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Hi I am Jo…wife, lover, best friend and soulmate to Keith. Lover of all things to do with nature and the canals. I am passionate about the Waterways and its history.

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Tuesday 26 June 2018

Day 92: Too Hot.

Hi Friends and Followers.

Due to the heat, which I should not complain about, because we are so lucky to have this weather, I have decided I am not going to blog for a while.
I am going to go and sit beneath a tree and cool off for the rest of the Summer.

I hope your Summer is a good one. I am taking a break from Blogging and having a holiday. I hope you have enjoyed reading my journey so far and I am sure I will return.

Bye for now xxx

Sunday 24 June 2018

Day 91: Goodbye Gloucester.

Hi Friends and Followers.

We had a wonderful final time in Gloucester. We did a spot of shopping, before going to Aroma, Indian Restaurant for lunch. If you are ever in Gloucester and love Indian food, then do go there. The food was very scrummy.
This morning the view from the engine room was blue sky and sunshine, with the heat already rising. Paddy got his walk in the relative cool, before we got the boat ready to leave the docks at 8 am.
We entered the lock and waved goodbye to such a wonderful city, which we will most certainly visit again.
Lock gates opened and we headed off up river. With a hope of mooring at Lower Lode.
No room at the Inn, so we carried on up through Upper Lode Lock.
The lock keeper rang the Avon Lock keeper to ask if she had any moorings for us, which she did, so we made our way to the mouth of the River Avon and Avon Lock.
We will be heading up onto the Avon in a couple of days and head for Stratford.

Pop back soon xxx

Friday 22 June 2018

Day 89: Cheerio Saul Junction.

Hi Friends and Followers.

Another stunner of a day began early doors at 6am for me. I was up and making a cuppa, which we enjoyed in bed, whilst marmite made herself comfortable on my lap and the Seagulls announced the morning.
We said "Cheerio" to Saul Junction for this trip and headed for Gloucester.
It was a stunning cruise, with lovely views.
It has been wonderful to see the Swans and their Cygnets. It seems to have been a good year for Swan broods.
Gloucester beckoned, but before entering the docks, we took on water, because I had done a few washes and I knew the tank would be pretty low, even though we can go for two to three weeks.
We moored up on the longest pontoon and went for a walk to the Llanthony Secunda Priory.
The Priory dates back to the 15th Century and is undergoing lots of work at the moment, som we could not get very close due to barriers, but it was still nice to see it and hopefully when we come this way again we will be able to visit properly. On our way back to the boat, we called in at the Antiques Centre and then back to the boat.

Pop back sometime xx

Thursday 21 June 2018

Day 88. Nice day for a walk.

Hello Friends and Followers.

Another beautiful day.
We took ourselves off for a walk down the route of the Stroud Navigation on the Cotswold Canal and ended up having lunch at the pretty Fromebridge Mill.
Pop back soon xx

Wednesday 20 June 2018

Day 86-87: Goodbye Sharpness and Patch Bridge.

Hi Friends and Followers.

On Monday morning we left Sharpness.
We said "Cheerio" to Jenny and David and whended our way towards Patch Bridge.
The Timber pool.
We are both really sad to be leaving the G&S after such a wonderful stay, but needs must.
We arrived at Patch Bridge after an hours cruising and moored up on the visiting moorings having winded. The reason for winding, was because with the strong breeze the water was lapping at the stern, which would give us a sleepless night.
Having moored up, I headed off to The Black Shed to meet up with friend Nicky for a coffee and a natter. We enjoyed a good old laugh whilst putting the world to right and eating chips. I had to sadly say "Cheerio" to Nicky before heading back to the boat, where I did a bit of hand washing, which I hung out on my homemade line from the swan neck to the boat.
Cracking sunset.
After a lovely nights sleep, this morning we said "Cheerio" to Patch Bridge.
We only had a short jaunt to Saul Junction, where we are moored.
Pop back soon xxx

Monday 18 June 2018

Day 84-85: By the Estuary.

Hello Friends and Followers.

