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Wednesday 25 March 2015

Making the most.



Last nights sunset over the Arm.


Today was the day we uncovered the Wildflower Garden. It has been covered by a carpet and chippings all Winter to smoother the weeds. This morning with the help of others, we uncovered it to the air and were very pleased to see that there were no weeds, just bulbs which had come up and tried to find the light. Clearly we had not dug them all up last Autumn. The bed was then sewn with Wildflower Seeds and our fingers are crossed that the bed will look a riot of colour throughout the Summer.


With the Wildflower bed done, we turned out attention to Bernard the Willow Bear, who needed some work done to him. He has been standing for almost a year now and has survived all the weather and attention to given to him by the Arms visitors. Alan his designer and builder came to add more Willow to his body to strengthen him for the season ahead. Jack and I helped by tidying him up and filling in where spaces had appeared.


Bernard’s new hair do, which was clipped when finished.


All done and ready to receive his public for another season.

The weather was so lovely, so it was nice to get a few jobs done in the Arm.

Tuesday 24 March 2015

A Little something we made earlier.

Hello my blogger friends.

I really do love it when I get feedback about my posts so keep it coming please. it is always lovely to hear from you.

I know that the posts have been a little fragmented for the past 18 months, but once we are on the move sometime in April, fingers crossed and all that, you will get more from me I promise.

Whilst we have been on our lovely mooring, we have been busy with the garden as you will know from previous posts and photographs. The one thing I have wanted to add to the garden is a Bug Hotel.


Before Christmas we found an old pallet, which has been waiting to go into action. A couple of days ago that day arrived. We put it into four and made it stackable. I know it is a bit ragged, but that is how I wanted it. I then set about collecting together lots of bits and pieces to put into the layers. The only thing I paid for was a small bag of straw from the local pet store. The rest of what has been used was found. Even the dish on top of the Bug Hotel was found at the local recycling bins. It was sitting on top of a bin looking for a new home. It is now a bird watering hole or bath, which ever they prefer to use it for. I can see me adding to the hotel as I find more and more bits, but for now it is small and perfectly formed to what I wanted. I am even going to put a sign on it so the bugs know where to come Smile.

Wednesday 18 March 2015

Homeward bound.


Last night sunset was lovely. Moored behind us was Tranquil Dayz, who had been moored in the arm for the Winter, they were now on their travels for the year.

We got woken up at 6.30 am by slapping underneath the boat, probably by a large Carp. Then a hire boat went past at speed in the fog.


We decided to set off at 8.50 am with the fog beginning to lift, we headed for the winding hole.


A pair of Swans are setting up home near the winding hole and are very busy making their nest.


They were so busy making their nest they took absolutely no notice of us winding.


A Pair of Canada Geese were taking a break in the field opposite the towpath.


Whilst winding it was a great chance for me to take a photograph of Keith.


They grow big in the canal. Sadly this Carp was no more.


Having winded, we said “Goodbye” to Radford Semele church.


By the time we were getting close to Royal Leamington-Spa the sun had come out and it was really rather warm in the Spring sunshine.


A local farmer was out feeding his Ewes and their Lambs.


Seeing Lambs always brings a smile to my face, they are such wonderful characters.


At Kate Boats a boat was getting ready to slip its mooring and asked if they could join us through Cape Locks, which of course we said “please do”.


Sharing locks is always a great thing, halves the work load and saves water, so a win, win situation.


Having left the top lock at The Cape of Good Hope, Keith went ahead and picked me up at the bridge’' ‘ole, where I got the boat pole ready for winding in the arm.


Back at out mooring. We had a lovely couple of nights out and hopefully once a few things have been sorted out on our calendar, we will be off cruising sometime in April.

So bear with me folks. I will be back Smile.

Monday 16 March 2015

Saltisford Arm, Warwick to Radford Semele.

Hi Friends.

If you read the title of this post and thought oh an old posting. No this is a brand new and exciting posting.
Today Keith and I left our mooring in the Arm. 
It has been a long 18 months for the both of us. But with Keith having been so poorly, it was going to take a while for him to be strong enough for us to get out, Not only that the hospital did not want to let him go completely until they were happy with him.

For two days I spent washing and polishing the boat and getting the brasses up to scratch. We then had lots of boat checks to do and things to put back on the boat. With that all done, we got up this morning all excited, even though the weather was damp and spitting. I like to think that it was tears of joy for us going out.
At 8.40 am we left our mooring and said "Goodbye" to the Arm for a couple of days.

It was onward towards Leamington-Spa.
Cape Locks was my workout for the day. Now not having done locks for a while, I was dreading how the old bones and muscles would cope, but I guess because I have been keeping myself fit with gardening etc, it did not hurt a bit.
We stopped near the New Morrisons outside of Leamington-Spa. Keith wanted to take four Measham Teapots to the Auction house, so having moored up and locked up we strode down the towpath towards Leamington-Spa. Just as well Keith knew where he was going, because I did not have a clue. Anyway after what seemed miles walking, we made it to the Auction House, we dropped the teapots off (Not literally). They cannot go into the Antique sale until May, so we have a bit of wait to see how well they do. Whilst in Leamington-Spa we went and had lunch at our favourite Chinese Buffet, Oriental Star. Fabulous food as always. Browsing and lunch done, it was back to the boat and onward to Radford Semele.
Along the way there were copious amounts of wood, but it was all on the offside, which we could not get close to, which was disappointing.
The wood piles I love seeing, what I do not like is rubbish. This was just thrown down the bank on the offside.
At 2.35 pm, we arrived at Radford Semele and it was completely empty. I had expected to see a lot of moored boats, but there was just us. This is our mooring until Wednesday. OMG it is so wonderful to be out and about. 
I absolutely love our mooring, it has given me such pleasure being there and having the friends we have there, but when you have been used to being on the move, it does come hard to stay in one place for 18 months. We will be heading back Wednesday. 

Saturday 7 March 2015

A sad loss.

30042011481 (1)

The Arm has two resident geese. I have always called them George and Mildred.

Sadly George has been found dead out on the main line. For a couple of days Mildred had been seen alone calling, but nothing was thought of it because they had been seen on their own before.

Mildred is going to be very lonely without her mate, who was always so attentive. So we will all have to keep an eye on here.


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