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Monday 28 April 2014

Got a list on update.

If you read my last posting you will know the problems we had through out the early hours. Well it did not improve much throughout the morning and so Keith and I decided we could not possibly stay on the boat as it was not comfortable for sitting being at such an angle and I could not see me cooking us lunch, so we shut the boat up and walk into town to have lunch at Wetherspoons. We had the meal deal two meals for one price with half a pint of Ruddles each.

When we got back to the boat there was a small improvement in the water level which was welcome news for all the listing boaters and boaters in the arm. Hadar being the deepest drafted boat in the arm was definitely going to be the last boat to float properly.


Finally after some pushing and shoving we finally got Hadar on to some clear water at 4.45 pm. Admittedly we are not right up against our pontoon, but at least we are no longer on the tilt. Hopefully over night the water level will return to normal. Paddy and Marmite are now much happier we are floating, this means they do not have to walk strangely up and down the boat.

I said I would post some up to date photographs of the garden, so enjoy.


Foxglove seeds sewn.


Sweet William sewn.



Rockery coming a long nicely.


English Bluebells are an absolute picture.


Runner beans are coming along now.


Potatoes are growing.


Yucca plant in flower.


So happy with our garden. Now I just need to keep the weeds at bay.

Got a list on.


At 1.50 am I woke up after being woken by a thump in the galley and then I heard trickling of fluid. I thought what the hell is that. I got up to find our perspex windows for the galley doors on the floor and the trickling noise was the diesel flowing from one tank to another. I woke Keith who was in the land of nod and we both got up. Keith rang the Canal and River Trust to report the problem to the emergency helpline, who were very prompt at answering and giving us assurance that they would get someone out to see what the problem was. With that I made us a cup of tea and whilst we sat in a sloping bed drinking our brew, there was a hello of a cracking noise. So I dived off the bed and went outside with the torch. The pontoon mooring ring had snapped off due to the listing and the weight of our boat, which is loaded with Six tonne of coal at the moment. Keith found a ring and a D-Shackle so we made up a temporary ring and I sorted the mooring rope out.

More tea was drunk as I made a cuppa for a fellow moorer. We heard a couple of male foxes having a conversation not far from us. There was a lot of nattering done until we all decided at 4.30 am we were getting chilly. Keith and I decided we would go back to bed and try and get some sleep. We sleep in the back cabin on the cross bed and thankfully our feet were on the tilt, this meant that I kept sliding down the bed and so spent a couple of hours dozing in the bed ‘ole, but hey I did get a couple of hours of sleep, before waking up and thinking it was time to make a start on the day.


We were both expecting the boat to be on more of an even keel, but no we were actually worse. Having gotten dressed we went to see what was happening when C&RT rang Ian who looks after the arm ground, he was told that there was something under the paddle and they could not sort it out until they got more equipment, which would enable them to get into the water properly, so we will be listing for a good few hours more it seems.

Both Paddy and Marmite and non to happy with the new angle. Paddy’s bed slid from one side of the boat to the other and Marmite has an odd walk going on. It is going to be a fun day.

Sunday 27 April 2014

Down and dirty.

It has been a few days since I last posted, so I do apologise.
Life has been a bit manic. I have been busy planting the garden out and sewing seeds. The rain we have had has been most welcome, because it has meant I have not had to water the garden. I will post some up to date photographs of the garden later in the week.
We have spent time with friends Richard and Christine on their boat NB Mandalay. It has been absolutely wonderful having them around for a few days. Lots of catching up has been done whilst they have been here and today was no exception.
Keith is still continuing to improve, with blips here and there, but that is to be expected. Yesterday was a milestone because his drain wound has finally given up its scab and so he is scab free at long last. Keith is still having issues when he does not take antacids and so today he had to take them again due to chest pains. We have made an appointment for him to see the GP about this, as we both feel he may need the antacids on repeat prescription.

Yesterday was a lovely day between the April showers, so we did a bit of weeding and some sorting out. During the afternoon, we heard a "Hello" from the gate, so Keith went to see who it was to find Linda and Richard off of NB Mary H standing by the gate. Linda had contacted Keith on Twitter to say they were coming into the arm and could they come and say "Hello". We invited them in for a cuppa and with the sun shining we sat out on the pontoon along with their handsome dog Muffin, who was so well behaved. It was lovely to make their aquaintance and to meet Muffin. I shall now be following their blog from time to time and hope we meet up again sometime. There was plenty of nattering and laughter over a cuppa and I am quite sure we will see them again.

This morning I got down and dirty. I climbed down into the hold and shovelled about half a tonne of loose house coal into bags. I have been waiting to do this for sometime, but did not have enough empty bags to get the job done, but today was the day. To say it was a dusty job was an understatement as you can see from the photograph. I was plastered. I wore a doubled up face mask, but the dust still got through. After the job was done and the bags were neatly stacked at the bow, it was time for a long hot shower.
After lunch, I got to put my feet up before we locked the boat up and headed off to see Richard and Christine for afternoon tea. Christine baked scones and we enjoyed strawberry jam and cream with them. A proper afternoon tea and enjoyable chatter about all things boating and life in general. Sadly Richard and Christine are leaving the arm tomorrow and it maybe some time before we see them again. It has been wonderful having them around and great fun catching up.
Back on board our boat mog and dog were waiting for their dinners and then dog needed walking. The evening is going to be spent with my feet up.

