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Monday 30 May 2022

Shackerstone to Sutton Cheney.


Hi everyone.

After a fabulous weekend, playing on trains, it was time to move on again. We left Shackerstone at 9:00am,  it was overcast, with drizzle at times.

We had a nice run to Sutton Wharf, with quite a few boats on the move.

Between bridges 41 and 42, there was a tree down and it was very difficult to get by, because the towpath side was very shallow. We managed to creep past very slowly, but for anyone deeper drafted than us at 2ft 6 in, they are truly going to struggle. I reported it to CRT and they have it on the agenda to sort out this week. 

Lovely Donkey's enjoying the grass

We moored at Sutton Cheney at 12.05pm, 3hr 5mins, no locks. 

The sun decided to pop out for a while, but it is now cloudy again. Sausage Casserole and Dumplings are cooking for dinner tonight. We will then see what tomorrow brings.

Pop back soon x

Sunday 29 May 2022


Hi All.

We have had the best weekend. We have had a couple of amazing sunsets to gladden the heart and to set up a perfect weekend. The plan with being at Shackerstone, was to go and play at the railway station.

Saturday, we were hoping to go on the steam train, but sadly it was not running due to a lack of crew, so instead they put on a diesel DMU.

We spent most of the day riding up and down the Shackerstone preserved railway in the guards van, with our friend Rod, who was on guard duty for the day. We, enjoyed lunch and drinks in the cafe. I can recommend their pasties, they were amazing and they come with a salad for £3.95. We literally spent all day at the station from 10 am till 5 pm and had a blast.
Today (Sunday), we got to play with steam. We had pre-booked our tickets, so were very pleased the steam loco 419 was on and we got to have a trip down to Shenton and back. 
Shackerston station has been got its bunting up for the Jubilee this coming week. There were a lot of people there today enjoying a Sunday Roast and trip on the steam loco, we enjoyed day 2 and another pasty. We both love steam and railways. I was definitely in my element. 
The carriage we sat in, felt like being in a Harry Potter film, we just needed the sweet trolley to come along. A brilliant weekend was had.

Pop back soon x


Friday 27 May 2022

Snarestone to Shackerstone.


Hi all.

This morning, we woke early to the sound of the wind and the birdsong. The breeze was showing no sign of calming down, so we sat in bed and had a cuppa, whilst listening to the radio.

Once up and sorted out, we waved goodbye to Snarestone Wharf at 8.40am and headed off from whence we had come.

Back through Snarestone Tunnel, which is only short, but requires us to take off our long pipe and put the short one on and we also took our back cabin chimney down, just in case.
Out into the sunshine and on our way. 
We were not the only one on the move today.

I love boating through wooded areas. I do wonder if their are wildlife eyes watching us from the woods and in the trees, such as Owls, Deer etc. 
An hour and twenty minutes later we were moored at Shackerstone, so just a short hop for us today.

After a cuppa, we decided to take a walk up to the station, to see if anything had changed in the past 10 years. It was clear to see it is still exactly the same.
We then had a walk around the village.
St. Peter's Church. 
Nice to see the Rising Sun is still here, but although it advertises they do food all day, they do not. They are open from 12 noon, but only do food on Wednesday steak night, Friday Pizza night and Sunday Roast. There was a time when it was food all day with a large menu, but not at the moment, which is a real shame.
The old School, which is now a Village Hall. Nothing much has changed in the village, which in some ways is nice, because so many places we see have changed such a lot, with lots of new housing, which can spoil small villages. 
The brisk breeze today has had a real chill in it, which is not what we were expecting. But our solar panel has enjoyed plenty of sunshine, to keep the batteries topped up. All is okay in my world today.

Pop back soon x

Thursday 26 May 2022

Stroll to Measham.

Dear followers.

It was a very overcast steel-grey sky, which greeted us this morning. But undaunted, we put our walking boots and coats on and headed off from Snarestone Wharf and went on a 2 mile stroll to trace the route of the Ashby Canal, which is under restoration.

About half a mile has been re-watered so far and it is already teaming with life.

A pen looking after her Cygnets.

Where they have gotten to so far. It is mammoth task to get to Moira and I cannot see it happening in our life time, but we were told they hope to reach Measham in the next five years.
We found one of the seam markers for the mines which used to be worked along the Ashby Canal.

The route is well signposted, which has been put in place over the last five weeks. The noticeboards make an interesting read and give a great explanation as to what used to be along the route. 
We reached Measham and the old railway station, which is now a museum. The canal will travel along the old railway line and pass by the railway station and platform, which will be very exciting. 
Having walked around Measham, we enjoyed a nice cuppa and toast in Robin's Nest Cafe. It gave our legs a much needed rest. Great, cuppa, staff and the prices were very good as well. 
We retraced our steps, back along the route to head back to Snarestone Wharf, where we enjoyed an ice cream tub and a chat with Michael who helps to run the shop at the Wharf, which helps to raise much needed funds for the canal restoration. 
You can have your name on a brick, which will be going into the Aqueduct for a modest cost. A brilliant idea I think. 
All in all an excellent day was had by us both. We will be on the move tomorrow.

