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Hi I am Jo…wife, lover, best friend and soulmate to Keith. Lover of all things to do with nature and the canals. I am passionate about the Waterways and its history.

I hope you will join me in my rambles and do please comment – I love to hear from and meet new people in blogland!

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Saturday, 22 January 2022

A New week has dawned.

Hello everyone.

Here we are another week of joy and fun as we head towards the end of January. The weather is more Wintery finally after all the mild stuff we have had. I do love it to be dry and crisp for a walk and not mud up to my ankles.

Our Clematis has been very confused and is still in bud despite the frosts over the past few days. It will be interesting to see if they actually flower or die off due to Jack Frost kissing them. Anyway, it is nice to have some Wintery weather, because in the UK we are fortunate to have four seasons. This week, is going to be the lull before a medical storm so to speak, because next week we have two medical things happening and both are going to be life changing in different ways. Keith is having his Hernia repair operation (if it is not cancelled) and my daughter is having her third child. I will post more on both of them next week. This week began pretty quiet, after a lack of sleep over the weekend. Honestly, I do not know how he did it, but on Saturday night, Keith was tossing and turning in pain. He was moaning and groaning, which meant I was laying there wide a wake listening to him, whilst he was sleeping soundly. I even moved him and he did not wake up. Sunday, I felt like a zombie all day and to be honest my mood was not good. I would of jumped down anyone throat if they had said a word out of place. I can survive on a lack of sleep normally, but not on this particular day. Anyway, I slept soundly on Sunday night and woke up late on Monday morning, which then put me behind all day. Luckily, I had made a cottage pie and apple crumble on Sunday, so I did not have to worry about cooking food from scratch, I just had to warm it all through. All the boat chores got done at a more leisurely pace, because I just felt I could not be bothered to run around. The main thing in cold weather, is to keep the boat warm, especially as Keith feels the cold.

Tuesday morning dawned, with another heavy frost and cat ice on the canal. I do love a frosty morning and ice on the canal. It brings back happy memories of doing our coal run in the ice and us ploughing our way through a couple of inches of ice to reach our customers.
Tuesday, we were awake earlier, so after the usual morning brew and news, we were up and out for our morning walk. We are still keeping away from folk, so doing a walk around one of our favourite places, the cemetery was lovely and quiet.
The Mackerel sky was just stunning. We were joined on our walk, by a local Buzzard, who seems to favour the cemetery for its breakfast. It flew from headstone to headstone watching us. The Squirrels, were not out and about, maybe they knew the Buzzard was on the hunt for something to eat. I am always worried about slipping over when it is icy, so I tend to stick to the grass, where there are icy stretches. Keith is much surer underfoot than me, I have no idea why. Back on the boat, I swept the stoves flue and got the stove stoked up for the morning. It was then time for a coffee and a catch-up with e-mails and social media. I also did my online Tesco food shop. It has been an absolute godsend having Mr Tesco popping in once a week with our food order. I usually, meet them at the gate all masked up and we just swap trays and away they go. Once we hopefully go cruising this year, we will be back to going into supermarkets, which does not fill me with happy thoughts, mind you we could always do an online shop and they can come and find us. The rest of Tuesday, kind of flew past in a hazy, with me doing very little. This lockdown lark is beginning to get boring, but it is a must until Keith has had his operation. Even after his operation, we will still have to be careful I reckon. I got so bored, I went and did a laundry wash, whilst no one was around. Our laundry on site has washing machines and driers. Recently the price of a wash went up to £2 a wash, so I make the most of using the machine, by making sure it is full. I very rarely use the driers, I prefer to hang the washing in the engine room. Usually, the washing dry's over night.
Wednesday dawned, there was no overnight frost, which meant we had a mild day and a walk, where I did not have to worry about slipping over. I spent most of my day, sorting out cupboards and draws, getting the Spring clean in early I guess. I am actually biding my time, until our Grandson is born and Keith has his operation. I am waiting on tender hooks for both to happen, because the way things are going our Grandson will be born on the day Keith goes in for his operation. According to my daughter's midwife, they only do C-sections on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday's. Becky will not hear anything until this Friday and she still needs to have the steroid injections. Cleaning out the cupboards and drawers, gives me a chance to get ride of things, I have not worn for a while and to wash anything that may smell a bit fusty, which can happen in back cabin cupboards and drawers. It will not be long and I will be getting out the Summer clothing and putting the Winter clothes away. Wednesday as well as being mild, we were blessed with some sunshine and the odd shower. It is a joy now that the evening's are getting lighter, so when Mr Tesco called, I could actually see for a change. I changed my day and time, because standing outside in the dark at 8pm recently has been no fun what so ever. With the shopping sorted and put away, Wednesday, ended with me having a coffee and then off to bed.
With the end of the week coming, we had news, exciting news but I am keeping Mum until I can actually shout it from the rooftops, which will be next week. I can safely say that Thursday and Friday were completely boring, but hey being insolation this long is boring. I am really looking forward to being out and about again, but it will still be masked up and socially distanced. Yes I know the rules are changing again, but we are not taking any risks. We have some important visits to do going forward and so we are going to continue doing what we believe is the right thing. 
So, another week has drawn to a close and the end of January is coming quickly.

