for us to actually get up at the correct time. The poor boy still has an upset tummy, so no food for him today. The rag rug has been washed in the canal water, which is very clean and is now hanging over the sheeting to drip dry. If it drip dries enough I will hang it in the hold to dry properly. Oh what a night, both Keith and I felt like we needed more sleep, but today was moving day. Firstly I wanted to empty the rubbish out and to fill up with water, so got the hose pipes out and connected them together. With the tank now filling I was being entertained by a couple on a plastic cruiser in front of us who were having a blazing row about something and the husband was heard to say repeatedly "calm down". I guess they will not be having a good day.
It was time to leave our wonderful mooring of the past few days and head off back along the Gloucester and Sharpness Canal. We waited for the bridge keeper John to open the bridge for us and for the traffic light to go green, giving us the go ahead to move on through. He was tell us about those who jump the red lights, which to me is stupid.
As we approached Cambridge Arms swing bridge, we saw Noel and Chris on NB Chianti who gave us a wave as we passed by.
Cambridge Arms swing bridge house. All along the Gloucester and Sharpness Canal you will see these small single-storey houses, they all have a classical facade with fluted doric columns, more associated with Roman villas. They are all very beautiful.
As we approached Splatt swing bridge, there was a lovely view of Frampton Church, which is part of Frampton-on-Severn.
The views along this stretch of Wales are breath taking.
On arriving at Frampton-on-Severn we pulled into a mooring before the swing bridge and the old Cadbury's factory. We thought we would go and look at the picturesque village whilst it was still dry because storm clouds were looming.
Frampton-on-Severn according to an entry in the Domesday Book dated 1086 the Manor of Frampton was held by Drew son of Pons, granted to him by William the Conqueror as a reward for his services. People have told us that it is a pretty village, so we wanted to come and see for ourselves.
We walked towards the green which is known as Rosamunde's Green. Rosamunde Clifford was the great love of King Henry II. The Cliffords remain the custodians of the village with its manor house, orangery and Tudor farm house and barns. Rosamunde's Green still belongs to the Cliffords, who share it generously with both villagers and guests. The green is believed to be the longest in Europe and has three ponds and a flock of swans, which were not around today, it is certainly a talking point for the villagers and for anyone stepping on to the village green.
One of the oldest cottages in the village is De Lacy Cottage. if you use your imagination the cottage has a smiling face with the dormer windows as two eyes. (I know I am daft). It is actually on Save Britain’s Heritage register It is a timber-framed cottage, once home to a falconer in 1460 and more recently the village smokehouse. Sadly it is now neglected, inside it has a Tudor fireplace flanked by a bread oven and a plaster coat of arms.Hopefully this beautiful cottage will be restored back to its former glory. It has original beams, walnut floor planks, daub and wattle walls and a hidden attic room once used by servants, but also used to smuggle tallow when owned by a sea captain.

The half mile long green is very pretty. It reminds me of villages in the New Forest, the only difference is there are no forest ponies wandering along it. But ponies would look very at home on the green.
The Bell Inn is situated at the head of the half mile long green and has the village Cricket ground right outside its doors. The Cricket ground was established in the 1800's and is still sued today. I just hope they do not hit 4's and 6's very often because they would definitely stop the traffic.
I popped into the village shop to buy a few items. The shop is very well stocked if your in need of provisions, but be prepared to pay over the odds for items. I paid £1.80 for a bag of mixed lettuce, which is rather high.
Back on the boat, I have made us some lunch. I am now going to put my feet up and relax and I may even have a nap.

Chat soon xx

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  1. What a lovely part of the world... .like stepping back in time ...thanks for posting such great photos......yes i can see the face in the house too..poor Paddy was it something he ate that he shouldn't have ?.....hope he's better soon and you get a good night's sleep ...x


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