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Monday 29 October 2018

Sunday Shenanigans.

Hello friends and followers.

What did you do with your Sunday?
I ask this question, because normally if we are out cruising we do not move, it is just our policy. Now we are at home on our mooring, that policy does not apply, so yesterday, I went out cruising.
The Saltisford Canal Trust has it's very own day boat named Saltie II. The trust have decided that she needs a complete refurbishment and so yesterday three others and myself, took Saltie II to the boat yard where she is going to undergo her transformation. We left the Saltisford Arm at 8.30 am and set off down Cape Locks.
We made our way through Leamington-Spa and onto Radford Semele Lock. After that we found ourselves in a queue, with a boat in front and boats behind.
We could not have ordered the weather to be any better, because even though it was chilly, the sun shone, which was warming when we were not in the shade of the trees. The four of us worked well as a team. I was on the lock wheeling team.
Before we knew it we were up through Bascote Locks, destination The Cuttle pub at Long Itchington for a pub lunch and a pint. We have never been in The Cuttle before, we usually go into the Two Boats opposite, but we will definitely go to The Cuttle again. The food was superb as was the Timothy Taylor pint. I can totally recommend the Roast Chicken Sunday roast, it was scrummy. After just over an hour for lunch, we were underway again.
The light as beginning to fade as we worked out way up the Stockton flight, which we managed to complete in Forty Two minutes, which was amazing. Once we were moored in the marina at Kate Boats, Stockton, we made a brew and enjoyed it with a slice of Victoria Sandwich, which I had made on the Saturday evening.
All in all we had a brilliant day. We arrived home at 5.35 pm and I spent the rest of the evening with my feet up and a coffee in my hand.

Pop back soon xxxx

Saturday 27 October 2018

Bagpuss wash day.

Hi friends and followers.

Brrrrr I do not know about you, but I certainly felt the nip in the air today. It was reported that some place actually had snow. Sadly it did not reach us. We began the day with a frost and ended it with rain.
I have spent the past couple of days doing laundry. Finally today I did the last of the laundry. I had put it out on the washing line, but after a couple of hours rain was in the air, so I hung it in the engine room and back cabin to finish drying.
Yesterday was laundry day for Bagpuss. You may remember I rescued him at Sutton Stop Lock. Although I hand washed him, he was still very grubby and looking all forlorn, so I gave him a reassuring pat and told him he would be fine before putting him into the washing machine.
Round and round he goes and nobody knows where he will stop.
Peekaboo I see you.
After he had been spun around and around, Bagpuss came out looking much cleaner.
Now this bit was a tad distressing, but it had to be done. I pegged Bagpuss on the washing line to dry.
After a few hours out on the line he was still not dry, which meant he had to go from the cold of the washing line to the warmth of the tumble drier.
Ta da, a very happy smiley cat, with his va va voom back. He forgave me for putting him through such a traumatic day, after I gave him a lovely cuddle. He is now happily looking after my PJ's for me and sits on the side bed in the back cabin.

Well here we are almost at the end of October. The clocks go back tonight remember. November is almost here and that means Firework night. Paddy will not be bothered by the fireworks because he is deaf now and cannot hear them. Remember to keep your pets in on Bonfire night and if you have a bonfire, check it for Hedgehogs before lighting it. I guess we are on the countdown to the festive season and everything that goes with it.
Where did this year go?

Pop back soon xx

Friday 26 October 2018

Home for the Winter.

Hello friends and followers.

Back on our home mooring and the jobs to be done, were started on today. We woke at 7 am and had a cuppa in bed whilst watching the morning news. It saddens me that these days there is hardly any good news to be had.
Once up, I took Paddy for his first walk of the day. My list for the day was to go into town to get coinage for the laundry, see the pharmacist about flu jab, solicitor and the bank and then do a large laundry wash.
9 am I set off to the solicitors with forms in hand to be looked at and submitted. I then went to the pharmacist to see about having my flu jab. I was in luck because Andrew had some in and could do me today. I did not even feel the needle go in, but I came out £11 lighter, because it has gone up again this year. Still I would rather pay £11 and be covered, than have the flu. Remember if you are at risk, you should have the flu jab. Either go to your GP or go to your pharmacist.
After getting my flu jab, I went to the bank to see about opening an e-savings account. I had tried to do it online, but was told I needed to show them some identification. I took my drivers licence, but have to go back with a second form of identification. I have been with this bank for Seventeen years and still they do not know who I am. Anyway I will get it all sorted eventually.
Back home, it was time to hit the laundry with a huge bag of washing and coinage in my pocket. I set the two of the machines going, put the washing line out and waited for my quick washes to finish. The washing was then hung out in a breeze, so I was hopeful that the washing would dry or almost dry. By the end of the day the washing was almost dry. I hung it in the back cabin and engine room for it to finish off. I still have more washing to do.
With the list of jobs done for the day. I cooked us lunch and then sat and watched a bit of Bargain Hunt, before doing some tidying jobs on the boat. The rest of my day was spent crocheting and watching films on Film4.