Do pop by next week for some exciting news x

Friday, 14 January 2022

A week of phone calls and portals.

Hi everyone.

There are days and times, when we all just wonder why we were put on this earth. No matter what we do or say, nothing ever seems right. But we must all strive to keep going or what is the point. I know, a lot of people have been struggling so much over this past couple of year's because of the pandemic and everything it has entailed. It does feel like sometimes, we are fighting a losing battle. I think, I am pretty lucky, because I do not tend to let too many things get on top of me these days. I have had some really tough times and I have thankfully come through them, with the help of hubby and friends. The biggest thing, you can do if you are struggling, is to talk to someone about what the problem is. There is no disgrace in saying "I am not coping". A young woman, I am following on Twitter really struggles with her mental health and confidence, she has even been sectioned. In December she decided that she would run 24 half marathons in December to raise money for Mind. Charlie aimed to raise £500, but instead raised over £40k. The confidence this has given Charlie is amazing and from it, she has now started an online Twitter Sunday walking group, where we all post our walks and photos with hashtag walk with Charlie. It is such a simple idea and already it is making a difference to people's lives. Being outdoors is great for our mental health, even when the weather is cold and wet. Providing you wear the right clothing and footwear, it feels great to be outside in the fresh air. Do not suffer alone, please speak to someone, anyone if you are struggling. 

This week, started off with the usual boat chores. Usually for me that means sorting the boat stove or stoves out, depending on how cold it is. I then fill up the coal scuttles for the day and get rid of the ash. Once a fortnight the water tank gets topped up, then during the Winter, I check the under the floor in the galley for damp and relay disposable nappies and the same is done in the back cabin. I usually change the nappies every two weeks. Our daily walk takes us in different direction.