It was so quiet last night (Friday), I slept so well and only woke at 6.30am because marmite was determined to lie on my legs. She is such a cheeky madam, when it comes to being warm. So now wide awake I made a cup of tea, which was enjoyed in bed.
It was 7.30am before we got up and the order of the day was to have breakfast, walk Paddy, feed him and Marmite and then decide what to do for the day. The weather was definitely not picnic weather, so we decided we would walk down to the dock after seeing the tide come rushing in at speed. We noticed a sail boat coming up the estuary only for it to disappear again. Then there was the sound of a ships horn coming from the dock. Coats and Camera on we set off along the towpath to see a ship going out down the estuary and the Sara lifeboat heading out to the sailing boat. It was clear they were having problems. The Sara lifeboat was then seen towing the sailing boat out of harm's way or so it seemed. The wind was blowing a hooley and the Severn was in a fury and it was clear to see why they say this part of the Severn is so dangerous.

Having watched the goings on we walked down to the docks to see if there were any other boats, but the docks were empty. The horn we had heard was from the cement ship. The Vale of Berkeley Railway line runs around the dock, so we began to follow the line along the road, it was then I noticed a baby Seagull on the edge of the road. It had clearly fallen off the roof of  one of the dock buildings and would of been run over. So I picked it up and put it in a safe place with its parents watching on. I am not sure it will survive, but I did my bit to help it on its way. We carried on walking along the disused railway line and then found a work party clearing a section of the line, so we had a natter with them, before walking back towards the Dockers Club.

We last ate at the Dockers Club in 2011, so it was lovely to be back. Sadly Penny's husband Jim had passed away in April, but she has carried on running the club. Whilst waiting for out lunch Linda and David off Weir Tide who we have gotten to know came in. They moor in Sharpness Marina and so the club is their local. They joined us for lunch, a pint and a good old chinwag. We spent a lovely three hours in their company. The food was amazing and extremely well priced and plenty of it.

Having said "Goodbye" to Linda and David, who we hope we will meet again, we headed back to the boat for a sit down and a coffee.
Back home and we did very little all evening. I was so full after lunch, I could not eat tea, so just had a coffee. I was really ready for my bed at bedtime.

Sunday morning dawned and it was a little overcast with a strong chilly breeze, so no picnic for us today. However we were joined by Jenny and David on NB Keswickian Lad. They moored up in front of us and we joined them for a coffee. During the afternoon we went to the SARA (Severn Area Rescue Association) open day down at the marina, which was a lot of fun.
It was a tad breezy, but it did not put people off.
People could go out on the rescue boat and the children had a go on the boats in the pool. There was a bar-b-q going on, raffle and drinks. It was a great way to see what they do. When you think they are volunteers and they put their lives at risk to save people on the river, it is amazing. Anyway we had a lovely time with them, before walking back to the boats and then an evening was spent reading my newest book by Margaret Dickinson The Clippie Girls, which is brilliant.

Pop Back Soon xxx

Friday 15 June 2018

Day 83: Last time in Sharpness.

Hello Friends and Followers.

It has been another lovely day weatherwise and one has to wonder when it will all completely breakdown and we will have days of rain?
I am sincerely hoping it is not for another couple of weeks at least, because we have to get off of the G&S and the River Severn and onto the River Avon to take part in the Stratford-upon-Avon river festival.

Anyway, we spent a quiet night at Sims Bridge. After a lovely afternoon, we decided that we would take an evening stroll down to the River Severn to see the Severn Bore, which we have not witnessed before. We walked up to Rea Bridge, turned right and followed the road down to the river, where we found a spot to sit and wait and wait. It was said it would arrive at 9.40pm, but did not arrive until some 20 minutes later. You can not hurry mother nature.

You can watch the video here. https://youtu.be/1ACKz8BqvgQ
It amazed me just how quick the water came up the river. Apparently the next one is in August and it is expected to be bigger.
The sunset provided us with a treat as well. I am a huge sunrise and sunset lover and sitting by the river was such a treat. After the Severn Bore took place, the Severn Bore Inn provided us with a fireworks show. A perfect ending to a lovely day.

This morning we left our overnight mooring. The hope was to moor at Purton, but with the visitor moorings full up, we headed onto Sharpness instead.
We have a nice mooring overlooking the estuary. So I may just get some lovely snaps over the weekend. This will be our last weekend down in the neck of the woods for sometime.

Pop back soon xxx

Thursday 14 June 2018

Day 82: Fabulous few days.

Hello Friends and Followers.