Pop back soon xx

Thursday 25 October 2018

Homeward Bound Day 9. Home.

Hello friends and followers.

Yesterday we arrived home to our lovely mooring just after lunchtime. We left our overnight mooring at Radford Semele at 9.10am and headed into Leamington-Spa, where stopped so Keith could go to the railway shop to see if they had any track. When I saw him walking back up the towpath with no track in hand, so it meant a no. We then moved a couple of hundred yards up the canal to moor opposite Morrison's. We then had a coffee, before walking to Aldi to do the food shopping.
On returning from our food shop, I put the shopping away whilst we were underway and heading for home. I put some pasties in the back cabin stove to warm through, so we could have them on the way. Both Cape Locks were in our favour, which was a bonus.
Back home, our attention was turned to plugging ourselves into the electric, sorting the TV and phone out. After that, we caught up with everyone in the Arm, before cooking dinner.
Our welcome home present was this stunning sunset.
Now we are home, there is plenty to do on the boat and on the mooring, so watch this space.

Pop back soon xxx

Tuesday 23 October 2018

Homeward Bound Day 8.

Hi friends and followers.

If you read yesterday's post, you will know we spent the evening at The Blue Lias Inn at the bottom of the Stockton flight. The moorings on the inn side are for patrons only, so we had our evening meal and a pint in the inn. It was a lovely meal and a cool pint to wash down a lasagna and for pudding Honeycombe Cheesecake. This woman knows how to live the high life. What was a little disconcerting was the fact they had been putting up their Christmas decorations up. The entrance hall was like Santa's grotto. The countdown on their Christmas clock said 63 days arghhhh. I am personally one of those people who thinks nothing to do with Christmas should start until December 1st. But for businesses they all have to get ahead of the competition. Anyway we had a lovely time, before retiring back to the boat for coffee and putting our feet up.
This morning we left our Inn mooring at 8.35am along with NB Morpheus, who we shared the first couple of locks of the day at Long Itchington.
When we got to Bascote Locks, there was NB Smartie waiting for us in the lock, so we joined them and carried on down Bascote, Wood, Fosse and Radford Semele Locks, before saying "Cheerio" to them.
We have moored up at Radford Semele for the day, as we are in no hurry to get home.

Pop back soon xx

Monday 22 October 2018

Homeward Bound Part 7.

Hello friends and followers.

After our day off yesterday, we were back to normal today.
It was a misty start this morning with a ground frost.
The sunrise was something to gladden the heart. We have been really blessed with fabulous weather this past few weeks. Paddy seemed to enjoy his gentle stroll this morning and did actually appreciate his breakfast this morning. Before we set of boating, we had to go and collect our spare starter motor from Daventry. Keith had been going to catch a bus with his pass, but we were offered a lift by our friend Jenni. So at 9am we met Jenni by the bus stop and with the postcode put into her satnav off we went. We got to Tony and Paul Redshaws and no one was there, but that was not for long when they both turned up and Keith went off to collect our starter motor. It is a beast and weighs a tonne, so Keith used his back pack to lug it back to the car. Jenni very kindly dropped us back at the boat, where I made us a coffee. We got ourselves and the boat ready for the off. First of all we had to wind at Braunston Marina, we then turned left at the Braunston turn.
The blue sky and sunshine was wonderful although there was a distinct chill in the air.
More Autumnal colours, which never fail to make me smile. A Kestrel was hovering above us, hoping to spot something for breakfast no doubt. I made us a sandwich on the move for lunch as we headed towards Calcutt Locks. We got to the locks in time to join the Braunston Dayboat, who were out for a jolly. Three locks done, we left the dayboat, because they would be winding above Stockton.
Although there was no one to share the Stockton Locks with, we made good time, with all but one of the locks in our favour and some of the other locks had boats coming up, which is always a bonus. Daft thing was though, if the first boat had waited one lock, it could have shared with the second boat. There are enough notices about asking boaters to share locks if they can. If we had seen another boat coming our way, we would have shared. After all it cuts down the work.
We decided to stop at the bottom of the Stockton flight, so we moored up at The Blue Lias.  Tomorrow we will move on again.

Pop back soon xx

Sunday 21 October 2018

Homeward Bound Part 6.

Hi friends and followers.

