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Thursday 25 June 2015

Happy boating.




Look at my face.


How beautiful am I?

This is Bramble a friends lovely doggie.

Braunston Bound.


Yesterday we left Crick at 7.30 am and headed through Crick tunnel heading for Watford Locks and the Sanitary Station. When we arrived there was a boat taking on water. When they had finished, they headed down the locks and we took their place. IMG_5207

Coming up the locks was Aber. We had a quick natter with them, before they went on their way. All watered up, rubbish dumped and cassettes empty, Steve the lockie let us down the locks as Nuneaton and Brighton arrived.


We had a quick run down the locks and went out our way to Braunston.


Braunston Tunnel we met a couple of boats coming from the other direction, the first of those boats was actually using his bow thruster to steer through the tunnel and alongside us. I have no idea why they thought it would help, as there is only room for two boats passing. But hey ho, it takes all sorts.


12 noon we moored up above the Braunston Locks.


Nuneaton and Brighton arrived and pulled alongside us for a cuppa and a good chat. It was lovely to see Barry again and to meet Colin. Maggie our friend off Forever Young arrived on foot to give the pair a hand down the locks.


I got the chance to take the pair down the flight. I have steered a pair breasted up, so I was so excited to be given the chance. I actually found it really easy and I am proud of myself.

Having moored the pair up in their mooring for the boat festival, Keith and I went back to our boat for dinner. We then met everyone at the Admiral Nelson for a few beers. A great evening was hand by all.

Tuesday 23 June 2015

Foxton Locks Festival and onwards.

Hi folks.

Sorry I have not posted for a few days, but I have been very busy. Keith and I spent two days helping to set up for the Foxton Locks Festival, and then over the weekend Keith was being assistant Harbour Master and I was Festival photographer.


It was amazing how quickly it all took shape.


We were moored by bridge 60, which was ideal for us.


Saturday the weather was a bit soggy on and off, but blimey Sunday made up for it, with huge crowds of people. The car park was full so another had to be found.


The Craft Marque was crammed full of stalls, with lovely things.


The Vikings and Saxons had set up camp.


There was fun and games for all throughout the weekend.


Adult, children and even the dogs got the chance to show off.

It was an amazing weekend and we know it was their best ever for attendance, so well done to everyone involved.

Now we are on our way to Braunston for the Historic Boat Rally. We are not involved as we are not Historic, but we are going to have a nose around.

Yesterday having left Foxton we moored at Welford Junction with our dear friends Michael and Geraldine on the Cheese Boat.


Today we have tied up at Crick.

Friday 12 June 2015

Moored at Foxton.

Yesterday’s mooring at Bridge 51 was so quiet. Both Marmite and Paddy enjoyed time out on the towpath. Marmite spent most of her day snoozing in the grass alongside the boat.

I went off with my camera and you can see what photographs I took on my Canal side flora and fauna blog.


Later in the day when we had shut the boat up to the chill closing in for the evening. Marmite decided she still wanted some warmth and she was going to get it from Paddy. So she spent a good five minutes kneading him to get comfy. Paddy just snoozed and let he get on with it. She went to all that work only to step off and come and sit on me.


After a lovely nights sleep, I was up and making a cuppa at 6 am. The joys of the mature years is you wake up earlier and earlier, either that or it is to do with the Menopause. Anyway enjoyed our first cuppa of the day before we were up and getting on with the daily boat chores.

We set off from our mooring and headed towards Foxton. The cows in the field were laying down. Do they know something we do not?


We are now moored south of bridge 60 and will be here now until after the Foxton Festival.

Thursday 11 June 2015

Sunshine at last.


Yesterday after a short jaunt we moored up at Mill Bridge 40 near South Kilworth. I went for a walk along the old railway line, which is a stunning walk with the buttercup meadows and poppies out.



This morning we set off at 8.15 am in beautiful sunshine and a warmth in the air that we have not felt for a while. We met no one in Husbands Bosworth Tunnel which makes a change.


