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Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Day 31: Just cruising in the rain.

Hello Friends and Followers.

It was a soggy old start to the day for us. The forecast was for possible showers. What they obviously did not realise was the shower would be one prolonged on. Other than that it followed us all the way to Tardibigge.
My first job for the morning was to make a cuppa and then light the back cabin stove, to warm the cabin, which was a tad nippy according to Marmite, who wanted to get beneath the duvet, whilst e had our first cuppa of the day. She was none to pleased when I told her we had to get up and put the bed away.
So having done the usual morning tasks we said "Goodbye" to Birmingham for now and headed off.
Whilst we were on the move, I cooked a Spag Bol and a Curry and put them in and on the back cabin stove to cook. Due to the wet weather I spent a lot of my time inside the back cabin where it was dry and very warm.
Instead of turning left at Kings Norton Junction we carried on towards Alvechurch.
On through Wast Hill Tunnel. The only mooring at Alvechurch was on a bend, so the bow would have been out in the channel, so we decided despite the rain we would carry on.
Even with the rain, the greenery is so lovely to see. The leaves are all bursting forth with the warmer weather and the rain.
Having done Shortwood Tunnel and Tardibigge Tunnel, we moored up at 2.10pm and yes it was still raining. Wet clothes hung up to dry, it was time for a coffee and a catch-up on social media etc. We will probably stop here for a day or two to have a nose around.

Pop back soon xxx

Monday, 23 April 2018

Day 30: Back in Brum.

Hello Friends and Followers.

What a brilliant weekend I had. Yes I know it was my Birthday, but I always enjoy going to the BCLM.
This morning we said "Cheerio" to the museum having filled up with water, ditched rubbish and emptied the cassette. The plan was to head back into Birmingham. The weather was a little nippy, but the sun did come out to warm the air.
There are lots of our waterfowl nesting at the moment.
Canada Geese, Moor Hens and Coots are all sitting on nests or building their nests. The Gorse is out in flower and the Bees are buzzing. It looks like we have finally gotten rid of Winter.
On the way into Birmingham, we decided to do the Soho and Icknield Loops, which we last did in 2008, when we were on the BCN Explorer Cruise. I could not remember a thing about them, so it was lovely to do them again and we came out of them both without anything wrapping around the prop..
We arrived in Birmingham and moored up at Sheepcote Bridge.

Pop back soon xxx

Sunday, 22 April 2018

Day 28 and 29: Celebrations and a pint.

Hello Friends and Followers.

Yesterday Day 28 was a special day not just for Her Majesty the Queen, who was 92 years old, it was also my Birthday. I was not 92 years old though, but I did have a fabulous day.
I went back to school at The Black Country Living Museum and the class sang Happy Birthday to me, which was so very sweet and special.
I had a fabulous day, with a pint at the pub and a takeaway for dinner with a bottle of wine.

Today, we have spent another fabulous day at the museum.
I feel like I kind of belong in this place. Maybe it is because I have the Black Country in my blood or maybe I just like the history of the place and the story it tells.
Tomorrow we will be on the move once again.

Pop back soon xxx

Friday, 20 April 2018

Day 27: BCLM for the weekend.

Hello Lovely people.

Oh yay we are beginning to feel human again. I still have a headache and the snuffles and Keith has a sore throat and the snuffles, but it would appear the virus is going away. We woke up to a misty start but then the sunshine and decided to come out and so  decided we would move to The Black Country Living Museum for the weekend. It was just a short hop for us and only one space available.
The sun and the warmth, warmed my bones which was so lovely.
I love photographing odd things and the museum is a great place for this.
Lunch was fish and chips, after all it is Friday.
We had a catch up with people we know and even had a pint in the pub. Tomorrow I am going to have a cracking day, no matter how I feel, so do come back again to see why and what I got upto.

Pop back soon xxx

Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Day 26: Under the weather.

Hello Friends and Followers.

After the last couple of days of hard work and lots of down the weed hatch time, today it was stay put day.
Both of us were worn out last night and for me it was bed at 9.30pm with a headache making me feel rough. I put it down to being tired. So having slept like a log, I was displeased to wake up with the same headache and a cough keeping it company. Joy of joys both us us woke up feeling rough.
Most boaters know that living on the canal can come with its dangers and one of them is contracting Weil's Disease and with us both feeling the same, we decided we needed to get checked out.
Before popping into the medical centre, I had to walk Paddy, who I chivvied along a bit this morning, because I was not at my best. He normally does what is needed and wants his bed, but this morning with lots of new smells about he wanted to take his time. We eventually got back to the boat, I fed him and Marmite and then we headed to the medical centre to see if we could be seen by a GP. The receptionist took our concerns very seriously and booked us in for an afternoon appointment.
With the whole day ahead of us, I did a small amount of handwashing and hung it out on the back counter. That just about washed me out (no pun intended), so it was feet up and a coffee for the morning, until I had to cook lunch, which today was a Buttered Chicken Curry with Rice and a Naan Bread, followed by Fruit and Yogurt.
3.10pm we were seen by a GP at the medical centre and she was very good taking all our details, checking temperature etc. Weil's Disease is rare and she did not think that either of us was suffering with it, but she did think we may have picked up a virus. Her advice was if our symptoms should get worse then to go back or go to A&E. I am a little relieved because a friends partner died of Weil's disease and therefore it was uppermost in our minds. Hopefully tomorrow we will feel more ourselves. I will dose up with Paracetamol and have another early night I think.

Pop back soon xxx


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