For me today has been a day off. We are in Braunston until at least Tuesday, because we need to collect our spare starter motor from the repairers.
This morning we had a relaxing start. In fact it was so relaxed, I did not wake up until 7.50am. We still enjoyed our morning cuppa in bed. Paddy was obviously not in a hurry to go out, because even though we were up, he was still snoozing in his bed. I literally had to wake him up to take him out for his first walk of the day. We had a lovely stroll up the canal in the morning mist.
Plan for the day was to have lunch at The Boat House and then to wander to the bottom lock chandlery to get some paint for the roof and gunwales, but before any of that, I sorted the stove out in the saloon, I did not bother with the back cabin stove, because it was going to be warmer. I made us some toast and then fed Paddy. He has taken to being fussy with his food again and the only way we can get him to eat it, is to squeak his ball and put it near his bowl. He seems to think the ball is going to eat his food, so he then snaffles it down, before his ball gets it. I have no idea what goes through his brain, but at the moment it is strange things. Still if it makes him eat, I will go with it.
After morning coffee, I got on with more crocheting.
12 noon, we set off for the pub and a pint. They had a carvery on, so we decided a nice Sunday roast was called for. It comes as part of the 2 for 1 meal deal, so happy days. £14.25 split in two plus two pints of Hobgoblin scrummy. The carvery was extremely good and I can recommend it. After lunch we walked down to the bottom lock chandlery to see if they had any Epifanes Red-Brown paint. I need it for next Spring, because I will have the roof, back counter and forend to paint when we go into dry dock next year and we will not be coming this way. I did look online to see if I could get it cheaper, but no go. Having broken the bank to pay for it, we strolled to the Canal Shop by the bottom lock and I treated us to an ice cream each and we enjoyed a lovely natter with the shop owner. That little shop is a wonder and you can even get fresh bread there. On the walk back to the boat, we bumped into Jenni our friend, who was out walking her dog and she has offered to take us into Daventry to get our starter motor, which is incredibly kind of her, so that is a job for the next couple of day I expect.
Back home, Paddy required a walk and his lunch.
I then finished blanket number 8 for the Border Collie Trust. I have had an offer of some wool, if I can collect it on our way home, so that will be my task. I have sent of three blankets so far and have another five to go when we get home. The wool bag is getting low, so I look forward to receiving new wool to work with.
Over a coffee, we stood and nattered to Sheila and Jim on NB Islonian. It is always nice to put the world to right and have a laugh.
At the moment the generator is on, to charge the batteries. It will be time for coffee soon and also time for me to put my feet up.

Pop back soon xx

Saturday 20 October 2018

Homeward Bound Day 5.

Hello friends and followers.

We must be the luckiest people in the world right now for the weather, because yet again we woke up to a beautiful Autumnal morning. There was a nip in the air and a little bit of mist around, but the sun was already trying to wake up along with us both.
We set off from Rugby at 8.35am, destination Hillmorton Locks. But before reaching the locks, we enjoyed the morning glow. In the distance a hot air balloon was up, which has been the first one we have seen this year. I saw a Muntjac deer in a small wooded area, browsing away without a bother that we were passing with our noisy old boat. The Kingfisher was ahead of us and a Heron flew behind us, making me realise life just does not get much better.
We arrived at Hillmorton Locks and a lock keeper was on duty. He waved us to the towpath side lock, which was empty. He helped a hire boat down on the offside lock, whilst I got us through lock one. The lock keeper was most surprised, when he saw me stepping from gate to gate to get to the otherside. He reckoned he had never seen a lady do this. So I was his first. I always open a gate and then step over the void to get to the other gate. Of course this can only be done on single locks and unless you are very sure of foot, you should not attempt it. We thanked the lock keeper for his help and moved onto lock two, which had boats coming down, so we just went straight in once they had vacated the lock of course. The third and final lock was ready for us, so we had had a smooth passage up the pretty locks, with amazing volunteer lockies, who are always so chatty.
Having left the locks behind, we cruised on our way. There were lots of boats coming towards us and we were very mindful that on this twistie and turnie section of canal, we were likely to meet a boat or two in bridge 'oles. It turned out our caution was unfounded, because we met them all on the straight bits.
Soon Braunston Church was view. It is a beacon to boaters that they are nearing Braunston.
On the run in, a lovely lady on a boat named Florence waved us past, and we headed into Braunston aware that it being a weekend, we may not get a mooring. We passed the first lot of moorings and nothing doing, but then just as we passed The Boat House Inn, a 70ft boat was pulling out, so we pulled in. Now that was a result, because no sooner moored up, there were a heck of a lot of boats passing us looking for moorings. Many of them went and winded at the marina and came back past us. Phew.
All moored up, we stood and had a natter with Sheila and Jim on Islonian. We have not seen them for ages, so an hour went by in the blink of an eye. After a coffee, we went to Midland Chandlers to get some fire rope, weedhatch tape and some more fire cement. None of it was to costly, but always handy to have on board. The rest of my day will be spent, cooking dinner, walking the dog and putting my feet up. Tomorrow is a day off and possibly lunch out.