I know I bet you have been sat with bated breath waiting for me to post. Life and fun got in the way and to be honest, I just needed to take a few days break from posting.
We had been at Patch Bridge, but moved back into Gloucester to do the food shopping.
Before moving though we enjoyed a fabulous few days with friends Jenny and David on Keswickian Lad, who had unfortunately broken down with their alternator dying. But being with RCR they should have been fixed pretty darn quick, or so you would of thought. Sadly that was not the case and as I write they are still at Patch Bridge waiting for the powers that be to get their act together.
We on the other hand decided we needed shopping and so left Jenny and David and headed back to Gloucester. We stopped at Llanthony Bridge moorings and went shopping in Aldi first, before moving into the docks.
Amazingly we were the only boat in the docks moored on the pontoon. Even the bridge keeper had never known it so quiet. After lunch we decided to go for a walk around the city and see other bits we had not seen before.
The Old Customs House.
Anyway having enjoyed a lovely stroll, to see more of the city, we headed back to the boat. I got my camera out and decided to take photographs of the Seagulls, which were having a marvellous bath in the docks.
They really are funny birds and they all bath differently I discovered.
Wednesday we went to the Waterways Museum to see the steam dredger in steam, only to be told that after inspection they had found Asbestos, so it would not be happening, but they did get the steam crane going, which was somewhat of an anticlimax.
To make up for the disappointment, we had lunch at Greek on the Docks. This was our first ever Greek meal and we absolutely loved it. We can recommend it if you come to Gloucester.

After the beautiful weather of the past few days, last night we were kept awake by Storm Hector, who was blowing up a hooley. The waves were lapping around the boat, keeping us and the other boaters awake in the docks. We hardly got any sleep to be honest and at 3 am we were having a brew, whilst still listening to the wind.
Today was moving day, because you only get 48 hours in the docks, otherwise you get charged £25 a day for the first 7 days and then it goes up to £50. So with the wind still blowing and the rain coming in. It was a bit tricky getting away from the pontoon this morning, as the wind was pinning us against it, but I held the bow line around the cleat on the pontoon whilst Keith drove the stern against the wind with the engine. We did get off and were soon on our way. It was not a pleasant jaunt, but having moored up at Sims Bridge, the wind dropped and the sun came out. After lunch we walked to Tesco to get some cat food and a couple of other items, after all we cannot have Marmite going hungry. Tomorrow we will be off to find a weekend mooring.

Pop back soon xxx

Thursday 7 June 2018

Day 75: Patch Bridge Again.

Hiya one and all.

We are at Patch Bridge again, as the title of this post suggests. We left Sims Bridge with the thought of getting here early as we are going to a do on Saturday.
The weather has been marvellous as has the company. We have met up with people we already know and made brand new friends as well, so it is a real bonus.
Yesterday Keith's sister came to see us with her doggies, which was so lovely. We had lunch out at the Tudor Arms and caught up on all the family news. We do not get to see family much as we are on the move and they are down south, so this was so lovely.
It is not much of a post, because we are not on the move, but we are having a wonderful time, which is important to us and we are relaxing for a few days.

Pop back soon xxx

Sunday 3 June 2018

Day 71. Time for a stroll.

Hello Friends and Followers.

We have been blessed with yet another stunner of a day. The order of the day was to get all the boat chores done and then go for a stroll.
After all the usual stuff was taken care of, I made us a picnic lunch, packed up a rucksack and then we headed out to walk down beside the River Severn.
We set off up the towpath to Sims Bridge, which we did not walk over, instead we turned left and walked down a farm track heading down to the River Severn at Middle Rea and walked beside the river to Lower Rea.
It is so sad to see that farmers have to result to security these days to stop people dumping their rubbish on their land. We noticed that all their farm gates are chained and padlocked as well. What is the world coming too?
There were some lovely patches of daisies on our walk.
The public footpath was a little overgrown, and I was pleased I had not worn my shorts.
We found another footpath, which took us to a piece of land with this rather pretty converted barge on it moored on the river. We decided this was not where we should be so headed back to Lower Rea and found a lovely spot under some trees where we had a picnic on the river bank, watching the world go by.
After enjoying our lunch and watching the world go by, we returned to the canal via Rea swing-bridge, which is being repaired at the moment.
Once home, I headed out again to Tesco to buy some AA batteries because I had used the last two yesterday. I had forgotten how far it was to walk and so by the time I got back again I was completely done in and the heat did not help.
Talking of heat. Why oh why do joggers feel the need to take their dogs with them in this heat?

