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Tuesday, 20 August 2019

Day 9. Still catching up.

Hello family, friends and followers.

It is getting busy here at Alvecote, with boaters turning up for the coming Bank Holiday Weekend rally. I have spent a lot of the past couple of days catching-up with friends I have not seen for ages and I mean ages. I have also been given wool for my Collie blankets and given wool that I cannot use to other boaters, who will make good use of it. It is all about sharing in the boating community.
I am going to be a little boring, because there is very little news. It will all kick off on Friday and over the weekend, so I will not bore you with my cleaning and boat sorting out. After all there is only so much brass cleaning anyone can cope with and so I will skip that for now and move on to today.
This morning I finished blanket number 15 for the Collie's at the Border Collie Trust. I have already started number 16. After lunch, we headed over to The Samuel Barlow, to help with the boat moving. I say we, in fact Keith did the helping and I did the chatting and drinking of beer, which was great fun. It was so pleasant to sit in the bar with like minded people and enjoy a chat over a pint. It was also wonderful to catch up with a couple of friends I have not seen for two years. The joy of a boaters life, is you do not see someone for a long time, but when you get together it is as though you have never been a part. With the boat moving done, we both enjoyed another pint and loads more chatting and laughter. I cannot tell you how much I am looking forward to this weekend and the weather is supposed to be good, but shhh do not tell the weather that.

Pop back soon xx

Saturday, 17 August 2019

Day 6: Catching up.

Hello family, friends and followers.

What a difference a day makes. After the wet and windy weather of yesterday, today was sunny and calm.
After the busy day yesterday, I decided that I needed my bed at 9.30pm last night. Every bit of me was aching and I was so tired, that my head hit the pillow and I was out like a light. I did wake to the sound of music and shouting men, because there was a party going on upstairs in the Samuel Barlow, but having told myself to go back to sleep, I did just that until 7am. I lazily stayed cocooned beneath the duvet, with the knowledge that I did not have to hurry out of bed. The only thing calling was the toilet, so having put a foot out beneath the duvet, I got up andmade us our first cuppa of the day.
We finally got up at 8.30am, which is quite something for us. With so little on my to do list. I opened up the boat and stepped out into some wonderful morning sunshine. Also up and about was Leon on Narrowboat Old Bovine. We had not seen Leon for years and so as boaters do we stood on the towpath, having a good old catch-up. He is staying for the rally, so we will definitely be spending more time nattering.
Whilst nattering, I noticed that Swallows were swooping in and out of a nest built under the eves of The Samuel Barlow. They were using a friends swan nect to perch on from time to time. They are such happy, chatty little birds and I look forward to watching them further.
After lunch, I took myself off to the Priory for a nosey around. it was where Benedictine Monks once lived.
On the site is also a Dovecote, which was built around the same time as the Priory. Sadly the door has been broken off and people have been lighting fires in this truly wonderful building. I will be contacting someone to do with looking after the site to see if something can be done.
Once back home. I made a start on cleaning the back cabin brasses. The outside ones can wait a few more days, just in case it rains again and ruins all my hard work.

Pop back soon xx

Friday, 16 August 2019

Day 5: Hartshill to Alvecote.

Hello family, friends and followers.

Wooo hooo I have a hot spot. Nooo not that sort of spot. I have some free Wifi, so you may actually hear from me for a few days. We cannot sort our hub out until we get home, so I will be relying on hotspots and free wifi.

We left Hartshill this morning at 8.05am and it was dry but very overcast.
We past the old BW yard. The clock never reads the correct time. I am not even sure if it still works.
The rain then decided it was time to start spit spotting. It was not hard to begin with and we are hardened boaters, so a drop of rain was not going to stop us.
We arrived at the top of the Atherstone locks just after 9am and waited for a boat to come out of the top lock, before it was time to descend the locks.
All the locks but one were with us.
We left the bottom lock and headed for the sanitary station, where we topped up with water, emptied the cassette and got rid of rubbish.
After an eventful mornings cruise, we arrived at the Samuel Barlow at 1pm. We locked the boat up and went cross for lunch and a pint.
Back home and it is now raining heavily, so maybe this is the weather the forecasters have been warning us about. Anyway we are fine and snug, so let it do its worse.

Pop back soon xxx

Thursday, 15 August 2019

Day 4. Bridge 79 to Hartshill.

Hello family, friends and followers.

After a good nights sleep, we were awake at 6am, so sat in bed drinking tea, whilst listening to BBC Coventry and Warwickshire. The sun was shining through the porthole, which meant we were in for a good start to our days cruising.
We left the over night mooring at 7.30am and headed for Hillmorton Locks.
We were joined by Narrowboat Myrtle, so I helped set their lock, whilst working our lock. That is the joy of having two locks side by side. 
We were down the locks in no time and on our way.
It was lovely to meet Maurice one of the volunteer lock keepers, who I see on Twitter. Tomorrow they will all be on duty for the Macmillan Cancer Charity Coffee Morning, where the volunteers all bring cakes along to sell and make money for a wonderful charity. Last year they raised over £500. 
This time of the year is known as the silly season by many boaters and it is easy to see why. We met no end of boats and overtook a couple of boats as well. Unfortunately some boaters, do not seem to know which side of the canal they are supposed to be on, when taking a bend and others seem to think they are still on the motorway. But we just carried on regardless.
At 1.50pm, we took the turn at Hawkesbury junction and glided onto the Coventry Canal. 
Our cruising day ended at Hartshill at 4.30pm having done 26.5 miles, 4 locks, 1 tunnel in 8hrs 50mins. My legs ache and I know I will sleep well tonight. We will be off down the Atherstone flight tomorrow.

Pop back soon xx

Wednesday, 14 August 2019

Day 3. Soggy start.

Hello family, friends and followers.

As suggested by the weather people, it was a soggy old start to Wednesday morning, but this did not deter Keith from catching the bus into Daventry. He was hoping that the staff in the EE store could sort out why my laptop will not connect to the hub, which we had repaired back at the beginning of July. Whilst he battled the weather, I stayed on board and got a few jobs done and some cleaning. The joys of cleaning the oven could wait no longer. I also got on with cooking lunch, ready for when Keith would get home.
The rain at times was coming down in such a deluge, I had visions of Keith coming home a drowned rat, but in fact he was not to bad. The issue of the hub and my laptop was not solved. We need to ring a 0800 number and speak to their customer services centre, who should be able to help, so we have decided to leave it until we return to our home mooring. So you will need to bare with me for a few weeks. I may or may not post.
After lunch the rain was beginning to diminish and at 2.00pm we decided we would make a move. We untied and set off towards Braunston Marina, where we winded.
Whilst Keith winded the boat, I was dumping a bag of rubbish in the bins by the toll house.
Once winded, we headed off into the dull, overcast yonder with a few boats on the move. 
We decided to stop at Bridge 79, Onley Wood Bridge, where there is a nice single mooring. it will do us for the night. We will see what tomorrow brings, in the way of weather and how far we decide to travel.

Pop back soon xx


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