Pop back soon xx

Friday 19 October 2018

Homeward Bound Part 4.

Hello Friends and Followers.

After a peaceful nights sleep, we woke this morning to a cold start and mist upon the water at Hartshill.
It was a cracking start to the day and a joy to walk Paddy amongst the mist. We set off this morning at 9am and wound our way through the mist, which was eerie but beautiful. I never ever get fed up with seeing mornings like this morning. I do however get fed up with those who leave their rubbish all over the towpath and in the water. I am also noticing that magnet fisher people are also leaving what they have dragged up along the towpath. If you are going to pull it out of the water at least have the decency to dispose of the findings properly, because it is a sure bet, that it will end up back in the cut. Today it seemed to be the day for people speeding through bridge 'oles. What is that all about?
We always approach bridge 'oles on tickover, especially when the bridge 'ole is a blind approach. Three times today we were so glad we were on tickover, because boats approaching from the other direction came through at a break neck speed. Just as well we knew what we were doing.
At 11.55am we took the turn at Hawkesbury Junction and into Sutton Stop Lock.
We found a new crew member at the lock. Poor Bagpuss, is in need of a good wash and a loving home. I will be giving it both.
Geese in a flap at Ansty. At Hawkesbury and Ansty the visitor moorings were lacking boats, which has to be a first for us.
Autumn colours at Newbold Tunnel.
We arrived in Rugby at 4.35pm and are now relaxing for the evening.

Thursday 18 October 2018

Homeward Bound Part 3.

Hi Friends and Followers.

Last night we were treated to a fantastic sunset over Willington. There is always something so special about a magical sunset and with the red sky at night, came a glorious morning.
There was a chill in the air when I took Paddy out for his first walk of the day, but it was still stunning.
Once breakfast was eaten, I relit the back cabin stove, filled the Copper kettle and got the boat ready for the off at 8.40am. We seemed to be the only boat moving for sometime, so had the cut to ourselves in the early morning sunshine.
The Autumnal colours were evident again through Hopwas wood. There is something truly breath taking about Autumn and all it has to offer. Of course we all know we are on the downward spiral to Winter, so just make the most of the Autumn whilst you can.
First locks of the day were at Glascote.
We then cruised on past the Samuel Barlow at Alvecote and stopped at Grendon services to empty the loo and get rid of the rubbish. No water was needed, as we filled up yesterday and we should now be fine until we get home next week. Lunch was Bacon butties on the move. I love it when I can cook on the back cabin stove. When I am not cooking, then the kettle is always boiling.
We arrived at the bottom of the Atherstone flight at 1.40pm, so decided as it was still early we would carry on up the 11 locks. Joy of joy the locks were in our favour and when they were not, it was because a boat was coming down. We only had one lock against us, which has to be a first. We completed the flight in just under 2 hours.
We moored up at Hartshill at 4.30pm. I swept the saloon flue and then got on with doing us something for dinner. Paddy got a walk and his lunch, which was rather late, because he will not eat when we are on the move. He has his tea to eat later on when Keith has walked him. A fantastic days cruising. Now looking forward to a peaceful evening and an early night.

Pop back soon xx

Wednesday 17 October 2018

Homeward Bound Part 2

Hiya friends and followers.

Following on from yesterday's post. I had one of those nights which drive me mad. I slept on and off. Paddy was on the move most of the night, which meant I lay awake listening to him rummaging around. I am not sure what he was up to. It may just have been he was restless. Anyway a disturbed night for me. On waking up after short nap, I made us a cuppa and then got the back cabin stove going. We left our mooring near the aqueduct at Rugeley at 9 am and headed to a mooring in Rugeley, where we could moor up and go food shopping. One space available, which was a result, because we fitted in it. 9.20 am we set off with trolleys in tow to walk to Aldi, where we picked up what we required. Back at the boat, I stowed the shopping away, whilst Keith got the boat on the move at 10.10 am. Food stowed away, I made us both a coffee.
We had a lovely start to the day with the weather warming up and the sun doing its very best to come out.
The Autumnal colours are really beautiful. I got on and cooked us some Bacon butties, as we headed for our first lock of the day.
We arrived at Woodend Lock to find there were three boats in front of us. One of the boats asked us to go ahead of them, which we thought was very kind. In no time at all we were all down through the lock and heading towards Fradley Locks.
We turned onto the Coventry Canal at Fradley Junction at 1.30pm. We took on water on one of the slowest taps on the system in my opinion.
All in all we had a fabulous days cruising, with a few boats on the move.
We are moored up for the night near to Whittington.

Pop back soon xxx


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