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Tuesday 29 September 2020

Looking forward to Friday.

 Dear family, friends and followers.

How are you all doing?

We are all living through strange old times and yet there are those who are carrying on as if nothing is happening. There are those who believe this is all a figment of our imagination. I know many know exactly what we have been going through since March, because some will have had this darn virus and some will have lost loved ones because of it. We have taken the virus incredibly seriously, some may say we have been over safe and that is fine, that is their opinion. I have even had people question me as to why we did not stay out and cruise. Again that is their right to question. We did what was right for us at the time and it remains the same and we would not have done anything any different. I want to protect us for as long as I can and I will do whatever it takes. For months, neither of us left the Arm. I then ventured out to the pharmacy for prescriptions and occasionally to the post office. I usually go because I am 10 years younger than Keith and I really dread him catching the virus. This past couple of months, I have been taking myself off for a morning walk. I decided that I needed to do more exercise than walking around the Arm could offer. Not only that seeing something different really gladdens the soul and mind.

I usually walk over the racecourse and St. Mary Land's a couple of times a week.
The views are stunning and I can walk around the racecourse without hardly meeting a soul. I see dog walkers, joggers, walkers and sometimes cyclists, but none of us needs to get close, because of the huge area we have to walk in. 
The media go on about doing things for the good of our mental health, well I am not one who suffers from poor mental health, but the walking has given me a chance to think and it has also blown the cobwebs away. I need to exercise for the sake of my waistline, which has been expanding of late. Each week we allow ourselves a treat at weekends. It could be a bag of Doritos or a bar of chocolate. Yes I know we know how to live the high life. We will also allow ourselves a Thai takeaway from our very good local Thai restaurant, who have been doing deliveries throughout the pandemic. When we got to ten takeaways, we were allowed a free meal up to the amount of £26 and like every meal from them it was truly excellent.

Throughout this pandemic it has always been good to try and find something to look forward to. Well this coming Friday, something wonderful and exciting is happening for me. I am not going to spoil the surprize by telling you now, but will post more when it has happened. I will say it has been a long time coming and will change our lives forever in a fabulous way. 
Have you had a flu vaccination yet?
Keith and I always go to our local pharmacy in Warwick to have ours done. I e-mailed them at the beginning of September, to find out when the vaccines would be in, to be told that I could as for an appointment after the 21st September. On the 22nd I e-mailed asking for an appointment, because that is how they are being done this year due to Covid-19. By return e-mail, I had the online forms to fill in for both of us and our appointment was for the 28th September, which was yesterday. We had no queuing, we just walked in answered a few questions about whether we thought we may have the virus and then having answered everyone No, we were given our flu vaccinations. It is well worth doing, especially this year. Now we must wait for a Covid-19 vaccine, so that we can get our lives back to some sort of normality.

May you all remain safe and well.

Pop back soon xxx

Wednesday 23 September 2020

Summer Vacation on a Narrow Boat... 12 Sep til 19 Sep 2020

My brother Tim, his wife Melba and crew on their boating holiday last week. They had amazing weather and a fantastic time.

Getting there.


Dear family, friends and followers.

How is everyone doing, in such uncertain times?

As those of you who read my blog, it has been a difficult time for me of late with the death of Mum. There has been so many things to work through emotionally, but I am getting there and it has bought my brother and I closer. As we all know sometimes families can be difficult and we all go through tough times. My family story is no different, but through no fault of my own, my mum was kept from me for a number of years and so when my brother contacted me to tell me about mum's Cancer and that it was terminal, it bought back so many memories happy and sad. There are a lot of regrets, but I will deal with them in my own time. What I am grateful for is the chance to have seen and talked to my mum before she died. I wish I could of been there to hold her hand till the end, but that was not possible due to Covid-19 and other family issues, but she knew how much I missed and loved her and we got to see each other. No one wants to die with regrets or alone and I sincerely hope she is now smiling from her cloud and having a cuppa and a natter with her mum. The one thing I do know is mum would not want my brother and I moping about, she would want us to get on with enjoying our lives. Mum was such a cheerful, happy go lucky, upbeat woman, who was always the life and soul of any party or gathering and that is how I will remember her and carry on living my life in the same way. 

As we are all living in such uncertain times still, we all have to do our part to try and curb Covid-19. The majority of people have been playing their part since March like we have. I saw this on Facebook, posted by a friend and it summed up exactly how I feel.

I have been wearing a mask in shops and limiting my shopping trips & being careful where I go since March!  I’m not sure how being considerate to others for the common good is now being mocked by some who are calling it “living in fear”, but it needs to stop....

When I wear a mask over my nose and mouth in public and in the stores/Supermarkets/Pharmacies/Offices/Churches - I want you to know the following:

📷 I'm educated enough to know that I could be asymptomatic and still give you the virus.

📷 No, I don't "live in fear" of the virus; I just want to be part of the solution, not the problem.

📷 I don't feel like the "government controls me". I feel like I'm an adult contributing to the security in our society and I want to teach others the same.

📷 If we could all live with the consideration of others in mind, the whole world would be a much better place.

📷 Wearing a mask doesn't make me weak, scared, stupid or even "controlled". It makes me caring and responsible.

📷 When you think about your appearance, discomfort, or other people's opinion of you, imagine a loved one - a child, father, mother, grandparent, aunt, uncle or even a stranger - placed on a ventilator, alone without you or any family member allowed at their bedside...  ask yourself if you could have helped them a little by wearing a mask!

The virus seems to have taken over our lives and our conversations and everyone has an opinion, including me. I would like to think that we can say what we are thinking and others do not take offence or take it the wrong way. Keith and I have not been out to the pub or restaurants. Sadly we have not seen our families, including our grand-sons, not because we do not want to, but because we could both be asymptomatic and therefore take the virus down to them. We have zoomed, which has been an absolute godsend. But I long to cuddle my girls and the grandson's. Both the boys are growing up so fast, and I now look forward to seeing them hopefully next year, when we are all taking a family holiday together. I cannot see us meeting up this year, with the new guidelines being put in place all the time, because of the numbers rising. I completely agree with what has been put in place and if I were in Government, I would have gone further and maybe that will happen if these latest measures do not work well enough, or enough people are not curbing their behaviour. 

Lets all do the right thing and stay safe and keep our families safe.

Sending hugs xxxxx


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