We like to walk, where it is quiet and away from folk at the moment, as Keith wait's for his operation. Tuesday, began like most day's with a cuppa in bed watching the news, which at the moment, seems to consist of Downing Street parties or no parties or Djokovic playing or not playing Tennis in Australia. Neither are of any interest to us. There is a lot of world news which never get's mentioned, which is far more important. I really despair at the bias from some of the media, but hey that is a whole new blog and I am not getting political, because it just opens a can of worms, which I would rather not open. Not only that, it would probably have you running for the off button. Tuesday, we spent some chatting with number 2 daughter on Portal. They had finally got there's, which we had sent them. It was lovely to sit and chat properly from TV to TV. They do not live close to us, so having online chats is nice. Daughter number 1, who is expecting, has broken one of her wisdom teeth. She tried Seven different dentists and not one could see her as an emergency, even though she is 36 weeks + 2 days pregnant. She tried 111 and they got a doctor to ring her only to tell her she needed a dentist. (No kidding Sherlock). Anyway, come Wednesday morning, she rang her dentist again early and hey presto they fitted her in at 10.30am. But they cannot take what is left of the tooth out for her, because it is down in the gum and the gum is going to require cutting. She now has to wait for an appointment with a special unit and sadly her dentist did not know when that would be. The best they can offer is to keep washing her mouth out with salt water and if it gets infected they will give her antibiotics. They reckon it would be best for her to wait until baby is born to have the tooth out. Which will come first the infection or baby?
Thursday, and we woke up to another heavy frost. and the prospect of knowing when little man will be joining our family, because my daughter was having a scan and seeing her consultant. My day began with a cuppa, getting up and stoking the fire.  
I phoned my daughter to see how her appointment went, with the consultant and a decision has been taken as to when little man will arrive. He will be joining our family around 38 weeks, which means that from the 23rd January, she will be given a date to go in for her C-section. I would not be at all surprised if he does not arrive the day Keith goes in for his operation. It is all very exciting and we cannot wait to meet him. 
After a quick lunch, I had to do the bilge and underfloor checks and change the nappies to keep it dry. I then filled the coal scuttles, sorted out rubbish and had a general tidy up. Whilst the sun has been out, it has been a cold day. During the afternoon, I got out the sewing machine and repaired a few things in my to do pile for mending. I also shortened the sleeves on a couple of shirts. I am not one for long sleeves, I always end up pushing or rolling them up, so on shirts and blouses, I end up cutting the sleeves shorter. Sometimes the off cuts get used for other things, or go into a bag for when I need bits of material. 
Friday, and the end of the week. Where has this week gone? Up late for us, but we still had our morning cuppa in bed and watched the BBC news. I often wonder if there is any other news going on in the world, because we seem to be stuck on Government parties, Djokovic and Prince Andrew. What about the other important news going on across the world? I do think the media gets blinkered at times. Anyway, after our cuppa, the bed was rolled up and put away for the day and it was time to get on with the day. Outside it was -1.5C, the canal was frozen over and it was very foggy out. There was an eerie silence on our morning exercise and it had nothing to do with us walking around a cemetery. I am a nightmare on my feet when it is slippery, which means I am always super careful, because I do not want to fall and break anything. I am a little like Bambi on ice. Walk done and back home, fires were stoked, coal scuttles filled, ash taken out and the boat cosy again. Lunch was going to be a minced beef Madras Curry. I call it a Cowboy Curry, because it contains baked beans. If you are at all interested here is what goes into it.

Cowboy Curry.

2 medium onions fried off.
250grams of minced beef fried with onions.
2 dessert spoons of Madras Curry paste.
1 tin of baked beans.
1/2 tin of tinned tomatoes
1 beef oxo cube.
2 dessert spoons of raisins. 

I let it simmer away on top of the stove until cooked. We usually have it with Rice and Naan bread and I add a teaspoon of Mango chutney when on the plate. It was one of my mum's favourite curries to make and I have carried on making it. I usually make enough for a couple of days. It always tastes nicer on the 2nd day. With lunch done and no sign of any sunshine today, I decided to stay in and do as little possible. It was far nicer to stay inside, near the fire and watch films. Sometimes, it just has to be done. I did have a phone call with my daughter and as always we end up putting the world to right. We are now heading head long into another weekend. I wonder what it will have in store?

Pop back soon x

Wednesday, 5 January 2022

Happy Anniversary afloat to us.


Hi everyone.