Pop back soon xxx

Saturday 2 June 2018

Day 70: Quedgeley

Hi Friends and Followers.

We have the sunshine back and the air feels a little fresher, which is a blessing because it has been so muggy of late.
We thought we would take a walk into Quedgeley for a nosey around, as we like to see the sites when we stop. To get into Quedgeley, we walked back up the towpath, over Sims Bridge and up through some houses onto the main road. There is a Tesco extra, Aldi and a retail park in and around Quedgeley. Tesco was our first port of call for some Sandwich Spread. To save wandering around the huge store, I asked a young man, where the Sandwich Spread would be. He looked at me with a blank expression and then asked "What is that". I tried to explain what it was, because he had never heard of it. With that he pointed me in the direction of a lady who would probably know where to find it and hey presto, she knew exactly what I required. It must be a generational thing, because she was more my age and the young man was possibly 18 to 20 years old. Anyway I picked up three jars of Sandwich Spread and went and found the young man to show him what it was. He said he would remember it from now on. That was his lesson for the day.
Whilst walking around, we could hear church bells peeling and so were drawn to them. The beautiful sound was coming from St. James Church, which is a dainty medieval church. We were greeted at the door by the assistant priest, who informed us they had some visiting bell ringers in, who were certainly making a wondrous sound. The church is a stunner and well worth a visit.
I am no a religious person, but I love church's because they tell you a lot about the history of a village, town or city.
The Old Rectory, is quite an imposing building and there are a lot of newer built homes and more being built. I would say that Quedgeley is a spralling town and the shopping outlets are catching up slowly. There are a few drinking places.
The Little Thatch Inn being one of them, although it is not thatched anymore. It has quite a history having been built in the 14th Century. It is said that Anne Boleyn went there.
Quedgeley itself has a history. Apparently ammunitions were made there during WW1 and the ladies who filled the shells were known as the Yellow Canaries due to the colour of their skin. An interesting place and one which we will visit again sometime.

Pop back soon xxx

Friday 1 June 2018

Day 69: Mooring for the weekend.

Hi Friends and Followers.

Thursday saw us untie and head back to Gloucester. The fridge and cupboard were calling for good and we needed water and to empty the cassette.
It was a murky, misty old start after a rainy old night.
The journey was a pleasant one. Although one could get very lazy being on the Gloucester and Sharpness all the time, because the bridges are all done for you and there are no locks to work. Mind you I will enjoy the rest whilst I can.
We got back into Gloucester, did the boat stuff first and then moored at Baker's Quay visitor moorings before Llantony Bridge. We went off and did the food shopping at Aldi. The fridge is now groaning with being full, but it will last us for over a week. As the afternoon wore into the evening, thunder began to rumble and the rain began to fall and fall and fall. Blimey we had one heck of a storm for a couple of hours. The rain was torrential and caused flooding in Gloucester.
This morning we woke to sunshine and a sticky heat. I wanted to go into the city. There were things we needed, that we cannot buy in Aldi and I wanted to get my hair trimmed. So at 8.45am we set off to walk into Gloucester. The market in Eastgate shopping centre did not open till 9.30am due to they had a flood from last night's rain, so whilst we waited for them to open we went and did the rest of the shopping. When I got back to the hairdressers, I was seen too straight away. No appointment is required. To cut my hair I had to stand up, because the hairdresser said he would have to kneel down if I sat in the chair as my hair has gotten so long. It was the best £10 I have spent. yes it only cost me £10 to have the ends cut off. In all he took off an inch as the ends were a bit dry. The last time I had my hair trimmed was back at the end of February. So if you are in Gloucester and want a trim go to the market in Eastgate shopping centre.
Everything done, we were back on board and getting ready to leave. We do not like spending the weekends in built-up places, so we untied and headed off to find a spot in the countryside.
I love looking at the different boats on the wide canal. We have seen some real beauties.
So only going a short distance, we are moored up for the weekend, which is supposed to be lovely. Marmite has been out on her lead, chomping on grass and Paddy has been on the back counter for a short time. There was some rumbles of thunder, but it came to nothing thankfully.
I hope your weekend is a nice one.

Pop back soon. xxx


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