Pop back soon. 


Wednesday 25 May 2022

Congerstone to Snarestone.


Dear followers.

Good afternoon family and friends. After an incredibly quiet night. Not a sound to be heard, we left Congerstone this morning at 8:25am. 

A very pleasant day for boating, despite a bit of drizzle early doors. 

The sun has popped out from time to time. Winded and moored at the present terminus of the canal at Snarestone wharf at 10.35am, 2hrs 10mins, no locks. 

Have not been here for 10 years, so we are going to see some changes to the now extended canal. Work is ongoing to reach Moira. I had a bit of a sort out and donated a few items, which they can sell in their shop, to help to raise funds for the rest of the canal restoration. I am not sure I am going to see it fully open in my lifetime, but hey who knows. They have around 7 miles to go, so it is possible. Being back out boating, is a real pleasure and has been much needed. This past two years, have been difficult for us all, what with Covid and the lockdowns. I feel, I have been pretty lucky, what with having the mooring and garden and lately my stable job with some amazing ponies, and not forgetting the Donkey, Pig, Geese, Ducks and Pheasants. I completely understand for many it has been a really challenging time, but lets hope, that we can all now move forward and enjoy the rest of 2022. 

Pop back soon.

Tuesday 24 May 2022

On the move.


Dear friends.

Have you missed me?

Sorry, if you wondered what had happened to me and the blog, because I changed the settings. I had a few things to deal with personally and so, I decided to stop blogging for a few weeks and wanted to rethink about blogging and what content I put in it. We are out and about and have been down the South Oxford for a week or more. Whilst down there, we went to a family 80th Birthday lunch and got to meet up with friends along the way.

We have spent a relaxing time, enjoying the freedom to be out and about and recharging our batteries. The bodies batteries, not the ones on the boat, but to be honest they have been recharged as well. 
Blogging for me is a way of keeping a diary of our travels and life. I love looking back on what we have done and where we have been. But, it does take time to do and so there will be times when I do not blog, due to lack of signal or because time is short. I realise that some of my readers depend on reading blogs like mine, but sometimes I just have to step back. I love receiving your messages, so keep them coming.
The one joy of being out, is I am regaining my fitness. Working lots of locks and walking, is doing me wonders. After all, I am 60 now, so got to look after the mind and ageing body.

Pop back if you want to see and hear more. x

Sunday 1 May 2022

We are out.

Dear friends. 

It has finally happened, we are out and about at long last. Our first day on Saturday was from Saltisford Arm to Long Itchington. A Five hour journey in beautiful sunshine, but it felt like 12 hours. Our day began early with a cuppa and the news on TV. We then had to get up and make ready for the day ahead. We disconnected our electric hook up and telephone, fired up the engine and let loose the ropes from the forend and the stern. Hadar's engine thumped away as we reversed out of the Arm and onto the Grand Union Canal. Our first stop was to say "cheerio" to Jules and Andrew at the stables. As you know I have been helping out there twice a week. After a hug and a chat they waved us off. Cape locks beckoned, where we found the day trippers on Saltie II having breakfast on the lock landing of the second lock. As we approached they decided to set off in front of us.

They soon realised they were holding us up and so they pulled over and let us pass. We ploughed on through Royal Leamington-Spa and then at Radford Semele, we shared the lock with a boating family, they then stopped for lunch and we carried on and met up with Penny and Bruce, who moor in front of us in the Arm. They were on their way home. We then shared the next five locks with Liz and her partner, before we stopped at Long Itchington. It was fair to say my knees and hips were screaming at me. The lack of boating certainly showed on day one.

Bedtime was 9.30pm, mainly because I was shattered and legs would not stop moving, so I thought time for bed and a chance to rest my tired body. It did the trick because Day Two and I woke up full of beans. Both Keith and I slept really well. It was so quiet until around 7am, when an airplane flew over. We had had some rain early doors and once up, it became apparent we were in for a damp day. Having gotten up and had breakfast, we untied and set off. We made it up the first two locks and were then waved down by the boating family we met yesterday. This time it was only Sheila and her daughter Mo on the boat, because Sheila's husband was moving the car. We shared the Stockton flight and Calcutt Locks with Sheila and Mo on Team Dashadoobry and a lovely time was had. They have been living afloat for 4 years and were heading to Brinklow to have some work done on the boat. It was an absolute pleasure sharing with them. We breasted the boats up, meaning more hands on the lock work. 
We parted company at Wigrams Turn to head down the South Oxford.
The last time we did the South Oxford was in 2015. 
At the bottom of the Napton Locks, we were greeted by Colin one of the Volunteer Lock Keepers. He knew all about Hadar's model railway and he is a keen modeller himself, so he and Keith has lots to chat about, whilst two boats went through the first lock ahead of us.
It was good to see the Water Buffalo at Lock 13. They are not something you see everyday. We had a good run up the locks even with the boats ahead of us, we also had some boats coming down.
Moored up at 4:10 after Priors Hardwick bridge No.123 on the summit pound having done 7hrs 55mins, 22 locks.

Pop back soon.


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