Tuesday 22 April 2014

Happy Birthday.

I am always so proud that I share my birthday with the Queen and so yesterday another birthday came along with Her Majesty's birthday. I spent my day doing some washing. I cannot imagine the Queen was doing her washing, but hey who knows.
I received some lovely cards and a couple of presents. Keith and I do not do cards and presents to each other, but we do go out for a meal.
With our friends Christine and Richard being here on their boat Mandalay, we asked if they would like to join us for a meal at Saffron Gold an Indian Restaurant in the town.
The food was extremely good and the recommendations we had been given by several people were well proven to be correct.
A good time was had by us all. Good food, lovely wine and brilliant conversation and laughter. 

For Keith it was a trial run as to whether or not eating later in the day would agree with him, as we have been having our main meal at lunchtime since he left hospital. The morning after and there has been no ill affects, so it looks like he will be fine eating a big meal in the evenings.

Saturday 19 April 2014

St. George’s Day Parade


Today in Warwick was the St. George’s Day Parade and Keith and I ventured out to go and watch it. It was a cloudy start and a tad chilly, so before we found a spot to take photographs, we went into the Tuckery and had a coffee and a Sausage in a roll.


St. George on board his trusty steed Paraded down past St. Mary’s Church, along Church Street, and on to the High Street. The parade then turned left into Swan Street and into the Market Place.


The Town Crier looking very smart.


Mayor Bob Dhillon.



Waiting for the parade to pass.


11 am the parade got underway lead off by St. George.


The band plays on.



Scouts, Sea Cadets, Brownies and Guides followed behind.



Morris Dancers.


Town Crier and Dignitaries follow at the rear.

It was a truly wonderful event. The sunshine did pop in and out, but it was still rather chilly. Keith was really feeling the chill, so we did not hang around to see everything happening, we made our way back to the boat so he could get warmed up.

Friday 18 April 2014


Good Friday today and for us it sure was.

Having gotten up and walked Paddy, I had an early job to do and that was to dig out some of the mint plant which was spreading like wild fire in the sensory garden. When it was planted it should have been contained, but it wasn't and now it is rampant. So I got stuck in to digging most of it out and then replanting the plants which had been hidden by the mint. With the job done and a coffee consumed, Keith and I walked into the town to get a couple of things which included a Raspberry bush, wool for my crocheting, a small hand fork for Keith and a new pair of Summer shoes for me, because I have nothing for the Summer as we would normally be on the move, so I would be wearing my steel toe capped shoes all summer. With nothing else needed we began the walk back, when I remembered we were out of Lemonade, so we nipped into Sainsbury's for a bottle of their cheap Lemonade at 17 pence a bottle. Since Keith has been home from the hospital he has developed a taste for the drink, which he never used to have. He has also gained a taste for Pizza and Ice Cream.

Back at the boat, I plunged the Raspberry bush in to water, because it said to do so for an hour Whilst that was soaking, I got on and cooked some lunch. Keith sat outside and enjoyed the sunshine until lunch was cooked. After I walked round to the Trust Pets store to get some suet for my Robin and on the way back saw a boat heading up towards the winding point in the arm and it turned out to be our very good friends Steve and Christine on NB Amy Jo. It was a wonderful surprise to see them and their new boat. I have followed their blog and the building of AmyJo and know just how excited they are about having her, so to see them and her in the flesh was fantastic.
With a few boats in for the Easter break, we tried to get AmyJo moored up in the winding 'ole, but it was to shallow for her, so Christine and Steve decided to take her out of the arm and back online and moor on the towpath, which was a real shame. We made arrangements to pop out to see them at 2pm for a cuppa and a good old chin wag.
After an enjoyable catch-up sitting in the front cratch, we were given the grand tour of their beautiful Fernwood boat. Both Christine and Steve are wearing big smiles and we can see why, because the boat is lovely. Having probably outstayed our welcome and with Keith getting a little tired and uncomfortable, we said our "Goodbyes" and left Christine and Steve in peace to enjoy the rest of the afternoon sunshine. It was so fantastic to see them again and we hope we may see them somewhere when we are out cruising again.
We also had a visit from Chris from NB ......... I cannot for the life of me remember the name of his boat, but know him and Gail from the Leicester line and Welford. Chris could not stay long as he was busy, but I do hope we will see him a gain soon.

Wednesday 16 April 2014

Bernard the Bear is unveiled.

Bernard the Bear had his name unveiled today.


Jacky had made a curtain last night for his unveiling.