Week Two of a brand new year and we are celebrating 17 year's afloat. On the 4th January 2005, we bought Misty Lady from ABNB, who were then at Crick, but have since moved to North Kilworth Marina. For me, this was my first boat, but for Keith who had been on and around the canals for over 40 years at this point, having a boat was nothing new. Keith's parents had boats and Keith used to run Pisces the Historic working boat for the London Borough of Hillingdon for a number of years. We moved onto Misty Lady whilst moored at ABNB with the help of our friends Keith and Val, who helped to transport some of our belongings to Crick and we slept on her there for our first night. I remember we woke on the first morning to the smell of burning electrics. The fridge, which was thought to be several years old at least, had decided to die on us, which meant we had to go in search of a new one, before we could leave Crick. Thankfully we still had our car and so we drove all over the place looking for a new fridge, eventually finding on in Rugby. We certainly covered some miles that day. My first day on the move was to work Misty Lady down the Watford Locks. I had never done locks before, but Keith gave me instruction and left me to it and we came out of the bottom of the flight in one piece and neither of us have looked back since. Misty Lady was our home, whilst Hadar was being built. We cruised on her to the places that Hadar cannot go, such as the Leeds and Liverpool and we had some truly wonderful times on her. In July 2007, she went to her new home and we moved onto a finished Hadar. Misty Lady now lives up on the Bridgewater Canal, which was where we last saw her, with another new owner. I hope they love her as much as we did and better than the person who bought her off of us. 

To this day, I have never regretted moving onto the cut. For me and for Keith, it was and still is the best thing we have ever done and not a day goes by when I smile and think how lucky we are. Life afloat is not for everyone, we have met many who have tried it and found out, it was not what they thought. But for us, it is everything and more. Life is all about living it to it's fullest and that is what we have and are doing. 

We, are in our own sort of isolation, because Keith's operation is pending barring cancellation due to Covid. We are still seeing people, but at a distance. I really do not want him catching any sort of bug, let alone Covid. I am getting myself into gear as far as getting fit ready for a season of cruising all being well. I have been doing more walking and tomorrow (Thursday), I am starting something new and exciting. I will post about it after I have done my first day. I will say, it is something I love and I am so happy to be given the opportunity to join in. Having over indulged over Christmas, I need to lose a few pounds. I am not into dieting, but I will cut back on certain things and up my exercise. After all, I want to be fit and healthy to keep up with our grandson's. 

I hope that your New Year has begun in a positive way, but if you are struggling please talk to someone. Do not bottle things up or bury things, because you will feel so much better if you let them out. Life is to be cherished and lived.

Pop back soon xxx

Saturday, 1 January 2022

Bloomin Mild.


Hello one and all.

Day one of our brand New Year and having done the morning walk and boat chores, I filled the bird feeder up and whilst doing so, out of the corner of my eye, something Purple caught my gaze.

The Violets are in bloom. Normally I would not expect to see them until March. Our Autumn/Winter weather has been so mild, that they think it is Spring. I have to hope that should the weather turn colder, that they will not be killed off.
The wild Strawberries are in flower.

As are the Marigolds and Elephants Ears.
Even one of our Clematis is in bud. The weather is extremely strange for the time of the year. But on the first day of a brand new year it gladdens the heart. I just wish it was not so muddy under foot. We have had copious amounts of rain, which means the garden is very sodden. I need to get outside and tidy up the rotten leaves and clear pots, but that will happen when it dries up a bit more. 

Here is 2022.


Hiya everyone.

Happy New Year Everyone. I wonder what this year has in store for us all. We know we have a new arrival coming to join our family very shortly, which is very exciting. Well, I am back after taking some time away from blogging. I needed time to process a few things happening in my life and to deal with things from my past. We all think we are coping, but to be honest, we are all Swans gliding along on the surface of the water with our feet paddling like crazy beneath the surface. 

The Covid-19-20-21 virus, has most certainly been difficult for us all, and then the Omicron variant came along to put the spanner in the works, but having had all three vaccinations it made me feel better. I have been pretty scared about getting the virus and have been doing my utmost to keep myself and hubby virus free. I have dodgy lungs due to years of Bronchitis and I am pretty sure getting the virus un-vaccinated would prove nasty for me. Even now with this Omicron version, I am hoping we all remain healthy. Keith, is waiting for a Hernia operation, and so I really do not want him to get the virus. We are ever hopefully his operation will be soon. He saw the Consultant finally in November, who put him on the operation list. Anyway, we will continue to do everything possible to stay virus free.