We have moored up today at Laughton Hills Bridge 50. I absolutely love this spot. More varnishing has already been done and lunch is now cooking.

Tuesday 9 June 2015

Every man and their wife.

Hi friends and new readers.
It seems that the season for boating is now full on, if today is anything to go by. We had lots of boats coming towards us today and some of them were when we did not need it.
We met up with Martin Fuller on his fabulous boat Cutter. It was lovely to see him for a quick natter in passing.
We had set off hoping to wind, but like yesterday the winding holes were too short or too shallow, so we ended up cruising to Cracks Hill winding hole.
It is the winding hole where the boat is moored on dry land in the corner of the winding hole with Cracks Hill looking down on it. Sods law as we decide to wind the wind picks up making it interesting and then boats came into sight from both directions, so we held them up whilst we got on with the task in hand. The canal may have been dredged, but the winding hole is still shallow as are the mooring places along the Leicester. Anyway we managed to wind and get out of other boaters way.
Since being out we have seen some beautiful Buttercup Meadows and the ones near Yelvertoft Marina are stunning.
We tied up at bridge 21 near Yelvertoft and the plan to finish off the varnishing I began the other day actually took place after lunch. Coat number three, will hopefully go on tomorrow.
Many boats passed us and it has to be said that some of them really do not know what tick over is when passing moored boats. We are full of coal and sitting down in the water and yet we still moved a lot when some of the boats went passed. One boater passing us as I was on the back counter actually commented about another boat passing us in the opposite direction. He said "Blimey he did not even take his foot of the gas did he. Has he not heard of tick over". My reply was "He has not been the first today".
Someone who did pass us today was Allison & Chris with Doo Lalli Ali. It was lovely to see them whilst passing. The last time we saw them was May 2013 near Napton (Knapton) Junction. Maybe next time we can have a proper natter over a cuppa.

Monday 8 June 2015

Coal delivery and away we go.

Today we took on 3½ tonnes of coal from W.G Hill and Son. Hadar is now sitting nicely in the water again and always moves well with a load on.

Having finished the loading and sheeting up, we set off towards Welford Lock. Which had been damaged by a group of Ramblers, who sat on the beam for a photograph and broke the beam.

Thankfully the Canal and River Trust guys were able to patch the beam up with some metal plates and long bolts.


So we set off and are now back out on the summit at Bridge No.33.


Saturday 6 June 2015

Broken Beam on the Welford Lock Gate.

In my Inbox this afternoon, I got this notice from CRT.

Notice Alert
Intersection of:

Bridge 42, Welford Junction Bridge to Bridge 42, Welford Junction Bridge on Leicester Line (Grand Union Canal)


Welford Marina - L5 Moorings to Culvert 1 on Welford Arm (Leicester Line)

Saturday 6 June 2015 15:00 until further notice

Type: Navigation Closure 
Reason: Repair

Lock 1 Welford Lock has been damaged, therefore the Welford Arm has been closed until an inspection can be carried out for the repair to the lock gate.

We will review this notice on Monday 8th June.

Keith walked up to the lock and this is what he saw.
As you can see the beam is hanging off. These gates are elderly and have been re-enforced a few times. This looks like a bigger job. We are not to worried as we have a lovely mooring in the Wharf and are waiting for our coal delivery anyway. 

Blacking done for another 2 years.


In dry dock at Welford Wednesday morning.


Time to pressure wash her off.


I was also allowed to play with the pressure washer.


After her first coat of Bitumen (Rytex), it was time to paint the tunnel bands.

Friday morning up with the lark to do the second coat of blacking and gloss paintwork.


Today (Saturday) dock filling with water, it is time to leave.


Moored up now to wait for our coal delivery, which is due Monday.

Monday 1 June 2015

Back at Welford Wharf.

Having enjoyed a nice weekend moored at Bridge 43 near North Kilworth, we moved back to Welford Wharf ready for blacking on Wednesday. We have friends Elaine and David coming to see us tomorrow, so a pub lunch will be on the cards and a good old natter over a pint or two.


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