Alan Lorentzen on the right of the photograph made Bernard out of Willow and Warwick Mayor Bob Dhillon did the honours and unveiled the name plaque in front of local dignitaries, Trust Chairman Nigel Hamilton, Trustees and Residents. I had the honour of taking the photographs.



The weather was splendid and it was as if we had ordered it.


Some of the people who came to see Bernard named.

Monday 14 April 2014

Cat in a bucket.


For some strange reason Marmite decided that my weeding bucket with weeds at the bottom was the place to sit whilst she watched the world go by.



Our garden is coming along a treat. All the plants I have put in are so far growing nicely. Next week I will be sewing seeds straight into the soil, so fingers crossed the frosts stop.


We had more visitors today to our pontoon. Chrissie, Richard and Rio on NB Mandalay came for a cuppa and chit chat. The weather was perfect, it was so hot we had to put the brolly up.

Sunday 13 April 2014

Gardening and more gardening.

The weather has been so glorious, that I have been making the most of it, by gardening. I spent some of the week working on the Trusts raised beds, which needed weeding. Once weeded I then used up all the bark chipping the council left for us after they came and chipped a pile of branches and hedging.


Yesterday Bernard the Warwick bear arrived as you will have seen from a previous posting, so I had a break from gardening to watch him being installed.


He is certainly a handsome chap. I am making sure he gets a drink twice a day, because it is hoped that he will be a living statue. Willow roots very easily and then it is a matter of keeping him trimmed.

Today I decided to spend time on our garden, so I trimmed the bushes down to a more manageable height and then finished putting the chippings along the back of our garden. By the time I had done all of that it was time to prepare some lunch. Today’s offering was Chicken, Leek and Mushroom with a crumble topping, this was accompanied  by Cabbage, Carrots and Potatoes.

After lunch with it being a Sunday, I had an afternoon of playing with my camera. Today’s offerings can be seen on my Canal Flora and Fauna Blog. It is amazing what we have in the Arm. It has been a great few days, what with Keith having his bag removed and the weather being so wonderful. Not only that we have friends Chrissie and Richard moored in the arm on their boat Mandalay for a few days and we are planning a lot of catching up whilst they are here.


Whilst I went out with my camera today, Keith sat on our pontoon and enjoyed the sunshine. He is making a slow but good recovery.

Friday 11 April 2014

Bernard arrives.

Bernard the Warwick bear arrived in the Saltisford Arm this afternoon, where he was stood by his ragged staff.
This year see's the 1,100 anniversary of Warwick and so the arm decided to do something to celebrate. Alan on the trusts trustees made Bernard from Willow and so he should be a living bear, if the Willow takes. He is a striking chap and a credit to Alan.
I have spent the day digging over one of the raised beds. I have split up the large plants and finished off with placing bark chippings across the bed to hopefully keep the weeds down. Keith collected yet more stones for our rockery, which is coming a long a treat.
Tomorrow it is the turn of our garden to get a bit of a make over, because the weeds are beginning to take over again. I also want to move a few things around. Whilst the weather is so nice, I am going to make the most of it.

Monday 7 April 2014

Joy of Joy’s.

For anyone who reads my ramblings, you will know that Keith my darling man has been through a dreadful time of late with his health. He spent 43 days in hospital after his Gallbladder ruptured without warning. Since coming home from the hospital, he has steadily improved. Two weeks ago his t-tube was taken out and today we went off to the hospital again with a hope that they would remove the bag which the bile had been draining into.

We caught the bus to the hospital on a day ticket, because it is cheaper that way and costs us £9.20 to go anywhere we want in the area. We arrived at the ward and spoke to the ward manager, who told us there was no one there today to see Keith, despite the fact we had been told to go there for today. She went off and spoke to the ward clerk, who then came and asked us who had told us to appear today, so we told her the doctors names. It turns out one of them was away, the student doctor had left for another hospital and the registrar was in clinic arghhhhh. She asked us to wait and she would check with the registrar. After a few minutes to beckoned us to her and asked us to follow her to the registrars clinic, he was going to fit Keith in phewwwwww.

We sat and waited and half an hour later we were called into the registrars office where he reckoned Keith did not need another blood test, and after checking the contents of the bag, he decided he would just take the bag off and cover the wound. So with a huge amount of relief we thanked the registrar for all his help and support and for everything he had done for Keith.

As you can imagine we both left the hospital with smiles, but I have to say Keith’s smile was huge. Because had this day rider ticket, we thought we would make the most of it, so popped into Leamington Spa, where we had a Chinese Buffet meal at Oriental Star. After a fabulous lunch, we had a bit of a stroll, before Keith was beginning to feel pooped, so it was back to the boat homeward bound.

A great day for a small reason. This past few months has been hard, especially for Keith who was so very poorly. I have also felt it and even now every now and again the palpitations kick in, but maybe now things will settle down a bit.

We have not finished with the hospital completely, because next week Keith has his MRI for his back and we still have to get his nose operation rebooked.


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