Life, has a habit of chucking a few curve balls our way. But, I am guessing, we will keep on dodging them the best we can. I have kept myself busy with family things. Talking about the family, we will have a new grandson at the end of January all being well. He is being delivered by a C-Section and the hope is we will be able to see him soon afterwards all being well and depending on Covid restrictions. I have kept myself busy with the boat, garden and doing my family history. The boat, is always going to keep us busy. The boat chores alone everyday, take up a lot of my time. Come to Spring, I have a lot of paintwork to sort out inside and out. Then there is the garden, which again is a full-time job, because the weeds do not stop growing. I planted some bulbs in the Autumn, which I hope will give us a show come the Spring. Because, we have the stove lit, it needs feeding everyday. The only wood we burn is kindling to get it going, so I am constantly filling the coal scuttles to feed the beast which not only keeps us warm, but also gives up hot water. Over the winter months with the stove going, we do not need to use the immersion heater, which is a huge saving on the electric. With, everything rising in price and saving is a bonus. Coal went up a £1 a bag, gas went up by over a £1 a bottle and electric is set to rise by over 4%. Also our mooring fees went up by 8.3%, so tightening our belts is called for. Next it will be the boat licence and we know that the blacking of the boat this year is more expensive. Food, has also increased in price, but I am still forever grateful to Mr Tesco for bringing our weekly shop, especially over the Christmas period and during the lockdowns. 

I have been doing some running repairs and alterations to clothing. I have a thing about dungarees and pinafore dresses. I find them so comfortable to wear, but was missing a Brown pinafore dress. I have been looking for one for a while and found one on Ebay. It was described as a midi pinafore dress, when it arrived it came down to my ankles. Now I am short, I am only 5 foot tall, but this was way to long for me, so I had to chop some off to make it the right length. It is a good job I am handy with a needle and a sewing machine. I repaired a couple of Keith's shirts, which have definitely seen better days, but are alright for doing mucky jobs in. 

Going back to December and yet again Covid-19 was dominating the news and it affected our family yet again. My daughter's son who is 3 years old had been off of nursery school due to a chest infection, which took them to A&E. He had just got over that chest infection and had gone back to nursery for the last four days before the Christmas holidays, when on the Saturday the teacher contacted my daughter to say she had contracted Covid-19. Alarm bells began ringing and on Sunday 19th Dec, I got the call to say our youngest had tested positive to Covid-19, which means he probably caught it from the teacher at nursery. His first couple of days were the worst, where they were having a problem with getting his temperature below 38.5C. As he improved, his older brother went down with it a couple of day's before Christmas, which disrupted their Christmas Day, but they looked like they had a lovely time from the photos we received. Christmas Day night, I got a phone call from my daughter saying, she had been coughing, so did a lateral flow test and it was positive. This will be the second time she has had Covid-19 in four months and it all came about because the youngest grandson bought Covid-19 home from his nursery school, where his teacher tested positive. It just goes to show how quickly this flippen thing spreads. With my daughter being 35 weeks pregnant, this was of course a real worry for us all. For anyone still not decided on having the vaccination, I would plead with you to think about it seriously. My daughter, her partner and boy's have done everything they can to keep safe, and it has not made any difference. 

Our Christmas Day was quiet, we were looking after another boaters little dog, so he could go home to his family for Christmas. At 85, spending time with his family was so important. His elderly little lady, could not go with him to his family, because they have large dogs which frighten her and there was no way he wanted her to go into kennels because of her age. So we said we would look after her for a few days. Lucy, was an absolute dream to look after. We did not bother with a tradition Christmas dinner. Instead, we had Peking Duck with pancakes and lots of Chinese and Indian nibbles. A glass of Baileys with ice was first on the agenda. Now, we have never had Baileys before, but were told to try it with ice. It is definitely an acquired taste and is very sweet on its own, but I think I could get used to it. Our Chinese and Indian nibbles kept us going throughout the day, as we opened presents, listened to music and watched films all day, it was an enjoyable yet quiet one for us. Boxing Day came and with it a copious amount of rain, which meant the water level was well up. With the amount of rain we had been having the reservoirs will be filling up nicely. Sadly for us no snow this Christmas, but I know some parts of the country were lucky to see some of the white stuff. The day after Boxing Day and we were all set to take Lucy back to her owner, but she got to stay another night with us, as his owner did not get back to his boat until late, which was fine by us as she was a delight to look after. The following morning after her walk and breakfast, I packed up Lucy's things and took her back to her owner, who was so pleased to have her back. He had enjoyed his Christmas with his family, but like so many of us who live afloat he was glad to get back home to his boat and the peace and quiet. Later that afternoon, I took Lucy out for a walk, so he did not have to worry about doing it and of course I enjoyed taking her for a walk, I really have missed having a dog to walk, since Paddy died. On saying that, we are not getting another dog. 

The 29th December dawned and at last the letter arrived from the hospital documenting Keith's hernia operation and the other appointments he has before his operation. He has to go for a pre-op appointment, then three days before his operation he has to go for a Covid swab test. He then has to completely isolate for three days, before going to the hospital for his day surgery. We decided that, we would have our own isolation, before his pre-op appointment, because we do not want him to catch any nasty bug or Covid, which could mean us cancelling his operation. The only time I have to go out is to collect his prescriptions and living on a boat, isolating is easy to do. Because Keith, has been unable to do lifting, I have been doing all the heavy jobs on and off the boat for sometime. I am used to the work and have a really good system going. Come the time for Keith's operation, I will be in full nurse mode. 

30th December and all good plans were kind of out of the window. I had said we were doing our own isolating, well I had to meet the postman to take all the post for the site. Whilst taking the post from him, one of the other boaters arrived and promptly told me he had not been well with an upset tummy. I immediately told him not to come anywhere near me. I did this all masked up of course and then an item I ordered before Christmas arrived, but promptly had to go back because they had sent the wrong size, which meant a trudge to the post office and again I was all masked up. I then told myself, right that is it, no more seeing anyone. The postman has been told to just leave the parcels on our bench and we will sort it when he has gone. Why the flippen heck can people not keep their distance?

December 31st and we did nothing special. In fact we stayed in all day, which is not good for the waist line, but needs must right now. 

I cooked up some nibbles and we settled in for a party for two and a couple of films on the TV. I was thinking, we would stay up to see the New Year in, but come 11pm, we were both ready for bed, because Keith was not feeling great. Sleep was interrupted at midnight by fireworks going off across the Arm from us. Keith slept through it all. 

So here we are it is now 2022 and I wonder what adventures are coming our way this year. Well we know we have a new grandson coming very soon, so that will be very exciting. I will do my best to keep the blog going more this year.

Happy New Year to you all. xxx

Friday, 12 November 2021

Taking a break.


Hi one and all.

Just a quickie message.

I am taking a break from blogging for a bit. I will take this opportunity to wish you all a Merry Christmas and hope that the New Year brings you wonderful things. 

Take care of yourselves and your families.

Jo. xx

Wednesday, 3 November 2021

That time of the year.


Hiya family, friends and followers.

The clocks have gone back and hour and the nights are drawing in fast, as we slip closer to Christmas. I am not an advocate of Christmas being advertised early, I think it takes the excitement out of the event. I think, Christmas should only be advertised from December 1st, but I understand that as it is now so commercialised, businesses need to get ahead of their competition. I also think that due to the commercialisation of the festive period, people have forgotten what it is really about. To me it is not about the presents, we give or receive, it is about the people we spend the time with. Of course, not all families get a long and some no longer see each other. I can remember many a family row at Christmas with the in-laws, when I was growing up and then when I was married and had in-laws of my own. Christmas, can bring out the worst in people, especially when drink is involved. There is something to be said about spending Christmas on your own :-).

With, the Autumnal days, we get some gloriously sunny days ideal for walking. We usually try and go for a walk at least once a day. 

At least once a week, we walk around our favourite Cemetery. I always notice something new, every time we walk there. 
I love the old headstones. Sadly, many of these old graves are now unattended by relatives, probably because the families moved away or the line has died out. Each headstone, is a piece of history and can tell you so much about the town or cities history. 
My latest find is the grave of Colonel Joseph Oates Travers, who died 23 July 1884 at the age of 49. 
Major Joseph Oates Travers served with the 17th Regiment in the Crimea from the 17thFeb. 1855, including the siege of Sebastopol the assaults of the Redan on the 18th June (mentioned in Lord West’s despatch for “ gallant conduct”) and 8th Sept.; was also at the bombardment and surrender of Kinbourn (Medal with Clasp, Knight of the Legion of Honor, and Turkish Medal). There are so many hero's buried in the Cemetery and as we get ever closer to Remembrance Sunday, I for one will reqmember them all for their service to this country. As I research more of the headstones, I will post my findings. 
With the weather being so warm and damp fungi is abundant at the moment.
Today, I saw this Red variety. I do not know its name, but it is beautiful.
Nature is an amazing thing. I love fungi and at some point, I would love to go on a course to learn all about them and find out which ones are edible. 
I love this tree and what I reckon is a doorway to another realm. I wonder where it would take me and who has walked through it? I just need to find out where the door handle or spell is to let me pass through it. When I have not been walking and taking photographs, I have been helping on site. Today, I helped with cutting up the wood, from an Alder tree, which was cut down last week. It had to be taken down, because it was rotting from the inside out and was hollow inside. This means, there will be plenty of wood for the Winter moorers to burn this Winter. We do not burn wood, because it can tar up the flue, so we stick to smokeless coal. 
Well, that is my rambling for today. I hope, that you are all keeping safe and well?

Pop back soon xxx

Thursday, 21 October 2021

Gardening time.

Hello, one and all.

How are things with you all?

The weather has been a little up and down this past week, which has meant very little has been done in the garden since rebuilding the bug hotel. Yesterday began promising. We were up very late for us 9.25am and with us wanting to get our morning stroll in, I said we could do a walk, which would take us into town for a coffee and a late breakfast at Wetherspoons. We took a long route into town and we enjoyed a lovely breakfast in Wetherspoons, before strolling back to the boat. We had not been home more than fifteen minutes, when there was a huge clap of thunder and the rains came down in truck loads. After heavy rain and a thunderstorm yesterday, the sun came out this morning and I decided today was the day to get on with sorting the garden out. 

What was our old vegetable plot, has been turned into a flower bed. The vegetable garden is now behind our bunkers. I moved plants and shrubs and added new one. I also moved the bird bath on the log, so it is closer to the bird table. This year I have planted some bulbs. I am a little late in planting them, but the ground has been very wet and I have had other things to do. 
I am hoping that when Spring comes, everything will fill the gaps in nicely. I am going to plant more Lavender, especially for the Bees and Butterflies, which I hope in turn will use the bug hotel.
The previous moorer, left a couple of mirrors behind when she left and we decided today to put them up on our shuttering at the back of our staging. 
I am hoping the two mirrors will reflect the plants in front of them, so we can see them from the pontoon. We will see what happens. They make a nice touch. I had lunch and then tidied everything up and away. I felt I was done for the day. These days my energy levels wain after lunch. This getting old lark, is absolutely no fun at all. Still progress was made.
Whilst I did the garden, Keith worked on one of the rag rugs he made for our back cabin a few years ago.
For some very odd reason, the hessian had developed a split in it and so surgery was required.
We now have two smaller rag rugs.
They still fit nicely in the back cabin. Hopefully they will last a little longer. At some point, I will need to wash them, which is always a worry, because they can fall apart when elderly. I usually put them in a pillowcase to wash them, just in case bit comes out. Talking a washing things, the one job, I did get done whilst the weather was up and down, I washed the hold strings. They get very grubby and stiff, throughout the year, so we take them off five at a time and I put them in pillowcases and wash them. Why, do I put them in pillowcases? Well they have metal S hooks on them, and I do not want them clattering around in the washing machine, so putting them in pillowcases stops this. I secure the tops of the pillowcases with a cable tie. It works well. I do the same for any of the cabin strings. 
Right time for a coffee and to get my feet up.
Have a wonderful day.

Pop back soon xxx



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